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Tue Dec 12 2023 (Updated 12/20/23)
Taking Direct Action Against US Support for Israel's War on Gaza
Actions for Gaza: Blockades, Occupations, Banner Drops, Graffiti, Smashed Windows, Sabotage
At least 18,000 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip by Israel in just two months. Seventy percent of the dead are women and children. The actual death toll is likely even higher, with many buried under rubble, and the numbers increase every day. Nearly two million survivors in Gaza are now displaced and, with the massive amount of housing and other infrastructure destroyed, they have nowhere liveable to return. Those managing to survive the bombings are hungry, dehydrated, and face increasingly poor sanitation and health conditions. It's not known when Israel intends to stop attacking Gazans, this time, but the loss of loved ones, psychological trauma, and physical injuries will last a lifetime.

Israel would not be able to continue its genocidal war on Gaza without military and political support from the United States. The US provides Israel weaponry and munitions to carry out its onslaught. The US feeds the IDF military intelligence gained via satellites and drones flying over Gaza. The US covers for Israel on the global stage with UN Security Council vetoes against ceasefire resolutions. US businesses profit from the current war and never-ending occupation.

Taking local resistance to the next level, protesters in Northern California have engaged in a number of direct actions aimed at disrupting business as usual, targeting those most responsible, and raising the profile of the call to free Palestine. While President Biden was in San Francisco for the APEC Summit, activists shut down all westbound lanes of the Bay Bridge, and others hung a banner on Highway 101 between the airport and San Francisco. A US military vessel destined to deliver weaponry to Israel was blocked from leaving the Port of Oakland for the better part of a day. The San Francisco office of US defense contractor Lockheed Martin was locked down. Communiqués posted on Indybay claim sabotage of train lines in multiple cities, as well as a water main at a pro-IDF fundraiser. Others have taken it upon themselves to smash windows of a military recruiter, banks, and businesses with ties to the Israeli war machine. Banner drops and graffiti in solidarity with the Palestinian people have gone up all over.

Blockades & Occupations

event Pack the Court for the Bay Bridge Ceasefire Protestors (12/18/23) | photo Protesters Lock Down Lockheed Office for Complicity in War Crimes | photo Largest Mall in Northern CA Occupied on Black Friday | photo Youth 4 Palestine Blocks Macy's in Black Friday Protest | photo As Biden Visits, Bay Bridge Shut Down to Demand Gaza Ceasefire and End of US Military Aid to Israel | photo Oakland Block the Boat Action Delays Supply Ship Bound for Israel, Tacoma Action Underway | article Tacoma/Seattle Protests Planned at Port After Oakland Activists Delay US Vessel Bound for Israel | photo Stop Shipping Military Cargo for Israeli Genocide on Palestinians! Protest at Port of Oakland | video photo Activists Escalate Blockage of US Military Ship Bound for Israel at Port of Oakland, Arrests Made | video photo Over 15k Protestors Shut Down SF Central Freeway, Demand Ceasefire in Israeli War on Gaza

Street Art & Banner Drops

photo Street Mural Demands Stop to Gaza Bombing and a Cease Fire | article Ten thousand acts of graffiti vandalism in solidarity with the people of Palestine | photo Defend Gaza - Graffiti Bomb the Burbs - Free the Land! | photo 'Intifada Forever' Banners dropped on Bay Bridge | photo "Stop Palestinian Genocide” banner dropped over Highway 101 overpass during APEC | photo Artists for Palestine "Fix" Israeli Propaganda Billboard in Oakland | photo Street Mural at Federal Building Demands US Stop Support of Attack on Gaza

Sabotage & Smashy

photo Anarchists Sabotage Train Lines in Northern California in Solidarity with Palestine | photo A Communique on Sabotaging Zionist Infrastructure: Shutting Down Friends of the IDF | photo Four Targets Attacked for Palestine: BRB Part 4 | photo "Alameda County" Courthouse Attacked for Palestinian Martyrs

See Also: photo Action Taken Against BNY Mellon in Solidarity with Palestine | photo JVP Bay Area Facilitates "IDF" Fundraiser: A Critique of Obedient Protest | photo Labor Rallies in Melbourne & Sydney: Stop The Genocide In Gaza — Block The Boat

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