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Four Targets Attacked for Palestine: BRB Part 4

by BRB
Heartbroken, raging, yet tenderly hopeful, we began a series of actions across multiple Bay Area cities in unconditional solidarity with Palestine. We attacked four targets, one financial, one military, one corporate, and one tech.
4 Targets Attacked for Palestine: BRB Part 4

Four Offerings

Heartbroken, raging, yet tenderly hopeful, we began a series of actions across multiple Bay Area cities in unconditional solidarity with Palestine. We attacked four targets, one financial, one military, one corporate, and one tech:
1.) Under the surveillace of Transamerica building security across the street, we smashed the windows of HSBC for maintaining business relations with more than a dozen companies selling weapons and technology to the Israeli military.
2.) With personnel still inside, we smashed the windows of a US military recruitment office because the US is Israel's primary source of military support.
3.) We smashed the windows of a Starbucks for their repression of pro-Palestine unionized workers.
4.) Sneaking past their security, we drenched 8 Cruise cars with red paint for being a subsidiary of General Motors, which has offices in Israel and is invested in Mobileye, an Isreali self-driving car surveillance technology company.

These attacks are also a continuation of our ongoing revenge for Banko Brown, in solidarity with Sean "Tucan" Monterrosa and Tortuguita, and in response to the call from Filipino/a/x comrades asking anarchists in the US to memorialize Jennifer "Ganda" Laude.

As Muslims

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

As our brothers, our sisters, all our spiritual siblings in Gaza hold their families close and await martyrdom we refuse to stand idly by for any longer. We will take our cues from the brave and fluid Palestinian resistance groups. Rigid, liberal, American advocacy orgs that seek to control and mediate revolutionary rage will not facilitate the actions that are needed right now. If the October 7th offensive taught us anything it is that courage, ingenuity, commitment to attack, and organizing across political tendencies is how we will win.

We refuse to blindly walk the same permitted march routes, we refuse to chant the same hollow chants and scroll past the videos of dying children. "Long Live the Intifada" means bringing it to life in our own cities, right now. International Solidarity means devouring Amerikkka from the inside.

The Palestinian resistance knows what must be done and what is at stake. We must show through action that we also know. For every increase in repression in Palestine there must be a corresponding repercussion for the settler state/s. Our enemies must be made to bleed for every bomb, every bullet, and every martyr. We must show the United States that if they are going to escalate against the resistance in Palestine then there is another resistance that will escalate against them domestically. We must articulate our revolutionary politics through languages that are indigenous to us. As our brothers the Lion's Den said, "The talking after 11:00 [on the first night of the offensive] is only for takbeers and bullets".

We are the fiercest lovers of our people, we are the vengeful colonized and the hungry dispossessed, we are that which was stolen which must steal itself back, we are rejectors of the secular, servants of Allah who bow to nothing but Him, and we are all committed to the attack.

All praise is due to God. Prayers and peace upon Muhammad PBUH.

As Jews

Tikkum Olam, the core Jewish practice of "healing the world" recognizes that true aid, true justice happens when we work to dismantle the distinction between the helped and the helper. It is time to wake up. It is time to heal ourselves and the world. We must militantly oppose genocide and occupation, we must act.

Let Palestine liberate us. We are not liberating them. Their liberation is in their own competent hands and if we are mindful and militant, just maybe we can be inspired enough by the courageous actions of our Palestinian siblings to liberate ourselves.

As we discuss in the Mishna, each life is as valuable as the universe in its totality. To this end we have the ethical responsibility to break not only any one of our 613 commandments to save a life, but any state laws or societal conventions. The time is now, every moment we wait a brilliant, powerful soul is extinguished. We must have the agency and courage to ask ourselves, what is it that I can do now?

The Struggle Ahead

As always, these struggles will be led by colonized peoples. It is disgusting that many Western radicals are responding to colonial genocide with shaky half-solidarities. Secular anarchism and its embedded Islamophobia has resulted in lazy critiques of individual factions within the united front (which includes the anarchist and communist groups) of the Palestinian people's fight for existence.

Perspectives limited by rigid, ideological dogmatism will struggle to navigate the complex political landscapes, contradictions, and existential questions amplified by growing, global challenges to Western hegemony as it enters its inevitable death spiral. Many comrades will continuously find themselves in political alignment with the interests of the West and whiteness.

We colonized people should not give in to mistrust, but these fence-riding responses to Palestine show us we will be abandoned by some comrades when solidarity is most vital. Not everyone will join us in destroying the Western world and ending its ceaseless atrocities that echo across generations. This betrayal will be hurtful, but we must push ahead regardless. We will have to define what non-Western anarchy looks like for ourselves, and our anti-colonial and anti-imperialist ancestors will guide us. We know what time it is, and we will win.

A Call

We call everyone to get organized for attack. Anarchists, communists, Muslims, Jews, all radicals in the US: there is a genocide happening, and an active decolonial struggle which is the only thing slowing that genocide. Now is the time to take seriously the task of disruptions and attacks from within the belly of the beast. If your above-ground organization limits the tactics at your disposal, work outside of it. Targets are plentiful and all around us. The capitalist is motivated by capitalist logic, we must make it prohibitively expensive for them to wage genocide and occupation. Everything short of attack and material disruption of systems complicit in Zionism is a betrayal of solidarity.

Fuck Israel, Zionism, America, the West, and the local counter-insurgent radlibs.

The collapse of Western hegemony is on the horizon, and we welcome it. We see decolonial revolutionary holy war, and we celebrate it.

Palestine will be free. Banko Brown forever. Tucan forever. Tortuguita forever. Ganda forever. Martyrs never die.

Muslims, Jews, queers, trans, and spiritual comrades, for anarchy, for communism, all for the attack.

- BRB // Bay Rage Brigade // Be Right Back
by BRB
by BRB
by BRB
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