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Sat Dec 24 2005
Clarence Ray Allen Scheduled to be Executed on January 16th
Ill Choctaw Indian Elder Revived So the State Can Kill Him
Clarence Ray Allen, a Choctaw Indian, will turn 76 years old on January 16, 2006, the day before the state intends to execute him on January 17th, at San Quentin. The death sentence in his case came from a conviction for ordering the 1980 murders of three witnesses to the 1974 burglary that he was convicted of committing-- while he was behind bars at Folsom State Prison. A few months ago, Mr. Allen "flatlined" (died) from a heart attack, and was resuscitated by the medical staff, so he can be executed in January. The San Quentin Correctional Facility has issued a statement that Mr. Allen, although wheelchair bound, will have to walk 15 feet to the death gurney, because the death chamber is not wheelchair accessible. Read more

Allen's attorneys have raised the following question: "Is it appropriate to execute someone who is old and infirm?" The death row population is aging, and prison conditions are not conducive to good health. There are now five condemned men in California who are over 70 and nearly three dozen in their 60s. Since California reinstated capital punishment, 31 men have died on death row of natural causes and 11 have been executed. The oldest person executed in California in the modern era was 62-year-old Donald Beardslee, who was executed in February of 2005.

The Idriss Stelley Foundation has set up a yahoogroup to build support in order to save Clarence Ray Allen, and to "allow him to die with dignity when his ancestors will call him to join them." The ISF is calling especially to Native American, disabled, and elder communities for help in saving Allen's life. Death Penalty Focus is reportedly planning statewide protests against the execution of Clarence Ray Allen for January 16th

Fact Sheet about Clarence Ray Allen | ACLU of Northern California's Death Penalty Page | Death Penalty Information Center | California's webpage about Clarence Ray Allen
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