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Ten thousand acts of graffiti vandalism in solidarity with the people of Palestine

by An anarchist writer
A communique from a bay area anarchist writer engaged in an endless campaign against all forms of captivity and colonization
This is mostly for the graffiti writers here but maybe others can take something away too.

That morning I was getting ready for work when I heard the voice of a doctor in Palestine say that he is unwilling to leave his patients behind to try to save his own skin. Something in his voice cut me and I fell to my knees and wept. Graf has been a way for me to deal with these kinds of feelings since I was a kid. And so that night I went painting. I very rarely write anything other than my name and my crew. I will not explain why. I'm writing this to those who already know. But tonight I decided to write "free palestine" too. The first one I did was a hangover on a piller on the freeway. I ran out dodging cars and jumping into bushes. Like an idiot I brought only one can and it clogged after the first line. So I ran back got another can and did it all over again. In that moment I discovered that writing this specific thing meant something to me right now. And so I did what I have always done when I felt like this. I wrote it again and again and again and again.

I did not stop writing my name that night. I tried to separate the spots and colors. Use a different handstyle depending on what I was writing. I was actively trying to cover my tracks. A different game to play than the myth-making of bombing.

And so I continue because now this means something to me. Something clicked that first night which made me feel connected to whats happening in Palestine and everyone experiencing grief, rage, despair. Last night I used the cover of the rain. Tonight I will find more ways. Like I always have.

I believe in the seasoned graf writer and I believe in myself. I know that years of sneaking, boosting, evading, fighting etc have given me access to a criminal stealth that normal people can't fathom. I have done dirt with a group of writers and I've done dirt with people who do not write. Writers move different.

So what am I trying to say? I'm saying that writers have the skills to cover our cities in whatever we want. Because we already do. Taki183, Cornbread, Tie1, Dream TDK and countless others have shown us the way. We do not have to go to protests to hold up signs and be policed by a bunch of vest-wearing activists to be heard and seen. If one writer decides to get a messege out there, it will be out there. And there are thousands of us in the Bay. Millions in the world.

Peace to everyone on a similar path. I see you.

Stay up.


-A bay area anarchist writer

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