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Sun Jul 12 2009 (Updated 07/13/16)
Justice for Oscar Grant
Sun Jul 12 2009 (Updated 07/13/16)
Indybay Coverage of the Justice for Oscar Grant Movement
In the early hours of January 1st, 2009, Oscar Grant III was murdered by BART police officer Johannes Mehserle, shot in the back as he lay face-down on the Fruitvale BART platform with BART officer Tony Pirone's knee in his shoulder. Mehserle resigned before speaking to police investigators and was charged with murder on January 13th, 2009. BART hired outside organizations to conduct investigations of events surrounding the shooting and their police force overall, but in 2009 BART took next to no action to reprimand any of its officers or supervisors for their actions that night nor General Manager Dorothy Dugger for their handling of the situation after the murder (Chief Gee was allowed to retire at the end of the year with full benefits). Marysol Domenici was the first person fired by BART related to the incident; she was let go on March 24th, 2010. One month later, on April 22nd, 2020, BART police officer Tony Pirone was fired. Each had been paid over $100,000 by BART since the murder. Mehserle's trial was held in the month of June 2010. On July 8th, 2010, Mehserle was convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter, with a gun enhancement, the least of the charges with which the jury could have convicted him. Mehserle was sentenced to two years and was released on June 13th, 2011 after having served only eleven months. Marysol Domenici has been rehired by BART. Activists pushed for the U.S. Justice Department to file civil rights charges against Mehserle, Tony Pirone, and other BART officers and supervisors involved in the shooting and ensuing cover-up, but the Justice Department never took any action towards holding BART accountable.

Fred Collins was killed by BART and Oakland police on July 17th, 2010, near the Fruitvale station. On July 3rd, 2011, BART police killed Charles Hill inside of the Civic Center station. Activists protested these killings in BART stations and in the board room. The fight for justice for Oscar Grant and other victims of BART police violence continues.

Since early January 2009, hundreds and hundreds of related posts have been published to Indybay — video, audio, photos, and reports such as first hand accounts of protests, court hearings, and more. In order to consolidate the history and developments in the movement for justice for Oscar Grant, this feature was created. It centralizes the multitude of related stories and has its own unique web address:

Highlighted Videos:
videoOscar Grant Tribute Video | video"Hands Off Oakland Rebels" short video to support Oakland 100 re-released | videoFamily of Oscar Grant Celebrates Victory, Mehserle to Face Murder Charge, 6/4/09 | videoOperation Small Axe trailer

(much more video in features below)

Below are the related Indybay features to date. Numerous posts are included within most features. For the very latest posts, check the Police State and/or Racial Justice pages' newswires.

video Woman Beaten Repeatedly for Allegedly "Dancing on BART, Soliciting Money" Fri May 9 2014 (Updated 05/10/14)
Young Black Woman Brutalized by BART Police and Santa Rita Deputies

audiopdf Federal Judge Rules That Indybay Journalist Can Sue BART Police For Retaliatory Arrest Tue Feb 18 2014 (Updated 02/19/14)
Indybay Reporter Targeted by BART PD Prior to & Arrested at Powell Street Station Protest

audiophoto Man Tased on BART Train Repeatedly for "Doing Nothing" Mon Feb 17 2014
Video Shows BART Police Officer Tase Non-Violent African American Man Twice on Train

audiophoto “We Are All Still Oscar Grant!” Thu Jan 16 2014 (Updated 01/19/14)
Oakland Vigil Marks Five Years of Struggle for Justice for Oscar Grant

audiophoto Oscar Grant Protesters Vindicated in Legal Settlement Mon Jun 24 2013
NLG Wins $1 Million & Reforms for OPD's Illegal Mass Arrest of Oscar Grant Protesters on Nov 5, 2010

audiophoto Oscar Grant Remembered at Fruitvale BART Vigil Thu Jan 3 2013 (Updated 01/04/13)
Family, Friends, and Community Activists Gather for 4th Annual Vigil for Oscar Grant

videophotopdf No Badge for Johannes Mehserle Thu Jun 14 2012
California Appeals Court Rules Mehserle Felony for Killing of Oscar Grant Shall Stand

pdf Charges Dismissed Against September 8th BART Arrestees Sat Jun 9 2012
Arrestees Including Indybay Reporter Have Charges Dropped from SF BART Station Mass Arrest

videophotopdf Oscar Grant: Gone But Not Forgotten Thu Dec 29 2011 (Updated 1/5/12)
Oscar Grant 3rd Anniversary Memorial March and Rally in Oakland

audiophoto Letter to BART Board on Police Mistreatment of Journalists Fri Oct 7 2011 (Updated 10/09/11)
Society of Professional Journalists Committee Scolds BART for Actions at Sept. 8th Protest

videoaudiophoto Protesters Call to Disband the Murderous, Inept, Corrupt BART Police Department Wed Sep 7 2011 (Updated 09/13/11)
No Justice No BART and Allies Call for "Spare the Fare" Protest in Powell Street BART

videophoto BART Pulls Plug on Cell Phone Antennas to Silence Potential Protest Sat Aug 13 2011 (Updated 08/15/11)
Civil Libertarians Object and Anonymous Promises Retaliation Against BART for Censorship

photo Why was Johntue Caldwell, Oscar Grant’s best friend, murdered? Fri Jul 22 2011
Johntue Caldwell Murdered as Pending Lawsuit Against BART Police Still Unresolved

videoaudiophoto Justice for Charles Hill BART Action Shuts Three Stations in San Francisco Tue Jul 19 2011 (Updated 07/31/11)
In Protest of BART Police Killing of Charles Hill, Trains Disrupted for Over Two Hours

pdf NLG Files Lawsuit Against Oakland Police Tue Jun 14 2011 (Updated 06/15/11)
Class Action Lawsuit Asserts Constitutional Violations at Oscar Grant Demonstrations

videoaudiophotopdf Community Protests Release of Johannes Mehserle Sun Jun 5 2011 (Updated 06/14/11)
Oakland Protests Greet Release of Killer Cop Johannes Mehserle on June 12th

photopdf Files Reveal Police and Fed Strategies Regarding Oscar Grant Protests Tue Jan 11 2011
As 2nd Anniversary of Murder of Oscar Grant Marked, New Police Files Are Exposed

photo Johannes Mehserle Gets Minimum Sentence of Two Years Thu Fri Nov 5 2010 (Updated 11/07/10)
Community Gather in Oakland to React to Mehserle Sentencing; 152 Arrested in Night March

videophotopdf October 22–23 Days of Action Against Police Brutality Thu Oct 21 2010 (Updated 10/27/10)
O22/23: East Oakland, Eureka, Fresno, Modesto, Justice for Oscar Grant Rally in Oakland

videoaudiophoto Counter-Protesters Outnumber Pro-Mehserle Demonstrators Wed Jul 21 2010 (Updated 07/27/10)
Anti-Police Brutality Demonstrators Confront Pro-Police Rally in Walnut Creek

videoaudiophoto Mehserle Found Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter Thu Jul 8 2010 (Updated 07/11/10)
"No Justice, No Peace, Fuck the Police!!!"

videoaudiophoto Jury Deliberations Have Begun, Mehserle Verdict Date Unknown Fri Jul 2 2010 (Updated 07/11/10)
Oakland, Bay Area, and Los Angeles Anxiously Await Decision in Historic Trial of Officer

videoaudiophotopdf Historic Mehserle Trial for Murder of Oscar Grant Underway in L.A. Thu Jun 10 2010 (Updated 06/12/10)
Oakland Community Wary of Outcome as BART Cop Johannes Mehserle's Murder Trial Begins

videoaudiophoto BART Action Disrupts Trains with "No Justice, No Rush" in San Francisco Sun Apr 11 2010 (Updated 04/12/10)
Embarcadero BART Protest Keeps Pressure on Agency; Mass Arrests in Olympia & Seattle Demos

videoaudiophoto April 8-9 West Coast Days of Action Against State Violence Sun Apr 4 2010
Portland Actions Inspire Call-Out from the Bay to the Sound: No More Police Killings!

videoaudiophoto Last Two of the Oakland 100 Headed to Trial Wed Feb 17 2010
JR Valrey and Holly Works Face Years of Jail Time Over Oscar Grant Rebellions

videoaudiophoto One-Year Anniversary of Oscar Grant Murder Marked in Oakland Tue Jan 5 2010 (Updated 01/07/10)
Community Activists in Los Angeles Demonstrate at First L.A. Court Hearing January 8th

videoaudiophotopdf Judge Orders Mehserle to Be Tried in Los Angeles County Fri Nov 27 2009
Los Angeles Set to Host Oscar Grant Murder Trial But Could Still End Up in San Diego

video "One More Reason for a Powerful October 22nd Protest‏" Mon Oct 19 2009 (Updated 10/28/09)
October 22nd, 2009 — National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality

audiophotopdf Mehserle's Trial to Be Held Outside of Alameda Sun Oct 18 2009
Mehserle's Trial for Murder of Oscar Grant Ordered Moved Due to Protesters & Jury "Bias"

video Gabe Meyers First Oscar Grant Protester to Be Sentenced Thu Sep 24 2009
Gabe Meyers Sentenced to 30 Days Labor or Jail For Paint Action at BART Meeting

videoaudiophotopdf J.R. Valrey on Trial for Felony Charges in Oscar Grant Rebellion Sun Sep 20 2009
Community Journalist J.R. Valrey Targeted by Oakland Police in Bogus Arson Arrest

videoaudiophotopdf Mehserle's Attorney Accuses Community Activists of Spreading "Disinformation" Sun Sep 20 2009
Johannes Mehserle's Racist Change of Venue Motion Cites Indybay and Community Activists

videoaudiophotopdf BART Police Oversight Plan Dead Fri Sep 4 2009
Community Activists Take to BART Trains Again to Inform Riders About BART's Rogue Police

videoaudiopdf No Justice No BART Takes the Truth to the Trains Sun July 21 2009 (Updated 07/22/09)
NJNB Informs Public About Officer Pirone's Racism and Chief Gee's Defense of BART Officers

Advance the Struggle’s Analysis of the Oakland Rebellions of January Wed Jul 15 2009
Justice for Oscar Grant: A Lost Opportunity?
[Discussion about the roles played by various groups in the movement for justice.]

videoaudiophoto Murder Charge Sticks for Johannes Mehserle Sun May 24 2009 (Updated 07/17/09)
Preliminary Hearing Concludes for BART Police Officer in the Murder of Oscar Grant III
[Includes notes from inside the court room all seven hearing days and court transcripts from the final three days.]

pdf Unfinished Acts: January Rebellions Tue Jun 16 2009
Magazine Analyzes January Events Following the Murder of Oscar Grant

audiopdf First Public BART Meeting on Civilian Police Oversight Fri May 1 2009 (Updated 05/19/09)
Four Months After Murder of Oscar Grant Public Meeting on BART Police to Be Held

videoaudio Caravan for Justice II Confronts California Prison Industrial Complex Sun Apr 19 2009 (Updated 04/21/09)
Town Halls and Diverse Allies Head Back to Sacramento to Demand Changes to Unjust Laws

videoaudiophoto Friends and Supporters of David Santos Demand Charges Be Dropped Mon Apr 13 2009 (Updated 04/15/09)
David Santos, JR Valrey, & Drew Louis Face Felonies From January 7th Oscar Grant Rebellion

videoaudiophoto No Justice No BART Takes Over BART Board Meeting to Press Demands Fri Apr 10 2009 (Updated 05/22/09)
NJNB Presses for Public Meetings and Accountability; Separately, Paint Thrown on BART GM

videoaudiophoto Second No Justice No BART Demo Hit Rockridge BART Station Mon Mar 23 2009 (Updated 03/28/09)
No Justice No BART Aims to Shut Down MacArthur BART on April 2nd

videoaudiophoto Five Die After Reported Gunfire Between Lovelle Mixon and Oakland Police Sun Mar 22 2009 (Updated 04/16/09)
Oakland Police Kill African American Man in Haste; 4 Cops Also Die

videoaudiophotopdf No Justice No BART Stages First Action at Fruitvale Station Sun Mar 8 2009 (Updated 03/23/09)
Disruptive Protests to Be Held at BART Stations Until Demands Met

videophoto Rally and March for Oscar Grant on His 23rd Birthday Sun Mar 1 2009 (Updated 03/08/09)
Upcoming Events Include BART Shutdowns and Recall of DA Orloff

videoaudiophoto Caravan for Justice #1 Demands Justice for Oscar Grant and Others Wed Feb 25 2009 (Updated 03/09/09)
Town Halls Culminate with Caravan to Sacramento to Demand Justice for People of Color

videoaudiophoto Activists Take Over BART Board Meeting Mon Feb 16 2009 (Updated 02/25/09)
Community Groups Assume Control of BART Meeting and Demand Justice for Oscar Grant

videoaudiophoto Arrestee Solidarity, March for Stolen Lives, & More Wed Feb 4 2009 (Updated 03/01/09)
Oakland 100 Rally & March by Supporters of Victims of Police Brutality Feb 6th

Groups demand all charges be dropped against the Oakland 100 Wed Feb 4 2009
Groups to show support for arrestees in front of Alameda County Courthouse during hearings

videoaudiophoto BART Officer Who Shot Oscar Grant Has Bail Set At $3 Million Fri Jan 30 2009 (Updated 02/25/09)
Protests in Oakland as Mehserle's Bail Set

videoaudiophotopdf Mehserle Arrested, Protests Continue Tue Jan 13 2009 (Updated 03/09/09)
January 12th, 14th, 16th and 19th Protests Against Murder Of Oscar Grant

videophoto Rally and Rage Over BART Police Murder of Oscar Grant Thu Jan 8 2009 (Updated 02/25/09)
Fruitvale BART Station Rally Followed by Riots in the Streets of Oakland

video BART Police Shoot and Kill Man at Fruitvale BART Station Sat Jan 3 2009 (Updated 01/13/09)

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