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LGBTI / Queer News

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Women’s Declaration International held a conference in San Francisco the weekend of September 16. Their mission is to attack what they call "gender ideology" and they align with ultra-conservative groups including Christian nationalists and Republican politicians to enshrine bigotry into law and otherwise further marginalize transgender folks. LGBTQ+ rights activists rose up in opposition with several rounds of protests and counter-protests.
Thu Jul 27 2023 (Updated 07/31/23)
Free Peppy and Krystal
From the solidarity website: "Peppy and Krystal are exceptional and caring humans. For decades they have been active participants in solidarity with oppressed and marginalized people. Their tireless advocacy and community building has put them in the crosshairs of state repression. They will both undoubtedly face a long and arduous court process in the months, if not years, ahead.... Today they need our support."
Thu Jul 13 2023 (Updated 07/15/23)
French See Democracy Fading
In response to anti-government protests after police murdered a seventeen-year-old boy of Algerian descent, the French government has taken a number of repressive anti-democratic actions. Several hundred protesters were tried, convicted, and sentenced to lengthy prison terms within just forty-eight hours. One teenager with no prior record was sent to prison for a year and a month for allegedly throwing an empty soda can at a group of police.
San Francisco's is one of the biggest Pride parades in the world, but as it has grown larger so have criticisms that it has become too corporate. While this year was an opportunity to push back against a wave of homophobia and anti-trans hate across the US, as usual corporate floats abounded at the main event along Market Street. The real spirit of resistance was in the smaller People's March held at the same time in the Tenderloin district.
Wed May 31 2023 (Updated 12/12/23)
Community Demands Justice for Banko Brown
Banko Brown was a 24-year-old transgender organizer in San Francisco. On April 27, Walgreens' security guard Michael Anthony shot and killed Banko after accusing him of shoplifting. Anthony was arrested by SFPD. When the SF DA refused to file charges, the community was outraged. Banko's friends and community members have continued to protest to demand accountability for the killing. On May 26, Banko's family filed a wrongful death civil suit.
Fri Apr 14 2023
Drag Up and Fight Back
So far in 2023, lawmakers in 46 states have introduced more than 650 anti-LGBTQ bills. Citing these vicious attacks on trans people, drag artists, and the entire LGBTQ+ community, demonstrators said that they are standing up for not only themselves but for others who cannot do so. More than 1,000 rallied and marched starting at San Francisco's Union Square on April 8 in a show of solidarity that had the atmosphere of a colorful festival.
Queer Youth Assemble, a national organization that serves LGBTQ people under age 25, organized a national day of action on March 31. Planned to coincide with the annual Trans Day of Visibility, the event was in response to the wave of anti-trans state legislation introduced by Republican lawmakers recently, which seeks to restrict minors' access to transition-related healthcare and prohibit the instruction of LGBTQ-related topics in schools.
Fri Feb 17 2023 (Updated 02/21/23)
No Free Speech or Democracy with Oligarchy
On October 27, Elon Musk purchased the social media company Twitter for $44 billion. He proceeded to gut infrastructure and slash workers, including unionized janitorial staff. Musk welcomed back avowed neo-Nazis while banning leftist accounts and critical journalists. A series of protests have been held at Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco. A huge mural was painted on the street: "No Free Speech or Democracy with Oligarchy."
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