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Tue Jan 15 2019 (Updated 01/16/19)
Qilombo Community Social Center Evicted
Qilombo members have been locked out of the community center they've maintained for over four years. Landlords attempted to push Qilombo out almost as long as they've been there, with the current corporate landlord refusing to renew their lease since 2016. Qilombo resisted displacement until Alameda County Sheriff's deputies showed up without warning and padlocked the building on January 9.
Sat Dec 29 2018 (Updated 01/13/19)
People's Park Is Under Assault
A video captured on December 21 shows UCPD officer Sean Aranas violently assaulting someone hanging out in People's Park. Aranas pulls him up and throws him to the ground. UC Berkeley has long wanted to develop the park and deny public use. The university has been whittling away at the foliage and, on the morning of December 28, forty-one trees were destroyed. The unannounced predawn timing was apparently calculated to avoid protests. A vigil was held on December 29 in response.
Kwanzaa is a cultural holiday, celebrated from December 26 to January 1, that reclaims what was lost during the African holocaust, the sense of an African connection. In California's Central Valley, Kwanzaa takes on special significance in the long standing African American farming community's journey to reestablish agriculture as the foundation of culture in the farm to fork capital of America.
The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office had drones on the scene for many high-profile protests in Berkeley and on the University of California Berkeley campus throughout 2017, at the request of the Berkeley and UC police departments. The Contra Costa County Sheriff deployed drones over immigrant rights rallies outside the West County Detention Facility in Richmond, which houses detainees for ICE.
Fri Sep 28 2018 (Updated 10/07/18)
Driscoll's Berries Boycott Continues
The National Democratic Independent Farm Workers Union (SINDJA) is calling upon all sister organizations to participate in the International Global Action against the transnational corporation Driscoll's — one of the most exploitive agricultural companies in the San Quintín Valley, Baja California. Workers are demanding: freedom to unionize, a collective contract with SINDJA, no more sexual harassment, daycare centers, and fair wages.
Sun Aug 5 2018 (Updated 08/11/18)
Sweeping Fascists Out of Berkeley
On August 5, upwards of a thousand people assembled in Berkeley to march on the planned white supremacist, fascist rally. During its attempt to reach the “alt-right” rally in Martin Luther King Civic Center Park, the march repeatedly encountered heavily defended police barricades. Police fired upon the crowd with a variety of projectiles. Anti-fascists continued to march. Several City of Berkeley cars, a Marines recruiting center, and a bank had their windows smashed. Twenty people were arrested.
In a 5-to-4 decision, the Supreme Court’s conservative justices wrote that even considering all of President Trump’s anti-Muslim statements about the travel ban, the order should be upheld. Reaction was swift in the San Francisco Bay area; emergency protests were held San Francisco, San José, and other cities across the U.S. within hours of the announcement.
Sun Jun 3 2018 (Updated 06/16/18)
Defend OneFam from Eviction
OneFam in West Oakland is a community-based organization that includes Bikes 4 Life and the 7th Street Rev Cafe, with roots going back to the Oscar Grant movement. Over the last decade, the Black community in West Oakland has faced massive displacement as gentrifying forces steamrolled through the neighborhood. And, now, OneFam is fighting imminent eviction. Solidarity BBQs on 7th Street are happening every Saturday afternoon, starting June 9.
May 1, 2018, was a global day of action against Samsung as well as being International Workers Day. In the South Bay, Samsung protesters joined May Day demonstrators starting at Roosevelt Park in San José and marched to City Hall for a rally attended by members of local, national, and international unions, immigrant rights advocates, affordable housing activists, and Filipino justice campaigners, amongst others.
Defend J20 Resistance writes: On January 20, 2017 at the massive protests in Washington DC against Trump’s inauguration, militarized police attacked and mass-arrested over 200 protestors, charging 214 of them with an unprecedented eight felonies. The first trial against 6 defendants ended with a verdict of not guilty on all charges. In this touring presentation, you'll hear an overview and critical analysis of the case this far, highlighting its role and significance in the changing landscape of political repression in the United States.
Sat Feb 3 2018 (Updated 02/04/18)
Solidarity with Afrin and the Rojava Revolution
Demonstrators took to the streets of San Francisco on January 26 to march and rally in defense of Afrin and the Rojava Revolution. An audio report features several interviews with members of the local Kurdish community. They discuss the unfolding situation in regards to the Turkish invasion of Rojava and the need to support the defensive forces on the ground. In recent weeks, tens of thousands have taken to the streets around the world, holding demonstrations, occupying buildings, unfurling banners at sporting events, and taking militant actions in solidarity with the struggle in Rojava.
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