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Sun Jul 19 2009
Authorities Attempt to Shut Down Indymedia for "Coordination of Rebellion" in Greece
Indymedia Under Threat of Prosecution in Athens and Patras, Greece
In Greece, a period of widespread state repression and brutality followed the rebellion of December 2008. During and after the rebellion, the extreme right wing political party LAOS (Popular Orthodox Party Alert) and the Greek state investigated the IMCs of Athens and Patras, Greece, on the grounds that they were used as centers for the "coordination of rebellion," ignoring Indymedia's contribution of vital counter-information to state- and corporate-controlled media.

Members of fascist parties of the right and extreme right of Parliament have launched attacks against Athens IMC. The fascists foisted propaganda about Indymedia through their blogs, and attempted to block access to Indymedia through hacker attacks. Statements of politicians in Parliament and on television make Indymedia a major enemy of the state. K. Velopoulos, a member of LAOS, sent an appeal to the Minister of Education asking if Athens and Patras Indymedia were housed in the Athens Polytechnic University (UPA) and demanding immediate action to stop these "dangerous" sites from "supporting terrorism".

The Secretary of Education, S. Taliadouros, readily agreed to Velopoulos that "these sites claim to be a threat to democracy" and asked the director of the UPA to close it. Ignoring the status of autonomy of Greek universities, all sorts of political and judicial pressure was brought to bear in an attempt to remove the Indymedia server's IP address.

The IMCs of Athens and Patras (along with other European and revolutionary Internet sites that are hosted on the same server) face a serious threat of prosecution. The IMCs state that it is the "responsibility of the whole movement and of all of our partners to get support of the world and protect our voice. We call all the companions of the world to be prepared because the next period is critical to the existence of the IMC in Greece." Read more

Greek government attacks Indymedia | Greek state attacks Athens and Patras Indymedia | Patras’ Crystal Night (refugee camp set on fire, flattened, evicted) | Athens Indymedia (english) | Patras Indymedia (english)

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