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Fri Feb 17 2023 (Updated 02/21/23)
No Free Speech or Democracy with Oligarchy
As Sole Owner, Elon Musk Bends Twitter Toward His Own Personal Ends
On October 27, 2022, Elon Musk purchased the social media company Twitter for $44 billion. He saddled the company with debt by borrowing $13 billion to finance the transaction, meaning he faces interest payments of over $1 billion a year, and the company was barely profitable to begin with. Twitter stopped paying rent on its offices around the world and Musk gutted company infrastructure and slashed workers, from executives to content moderators. When unionized janitorial staff began a strike, they were fired immediately. Employees who dare criticize Musk or are deemed insufficiently suppliant are fired on the spot.

On the content side, through his personal account, Musk regularly engages with some of the worst actors on the right-wing. He has welcomed back to the platform avowed neo-Nazis and trolls who were once banned. COVID disinformation is allowed again and hate speech is on the rise. Simultaneously, he banned popular leftist accounts such as CrimethInc, It’s Going Down, and Chad Loder, at the behest of right-wing trolls. Journalists, comedians, and others critical of Musk have also been banned. All of this under the reign of a self-proclaimed "free speech absolutist." In the last week, he had remaining engineers rework Twitter software to boost his own tweets above all others.

A series of protests have been held at Twitter's main headquarters in San Francisco since November, including one that painted a huge mural on the street that read, "No Free Speech or Democracy with Oligarchy." At least one related protest was held at the Tesla plant in Fremont. Musk owns over 20% of Tesla's stock .

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