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Thu Nov 23 2006 (Updated 11/25/06)
Friday: Buy Nothing Day Protest at Emeryville's "Bay Street Mall"
Buy Nothing Day Action in Support of Indigenous Cultural Survival
On Friday, November 24th, the 5th Annual Buy Nothing Day Action was held from 12:00pm to 4:00pm at the Emeryville Shellmound (Bay Street Mall). Some 100 people gathered at Shellmound Drive and Ohlone Way. imc_article.gif Report | imc_photo.gif Photos With colorful flags, song, heartfelt statements, prayer, and literature, they demonstrated their opposition to over-consumption and their support for struggles for environmental justice. After a few hours, they marched throughout the mall, against police orders to not leave the designated protest area.

The mall was recently built atop the Emeryville Shellmound, despite protests and strong objections from Indian People Organizing for Change (IPOC) and supporters. The shell mound was once 60 feet high and up to 600+ feet in diameter. It is older than the pyramids in Egypt and held at least four historical levels of burial sites.

People came together at the Bay Street Mall, which has been dubbed the "Dead Street Mall," to expose the environmental and ethical consequences of over-consumption and bring attention to the ongoing struggle for environmental justice and protection of Sacred Shellmounds throughout the Bay Area and sacred sites everywhere from further desecration. Protesters will meet to "remember our ancestors and to educate shoppers about the 3500 year old Ohlone burial site that was desecrated..."

IPOC called this action to draw attention to the desecration and bring justice to the sacred Shellmounds. A "die in" was proposed to signify the grave sites that lay beneath the "dead Street Mall" and the desecration, and to demand justice for the sacred shell mounds.

Announcement and Poster | Un-Thanksgiving Day Commentary by Francisco Da Costa | Shellmound Documentarey Film
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