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Sun Feb 19 2006
More Evidence Of Attrocities In Iraq
More Evidence Of Attrocities In Iraq
Pictures of Iraqi prisoners—naked, wounded, covered with blood, women’s underwear draped over their heads, bound in painful and degrading “stress positions”—were broadcast on Australian television Wednesday February 16th, further exposing the horrors inflicted at the US military’s prison camp at Abu Ghraib and similar facilities across the globe.
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Video images of British soldiers brutally beating a group of Iraqi teenagers have also recently come to light. Soldiers are shown chasing youths, dragging four of them into a compound and beating them with batons and kicking various parts of their bodies — with at least one blow to the genitals. The attack went on for a minute, with 42 blows inflicted in that time. The News of the World said there was also one of a soldier kicking a dead Iraqi in the face. Shielded from public gaze by the camp wall, the soldiers are seen beating their captives, whilst another provides commentary: “Oh yes! Oh yes! You’re gonna get it. Yes, naughty little boys! You little f***ers, you little f***ers. DIE! Ha, ha!” All but one of the captives are barefoot, and all are unarmed, dressed only in pants and t-shirts. One prisoner is seen pleading “No! Please!” as he tries to stop the assault, whilst the unseen commentator ridicules his cries and his accent, “No, pleeese—don’t hurt me.”
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Meanwhile Iraq has launched an investigation into claims that an Iraqi interior ministry "death squad" has been targeting Sunni Arab Iraqis. The Association of Muslim Scholars (AMS), the largest religious Sunni body in Iraq, said the death squad discovery was not an isolated incident. "It's not just one death squad. There are many," an AMS spokesman told AFP, declining to be named because of fear for his life. "In the northern Baghdad district of Hurriyah alone, some 70 young men from our community have been killed by these units, and the overall toll figure is likely to be more than 1,000 and includes 20 imams," he asserted.
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