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Sun Oct 30 2016 (Updated 10/31/16)
Santa Cruz City Council Campaign Contributions List Shows Where the Money is Going
Big Money Candidates Raise Twice that of Progressives in SC City Council Race
Santa Cruz Progressives write: The official list of campaign donors confirms what has been no secret in this year's Santa Cruz City Council election: it's a battle between four big money conservative candidates and four grass roots progressives. All four of the conservative candidates have each raised about twice the amount of money the progressives have and they are funded by wealthy contributors.

Progressive candidates Chris Krohn, Drew Glover, Steve Schnaar and Sandy Brown, also known as the "Brand New Council" slate, show moderately funded campaigns. On the other side, wealthy conservative Democrats have been spending large amounts of money on a slate of their own: Martine Watkins, J.M. Brown, Cynthia Mathews, and Robert Singleton. These four candidates have stated platforms that advocate for a considerably more conservative city council than the "Brand New Council".

Martine Watkins is getting the big Boardwalk money. The notorious anti-union conservative Charles Canfield, the CEO of Seaside Co., donated $350 to her, and so did Tom Canfield, the Vice President of Seaside Co. Robert Singleton is the candidate most supported by Republicans, Santa Cruz right wingers, and conservative business interests. Old school conservative Louis Rittenhouse is funding him and so is Analicia Cube.

On October 15, council candidate Steve Pleich announced he was suspending his campaign in order to direct his supporters to the Brand New Council candidates.

Read More: imc_pdf.gif Santa Cruz City Council Campaign Contributions List Shows Where the Big Money is Going

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