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Wed Mar 22 2006
Hunger Strike and Week of Actions to Stop Anti-Immigrant Bills
Wed Mar 22 2006
1 Million March on Los Angeles; Daily Vigils at 6pm at SF Federal Building
Over 50 hunger strikers and organizations held a seven-day protest in front of the Federal Building in San Francisco from March 21st through March 27th to protest against anti-immigrant laws. The protesters spoke out against Senator Arlen Specter’s bill (HR4437) that designates all undocumented immigrants as aggravated felons, allows for the indefinite detention of non-citizens, and criminalizes day-labor centers, churches, health clinics and all others who serve, help or work with undocumented immigrants. There were candlelight vigils at the Federal Building every day and a march on Monday March 27th.
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March 25th was a National Day of Solidarity, with a press event at the Federal Building connecting the Bay Area to events that have been happening across the country. Over one million people filled the streets of Los Angeles demanding civil rights for immigrants, in what may be the largest demonstration in California history. imc_photo.gifPhotos

On March 27th there were student walkouts state wide. imc_photo.gifPhotos From Fresno

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Bay Area Immigrant Rights Coalition
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