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Tue Oct 1 2002
Stop the Devastation: SF, Oakland, Fresno March Against Endless War
Tue Oct 1 2002
Bay Area Against War 9/14
9/14: As the Bush Regime sounds its drums of war at the UN, rallies across Northern California today confronted the policies of violence and repression. Fresno: Over 100 protesters marched over 10 miles to deliver letters to their congressional representatives. Photos SF: A combined rally of the ILWU and IAC marched from UN Plaza to Jefferson Square to protest Bush's union-busting and war-mongering. Photos Emergency protests have been called for in San Francisco at the first sign of an escalation in Iraq. The portworkers will be back on the streets on 9/17 to protest an appearance in SF by chief union-buster Elaine Chao. Oakland: Youth speakers and performers led a rally against the military state. "Instead of more police, we want programs that will help us get more jobs and really stop the violence with more opportunities" says AYPAL, a youth organizer. Read more

At the San Franciso rally, police arrested 2 protestors, Jackie Santos and Zulma Oliveras, from the Comite '98, after an incident involving a counter-demonstrator carrying a sign saying "Bomb Bagdad (sic)." Zulma is being held on an outrageous bail of $40,000 on the equally outrageous charge of 2nd degree robbery. Witnesses to the incident are requested to contact the Int'l. ANSWER Coalition office.
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