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Fri Apr 30 2021 (Updated 05/06/21)
May Day Marches Return to the Bay Area
Actions marking May Day across Northern California demanded worker rights, housing for all, and racial justice, expressing solidarity with the Chilean general strike. Marches and rallies were held in San Francisco, Oakland, San José, Fresno, Mountain View, and other cities. In Oakland, a vacant house was reclaimed and a nighttime march called for abolishing the police. In Alameda, protesters rallied outside the homes of those who called police on Mario Gonzalez.
Before dawn on March 5, the houses and vehicles of six officials associated with the University of California, Berkeley, were struck with graffiti and vandalism. On April 16, another action "repainted" houses believed to be owned by members of the San Francisco Graffiti Advisory Board. On May 2, nine Sullivan Management Company properties were similarly targeted, following a May Day direct action that reclaimed a long-vacant SMC property.
Thu Apr 1 2021 (Updated 04/22/21)
Rising Up Against Anti-Asian Hate
In continuing resistance to anti-Asian hate crimes, over a thousand people marched from Union Square to a rally at the Embarcadero on March 26. Themed "Rise Up With Asians," the march included Black, Latino, and other allies who carried signs denouncing the continuing U.S. history of crimes against ethnic and racial minorities, particularly Asian women.
Rallies and marches have also been held in Oakland, Redwood City, and other Bay Area cities.
On March 20, there was a demonstration in San Francisco next to the Recology plant. The protest was specifically in opposition to Amazon's plan to build another giant warehouse on the site, and generally to support the Alabama Amazon workers trying to form a union. That afternoon, Oakland saw a large car caravan and rally. These were some of the many expressions of support throughout California and the nation for the Bessemer, Alabama Amazon workers who are fighting to form a recognized labor union.
Wed Mar 24 2021 (Updated 03/31/21)
After Health Scare, Call Remains to Free Abu-Jamal
As Mumia Abu-Jamal has aged behind bars, inadequate medical care has led to several scares when his health deteriorated rapidly. In February, Mumia believed he was infected with COVID-19 and suffering skin lesions. After public pressure, authorities transferred Mumia to a hospital for emergency treatment. He was diagnosed with coronavirus. While Mumia's health remains a concern, he is stable now and has been returned to general population. Reopened legal appeals are currently being litigated.
Tue Feb 2 2021 (Updated 02/03/21)
Call for US to End Support of Saudi-Led War
The UN has repeatedly called Yemen the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world, and people around the world responded with a a Day of Action on January 25. In San Francisco, activists participated in COVID-safe in-person rallies and held a large caravan protest. An international online rally included American academic Cornel West. Activists called on President Biden to honor his campaign promise and end the war by ending US support for the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen.
On January 24, Voices of VV held a mutual aid event in Vacaville. Afterward, one person was pulled over by team of police officers. Nine people arrived soon after to record and cop watch. More police arrived in riot gear and heavily armed with wooden batons in hand and others with guns. The officers declared six observers standing and recording to be an “unlawful assembly.” The founder of Voices of VV, a Black woman, was specifically targeted for arrest. Vacaville Police confiscated phones and has yet to return them.
There were at least 527 evictions in the Bay Area from the start of the statewide coronavirus lockdown on March 19 through the end of December. On January 27, over 100 tenants and advocates blocked eviction hearings at the Santa Clara County Superior Court, protesting the displacement of renters during the coronavirus pandemic. Protesters blocking the courthouse entrance shut down the court before being violently removed by Sheriff’s Deputies. Nine protesters were arrested on the charge of disrupting court operations.
Wed Jan 27 2021 (Updated 01/31/21)
People's Park in Berkeley Faces Greatest Danger Yet
For 50 years, UC administrators have schemed to take People's Park from those who turned a dirt lot into a public sanctuary. Now, UC Berkeley is on the verge of permanently destroying the park. It installed fencing around the park on January 19. On January 27, police and public works crews evicted several unhoused residents. But people are resisting the coming construction of a 16-story housing complex. At a rally to save the park on January 29, protesters tore down fencing and carried it to Sproul Hall on UCB campus.
Following a protest march that attacked the Vacaville City Hall and police station on the night of January 17, anti-racists attacked the US Citizenship and Immigration Services headquarters in San Francisco the following night. An "anonymous autonomist" writes: On January 19, on Ramaytush Ohlone land occupied under the name "South San Francisco", the county courthouse was vandalized with anti-police, anti-State, anti-colonization slogans and the windows of the front entrance were smashed in.
Mon Jan 25 2021 (Updated 01/27/21)
Solidarity Means Attack
An anonymous communiqué reads: On January 18, as strong winds raged, 30+ anti-racists attacked the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in San Francisco. We thoroughly painted the walls, smashed the windows, and breached the building to wreak havoc inside.... We join all prisoners and ICE detainees who continue to fight by way of hunger strikes, escapes, and riots against repression and neglect from the State. We see you, we hear you, until every prison door and border wall is open. Solidarity means attack!
Pro-Trump insurrectionists stormed the U.S. Capitol building on January 6. Hundreds of Trump’s supporters encountered little resistance as they broke into the Capitol in Washington D.C., encouraged by the Trump's continuous false claims that the election was stolen from him and his calls for "wild" demonstrations. Five people were killed during the incursion. Reaction was swift in San Francisco with the first counter-protest happening by 3:30pm PST.
After nearly a year of struggle, Moms for Housing announced on October 9 that their house on Magnolia Street in West Oakland had been purchased. Moms4Housing co-founder Dominique Walker declared, "This is officially Moms' House." In November, Dominique Walker and her allies running as the "Right to Housing" slate were elected to the Berkeley rent board. ACCE Director and Moms4Housing co-founder Carroll Fife claimed victory as Oakland's D3 councilmember-elect.
Sun Nov 8 2020 (Updated 11/30/20)
Our Long National Nightmare Is Over
Protests to demand that every vote be counted spontaneously became celebrations of Trump losing after the presidential election was called by the major corporate news networks on November 7. Rally speakers reminded their audiences that though they celebrate, they must continue to agitate for change. The damage done by Trump is extensive, including stirring up a new generation of racist hate groups, and pre-Trump struggles for justice and equality, such as the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight against climate change, will carry on.
Worried about the possibility of an electoral emergency, many organizations are mobilizing people across the U.S. to be ready to protect the election results and ensure that all votes are counted. Over 500 events are scheduled for November 4, their activation to be decided by 9am PST that day. In the San Francisco Bay Area, activists have already held demonstrations saying waiting wasn't necessary. On October 29 in Oakland, artists painted a giant street mural with the words "Choose Democracy, Stop a Coup.".
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