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Wed Feb 8 2006
Michael Morales Execution Postponed Indefnitely
Wed Feb 8 2006
California Unable to Comply with "Gentler" Lethal Injection Without Compromising Medical Morals
2/21 6:10pm update: The execution of Michael Morales has been postponed indefinitely, as the state was unable to comply with mandated changes to the method of execution. Read more
2/21 9:00am update: The planned execution of Michael Morales was delayed until 7:30pm tonight night after two anesthesiologists refused to participate because of ethical concerns. Michael will now be killed with a single dose of the barbiturate sodium pentothal and no anesthesiologists will take part. Updates

Michael Morales was scheduled to be executed by the state of California at 12:01am. On the 20th, Protests and vigils were held at San Quentin in Marin County ( imc_photo.gif Photos | Video ) in Santa Cruz ( imc_photo.gifPhotos ) and in Redwood City, Palo Alto, Modesto, Fresno, El Cerrito, and Alameda .
Read more about upcoming anti-death penalty events from Death Penalty Focus

Based on their observations from the long, slow death of Stanley "Tookie" Williams and Clarence Ray Allen, Morales' lawyers argued that lethal injections violate the Constitution's ban on "cruel and unusual punishment." It was announced on February 14th that Morales will be put to death with barbiturates alone, or the prison will provide an anesthesiologist or other medical professional to monitor that the prisoner is unconscious before they deliver a fatal dose of a heart-stopping chemical.

Two men were responsible for the 1981 rape and murder of a woman named Terri Winchell. Only Michael Morales, who is Latino, received a sentence of death. In the 25 years since, he has continued to accept responsibility, seek atonement for his actions, and affirm his sincere and unquestioned remorse for the anguish he caused the victim and her family. The jury was misled by an informant, and now even the judge who ruled in Morales's case is opposed to executing Morales. People who are opposed to the death penalty are once again calling on Governor Schwarzenegger to grant clemency to a man who is on death row. Read more

Solidarity with Morales and against the death penalty was expressed in many ways on days leading up to the execution. On Monday, February 20th, a walk for abolition started at 6:45am in San Francisco, and ended at San Quentin State Prison hours later. A press conference against the death penalty was held in San Francisco on Monday, February 13th.

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty's Morales Page | State of California's Page about Michael Morales | ACLU NC's Michael Morales Page | Attorneys' 2/7 Reply to DA's Opposition to Clemency Request | imc_article.gifFact Sheet by Stop Executions Ca
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