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Wednesday Aug 5
6PM Dollar Democracy: With Liberty and Justice for...
Thursday Aug 6
6PM History of the Spanish Revolution/Civil War
Friday Aug 7
7PM Forum/Foro: Eyewitness Report from Cleveland:...
Saturday Aug 8
1:30PM Documentary Screening: "Inequality for All"
Wednesday Aug 19
7:30PM The Briefing Room: Ending Extreme Inequality
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In Mexico City on Tuesday, July 28, speakers demanded the repeal of an order for the expropriation of the ancestral lands of the Otomí-Ñatho communities of Xochicuautla in Mexico State and an end to the war against the Nahua indigenous community of Santa María Ostula in Michoacán.
Con una ceremonia sagrada, las autoridades del Consejo Supremo Indígena de Xochicuautla iniciaron una marcha desde la Estela de Luz hasta la Secretaría de Gobernación en el Distrito Federal el martes 28 de julio. Ahí los manifestantes exigieron la derogación de un decreto expropiatorio de las tierras ancestrales de las comunidades otomí-ñathó de Xochicuautla en el Estado de México y un alto a la guerra contra la comunidad nahua de Santa María Ostula en Michoacán.
Humanist Hall Threatened by Complaints from New Condos Next Door The Humanist Hall, home to the Fellowship of Humanity on 27th Street in Oakland, is being attacked by newcomers who live in condos built right next door only about ten years ago. The Humanist Hall has opened its doors for countless radical and under-served organizations over the past 75 years, from the Black Panthers to Mexican baptisms, from transgender weddings to Oscar Grant movement events. It's an Oakland social justice and cultural resource run by a group of generous people. The Fellowship's creed is simple: "The world is my country, to do good is my religion."

Yet now it is being labelled a public nuisance by the City of Oakland because newcomers to the neighborhood have repeatedly complained. An online petition calls on Mayor Libby Schaaf to “encourage condo owners and renters to respect the social norms of the neighborhood – our neighborhood – that they have moved into.”

photoCity of Oakland Declares Humanist Hall a Neighborhood Nuisance, Issues Huge Fines | photoOakland's Humanist Hall Declared a Nuisance by City | Petition
Rock Paper Scissors Being Displaced After Ten Years on Telegraph Avenue Founding member of the First Friday Oakland Art Murmur, Rock Paper Scissors Collective writes: Eleven years ago, downtown Oakland was home to mom and pop shops, socio-economically diverse, occasionally dangerous; a sometimes eccentric, sometimes wonderful, and always dynamic community. A group of artists, crafters, organizers and makers found a vacant little storefront among a sea of vacancies. With a little volunteer elbow-grease and fundraising effort, the Rock Paper Scissors Collective (RPSC) was born — a destination where the community could come together, organize, share skills, knowledge and create. ALL were welcome in the space.

Now, after more than a decade in the same location, we are being forced out of our space on Telegraph and 23rd to make way for a new vision of the transforming neighborhood. The Collective’s long time landlord plans to charge market value for the space, well beyond what we can afford as an all-volunteer run nonprofit. Eleven years ago we could afford market value for the space, but thanks to our success in building a vibrant community in downtown, market rate is now far out of reach. The increase will more than triple our current rate.

As of August 31st, RPS community arts space will be without a home. Our lease is being terminated after ten years at the same location. Only with the help and support of the community can we continue to ensure a safe and open space for everyone.

photoRead More | Rock Beats Paper: On the Connections Between Art and Development | A Defense of the RPS Collective and a Critique of the Critiques | Another Contribution to the Dicussion of the Artists' Role in Gentrification
U.S. Social Forum Puts San José on the Map of Social Change The United States Social Forum 2015 was held June 24-28 in San José. A thousand activists from hundreds of organizations worked on strategies for necessary alternatives and system change. Food Sovereignty, Living on the Edge of Silicon Valley, Taking our Health Back, Crisis of the California Water Commons, No More Deaths: Resisting Border Militarization, Cooperative Economics, and Movements Making Media were just some of the more than a hundred topics discussed.

Featuring some 150 workshops, assemblies, film festivals, cultural events, exhibits, tours, and community gardening events, the U.S. Social Forum not only informed attendees about social issues, but engaged participants in collective discussion about solutions and organizing to create alternatives. The larger People's Movement Assemblies (PMAs) were collaborations among several different grassroots organizations seeking to build alliances across traditional boundaries of community, geography, and issues. A thousand participants came from throughout California and nearly every western state of the United States.

Recognizing that human rights, social justice, and climate justice are connected on a global scale the movement for the World Social Forum was born in Brasil to provide a people's alternative to the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland. The first World Social Forum was held in Porte Alegre, Brasil in January 2001 because of the initiative and mass support of the Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Terra (MST or Landless Workers' Movement). A total of 14 World Social Forums have been held in different cities in South America, Asia, and Africa.

imc_photo.gifRead More with Photos
Case Closes for Three of the Santa Cruz Eleven after Years in Court On July 14, three of the remaining Santa Cruz Eleven defendants agreed to a plea deal with the prosecution, and the last remaining member of the group followed suit at his hearing on July 22, bringing to a close the Occupy-era case that has been slowly moving along since 2011.

In front of Judge Siegel in the Santa Cruz Courthouse, Gabriella Ripley-Phipps, and Brent Adams, as well as Angel Alcantara through his attorney, entered pleas of “no contest” to a charge of misdemeanor trespass. The felony vandalism charge was dropped. They waived time for sentencing and were each sentenced to pay $1,500 in restitution to Wells Fargo, pay $220 in court fines (minus any credits for time served), serve 18 months formal probation – to be reduced to informal probation upon full payment of restitution, serve 100 hours of community service, and stay away from 75 River St (unless it officially becomes a Community Resource Center).

The Santa Cruz Eleven writes: The case of the Santa Cruz Eleven stemmed from an occupation of a downtown bank building that was given the dream and intention of becoming a real asset to the community. The attempt to turn an unused Wells Fargo property into a community center touches on the kind of change that might actually have rippling impacts in our lives. This is the spirit underneath the struggle in this case, and the power we walk with into our next projects.

Read More | imc_photo.gifPhotos | Support the Santa Cruz 11 | Santa Cruz Eleven Website

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All around the world May Day has been a day for labor solidarity, immigrant rights, direct action, reclaiming the streets, and speaking out against injustice. May Day 2015 in the Northern California was a busy day for actions from San Francisco and Oakland to San Jose and Mountain View to Santa Cruz and Fresno. Call-outs went out for rallies, marches, flying pickets, the shutdown of the Port of Oakland, a tech commute blockade, and an anti-capitalist/Baltimore solidarity march.
AK Press, 1984 Printing, and Friends Need Help Now to Recover from Fire Before dawn on Saturday, March 21, a fire erupted in a warehouse on 24th Street in Oakland. Two resident artists died, Davis Letona and Daniel “Moe” Thomas. The fire quickly spread to the adjoining warehouse on 23rd Street commonly known as the AK Press warehouse. On the AK side, three residential units sustained severe damage, at least one being totally destroyed, with a beloved cat succumbing to the smoke and heat. As a result of the three-alarm fire, other units sustained varying degrees of water and smoke damage. Businesses on the first floor are struggling with major damage from tons of stinky smoke-smelling water that rained down.

AK Press lost a large number of books and other inventory. 1984 Printing lost reams of printing paper, computers, jobs in progress, and more. In all, between businesses and residents, damages easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars, probably exceeding well over $100,000. Things became worse, with a much greater number of people affected, when the warehouse on 23rd Street was red-tagged by the City of Oakland on March 23 and the AK warehouse was red-tagged on March 24, meaning no residents or businesses are allowed inside either building, even if their units were largely unaffected by the fire, leaving dozens homeless and AK and 1984 unable to operate.

There is a memorial fund for one of the victims on 23rd Street. Surviving residents and businesses on both sides greatly need assistance now, too. A new relief fund has been created that will be evenly split three ways between AK Press, 1984 Printing, and affected neighbors. Please, give whatever you can.

photoHelp AK Press & Friends Recover from Fire | photoDevastating Fire at AK Press Warehouse: Lives Lost, Residences Destroyed, Dozens Displaced, Businesses Damaged | Davis Letona: Memorial Service | Fire Relief for AK Press & Friends
Shutting Down Sprouts On March 14, farmers and neighbors of the historic Gill Tract turned out in large numbers to disrupt business as usual and eventually shutdown a local Sprouts supermarket. Their message to this corporate supermarket chain? "Don't build a Sprouts 'Farmer's Market' on our historic Gill Tract Farmland".

A crowd of protesters, including a brass band, "occupy the farm" activists, and a large delegation of workers from the Fast Food Workers Union converged on a normally quiet Sprouts Supermarket in suburban Walnut Creek. Protesters held a sit-in to block the main entrance to the store, rallying around a 600-pound stump that had been recently cut down by contractors preparing to pave the Gill Tract for the construction of the Sprouts store. Meanwhile, at the the other set of doors, protesters bearing branches from felled Gill Tract trees held a robust picket line turning away many would be customers. After the rally concluded, protesters decided to move their pickets into the store for a "shop-in". One shopper was arrested.

Occupy the Farm reports that one week after a large demonstration at their chain in Walnut Creek, protestors planned a follow-up action for the chain in Petaluma. Over the course of the week before the Petaluma action, Sprouts management sent protestors legal documents suggesting that the parking lot in front of the chain supermarket was not a "free speech" zone, in an attempt to intimidate protestors. On the morning of the protest, the management called for an unprecedented large turnout of police before the first protestors had even arrived, again as an attempt to intimidate. Finally, the Sprouts Management mislead their employees to perceive protestors as violent, telling them false and embellished stories of past protests.

photoProtesters Shut Down Sprouts Farmers Market to Stop Planned Development of Historic Gill Tract | photoShutting Down Sprouts: Reportback from the #GilltractDefense Action in Walnut Creek | photoSprouts Management Intimidates Protests of Their Brand | Occupy the Farm

Previous Related Indybay Feature: UC's Capital Projects Races to Remove Trees to Make Way for Development
Station 40 Residents and Supporters Vow to Fight Eviction hanna quevedo writes: About a week ago, we received eviction papers (an unlawful detainer) from our landlords, Ahuva, Emanuel, and Barak Jolish. Their legal documents aim to displace the dozen of us tenants from our affordable, eleven-year-old home, Station 40, located at 3030B 16th Street. It is no coincidence that Station 40 is being evicted on the same intersection as the hotly contested proposed development by Maximus Real Estate Partners of a 350-unit luxury apartment building in what is a predominantly working-class neighborhood.

For over a decade, Station 40 has been home to anarchists, queer and transgender refugees, broke people, veterans against war, those healing from the prison system, lifelong San Franciscans, immigrants, people with disabilities, and those who were previously homeless.... We’ve hosted and/or organized hundreds of anticapitalist-oriented events, including fund-raisers, critical discussions, film screenings and performances, assemblies, book releases, art shows and workshops, and indie media projects, contributing to the rebel spirit of the Bay Area. Station 40 is also host to the weekly Thursday Food Not Bombs, sharing free home-cooked meals on the BART Plaza with those who are increasingly being brutally disappeared from 16th and Mission.

Tragically we’ve seen developers like Maximus Real Estate Partners and their shadowy peons from the “Clean Up the Plaza” campaign look at the community at 16th and Mission as nothing more than a barrier to their riches. In 2013, we started to see Clean Up the Plaza placards everywhere.... It soon became clear when Maximus announced its intention to build a 350-unit luxury apartment building that would take out a whole corner of businesses, a plaza used by hundreds of poor—mostly black and Latino people—and cast an ominous shadow over the playground of nearby Marshall Elementary. It turns out that one of the political consultants for Maximus, Jack Davis, is one of the main organizers of the Clean Up the Plaza scheme. Then the police occupation of the plaza began.

photoRead More | videoFriends of Station 40 Press Conference | Mission Tenants at Station 40 Battle Eviction as SFPD Murders Amilcar Perez-Lopez
FireWorks writes: In September of 2014, the City of Oakland began to make attempts to displace and remove people in public plazas in the wake of the WOSP (West Oakland Specific Plan) being passed. Then, in December, as the Ferguson inspired Bay Area uprising was raging, people armed with bolt-cutters took down the fences encircling the park to the cheers of those on the streets. Wanting to know more about the anti-gentrification struggle and how it connects to the battle against police and white supremacy, we caught up with long-time Oakland organizer and militant, Linda Grant.
On February 23, a group held a demonstration in support of Alix Tichelman, the person charged with involuntary manslaughter in regards to the death of Google X executive Forrest Hayes on November 23, 2013. Stop all witch hunts! writes: We demand an end to their misogynistic witch-hunt against Alix Tichelman...We offer our unconditional support to Alix Tichelman and hope more people begin to ask questions about this case.
On February 8, the University of California Student Association, the independent official voice of 240,000 UC students, passed two advisory resolutions: Resolution Calling for the UC Regents to Divest from Corporations Violating Palestinian Human Rights and Resolution Toward Socially Responsible Investment at the University of California by an 9-1 vote, with 5 abstentions.
On February 6, at 8am, teachers at San Francisco's bilingual public Fairmount Elementary School joined with the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project to block three private tech buses. Buses from Google and Facebook were blocked in protest of the takeover of what had been four parking spots for teachers at the school by a tech bus stop. Teachers had not been consulted before their parking stops were privatized, just this past month.
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