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Sat May 6 2006
May 1st San Jose Immigrants' Rights March Draws 100,000
Sat May 6 2006
Largest Demonstration in San Jose History
Demonstrators for immigrants' rights in San Jose made up the largest May Day demonstration in the Bay Area. They filled Santa Clara Street for two miles as they marched. At the end of the march, a portion of the huge crowd filled Guadalupe River Park for a rally, while many more dispersed across the downtown area. It is estimated there are 100,000 undocumented immigrants in Santa Clara County. The crowd carried Mexican and American flags, and held aloft a mile-long cloth which was signed with felt pens by thousands. Spanish language radio heavily promoted the event, and many employers, especially in the predominantly Latino East Side, closed up shop. These stations and businesses are aware they will lose money if draconian immigration laws are passed. The mood of the crowd was festive, and many wore white in a gesture of solidarity. A youth-oriented demonstration took place in the morning and later joined the march.

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