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Sun Jul 12 2009
4th of July Anti-Torture Demonstration
Sun Jul 12 2009
Banner Display on University Avenue Protests U.S. Torture Policies
Over the July 4th traffic on Interstate 80, “torture victims and detainees” staged a banner display on the University Avenue overpass connecting Aquatic Park with the Berkeley Marina. World Can’t Wait has demonstrated on this overpass action every 4th of July since 2006. This year the focus was on the torture state forged under Bush – and now being continued and refined by Obama – as witnessed by the thousands who passed the display. The act of civil disobedience slowed northbound traffic along I-80.

The Obama administration's torture policy can be interpreted as very similar to the Bush administration's in that U.S. policy currently severely limits freedoms such as habeas corpus to suspected terrorists and prisoners of war. The Obama administration has not publicly shown interest in investigating and holding accountable anyone responsible for the state torture policies established by John Yoo and the Bush administration. The Obama administration did not release the photos exposing the widespread torture program of the Bush administration. Obama was quoted as simply stating, "I do not see what purpose that would serve."

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