image Over-Policing in Stockton Unified Remains Rampant susd_district_police_stockton.png by ACLU of Northern California
ACLU: Over-Policing in Stockton Unified Remains Rampant, with 3,000 Police “Incident Reports” Each Year
Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2016 5:41PM
image US Deportations Protested, Beller's Caliber Charter In Richmond & NAFTA Mex Privatization 480_mexican_military_bomb_teachers_1.jpg original image (850x593) by KPFA Pacifica WorkWeek Radio
KPFA Pacifica WorkWeek radio looks at San Francisco labor protesting the deportations and Supreme Court decision attacking immigrant rights. Also it looks at the vulture hedge fund capitalist Ron Beller's Caliber school sale by the West Contra Costa County School district for $60,000. WorkWeek also hears about a protest by San Francisco teachers of the massacre of teachers in Mexico and talks with Al Rojas about the visit of Mexican unionists to the US
Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 1:18PM
image Marin Eagle Scout’s Final Project Will Get Redwood Trees Growing in Bay Area Classrooms 480_liam_1.jpg original image (1600x1200) by Joanna Nasar McWilliams
Marin High School Student and Eagle Scout Liam Birmingham learned about the 10,000 Redwoods Project (, and decided to devote his time to assisting Turtle Island Restoration Network achieve this goal.
Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2016 10:18AM
image Juneteenth 2016 ~ Discovering the legacy of Negro Hills, CA 480_negro_hill_ditch_map__2__1.jpg original image (502x676) by Khubaka, Michael Harris
The golden legacy created by people of African ancestry in Gold Rush California comes alive during 2016 Juneteenth at Negro Bar California State Park. This short history is provided for your self-tour of Mormon Island Relocation Cemetery to pay respect to the final resting place of early California pioneers of African ancestry. It provides a fair account to spark your journey towards discovering the contributions by people of African ancestry in early California History (1840-1875)
Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2016 7:58AM
image Mexico Teachers' Murders Protested In SF "Massacre Made In USA" mexico_teachers_march_with_fist.jpeg by Labor Video Project
Teachers and other community activists and unionists protested at the San Francisco Mexican consulate the massacre of teachers and community activists in Oaxaca. They called for an end to US weapons being sent to Mexico and also put responsibility for the massacre on the US multi-nationals and capitalist politicians from the Democrats and Republicans to privatize education through NAFTA and the Mérida Initiative which has militarized Mexico.
Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 9:01PM
calendar No housing in People's Park! by Defend People's Park
Berkeley city council chambers 2134 MLK Way
Event Date: Tue Jun 28, 2016 5:30PM
Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 9:07AM
text Oakland cops target the African American community by Lynda Carson
According to a Stanford study, African American men were more likely to be handcuffed during a stop (1 out of 4 times) than whites (1 out of 15 times), excluding arrests. African American men were also more likely to be searched (1 in 5 times vs. 1 in 20 times for whites), though officers were no more likely to make a recovery from those searches. African American men were more likely to be arrested after a stop by police –1 in every 6 vs. 1 in 14 for white men.
Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2016 3:05PM
image N. CA Carpenters UBC Oppose Sale Of Adams Middle School To Ron Beller/Caliber Charter 480_adams_middle_school_1.jpg original image (4032x3024) by Labor Video Project
The Northern California District Council of Carpenters has opposed the non-union charter school operator and hedge fund speculator Ron Beller's purchase of the 6 acre Richmond WCCCSD Adams Middle School for $60,000. Beller who helped blow up the world economy with the Peloton Fund in 2008 now is speculating on privatizing the public school system. He wanted the UBC to make a contribution to his non-union Caliber charter school.
Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 12:23PM
image Dr. Jonathan Letterman: Father of Modern Emergency Medicine 480_13327593_812500538851339_6172908251604323018_n_1.jpg original image (960x574) by Posted by Khubaka, Michael Harris
Letterman Army Hospital at the San Francisco Presidio remains an amazing tribute to Dr. Jonathan Letterman. Serving as a Bio-Medical Technician the quiet conversation about the contribution of US Colored Troops remains an open secret today...
Posted: Tue Jun 7, 2016 12:15PM
image Sanders In The Mission: People Speak Out About Their Lives & Struggles 480_sanders_ccsf_rally6-6-16_1.jpg original image (4032x3024) by Labor Video Project
Hundreds of people attended a Bernie Sanders Rally in the San Francisco Mission district at the Mission Campus of San Francisco City College and talked about what their concerns were including the right to an education, housing including the gentrification in the Mission district
Posted: Mon Jun 6, 2016 10:09PM
image Has Sanders Betrayed His Revolution by Endorsing Jane Kim? 480_charter_school_big_business_1.jpg original image (1180x842) by repost
Bernie Sanders has supported SF Democrat Jane Kim who is a big supporter of charter schools. Has Sanders betrayed his "political revolution" by endorsing Kim? Kim Supports Privatization of Education Through Charters.
Posted: Fri Jun 3, 2016 10:24AM
image "Freedom Sleepers" Film to Premiere at Del Mar Theatre for SocDoc Thesis Screening 480_freedom-sleepers-israel-dawson_1.jpg original image (1400x935) by Alex Darocy
Israel Dawson's film "Freedom Sleepers" will premiere at the UCSC SocDoc thesis screening at Del Mar Theatre in Santa Cruz on June 8. The film documents the struggle to reclaim the rights of homeless people in Santa Cruz, and features footage from the community sleepouts held at Santa Cruz City Hall since July 4 of 2015. [Top photo: Israel Dawson conducts an interview as community members prepare to march to Santa Cruz City Hall for the first community sleepout on July 4, 2015.]
Posted: Thu Jun 2, 2016 2:35PM
image "Doing Good" In California After Helping To Blow Up The World Economy? Beller & Moses 480_beller_moses_1.jpg original image (235x400) by Steve Zeltzer
"Power Couple" Beller and Moses Who Helped Bust The World Economy In 2008 Are Out To Make A Killing On Charters & Privatization of California Education. Their Caliber Charter Chain wants land in Richmond to build a non-union school and stick the taxpayers with the costs of privatization
Posted: Tue May 31, 2016 1:01PM
image Cabrillo College Foundation bankrolling Yes on Q campaign michael_machado.jpg by Bruce Holloway
The Cabrillo College Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity, is the major contributor to the Yes on Q campaign. Measure Q is a $310 million bond issue for capital projects at Cabrillo College over the next 15 to 20 years. Michael Machado, treasurer of both the Cabrillo College Foundation and Yes on Q, made a false e-filing last month claiming Yes on Q had neither received nor spent any money as of April 23. The Santa Cruz County Elections Department delayed posting some campaign contributions to ...
Posted: Thu May 26, 2016 9:57AM
image Union officials suppress member support for BDS 480_united_auto_workers_1.jpg original image (450x455) by via Palestine Legal
May 25, 2016 - As a growing number of local unions endorse Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) in solidarity with Palestinian workers, the United Auto Workers (UAW) Public Review Board last week affirmed a decision to nullify the BDS resolution adopted by members of Local 2865.
Posted: Wed May 25, 2016 3:37PM
image "I Will Be In A Tent Without 18%" SEIU 1021 SFUSD Workers Protest For Pay Parity 480_seiu1021_sfusd5-13-16_1.jpg original image (4032x3024) by Labor Video Project
SEIU 1021 San Francisco Unified School District workers protested for pay parity. Many are 18% behind other city workers who do the same work. They also cannot afford to live in San Francisco and commute with their salaries.
Posted: Tue May 24, 2016 11:04PM
image Strawberry and Justice Festival May 19 2016 480_145_1.jpg original image (6000x4000) by AutumnSun
Held on Thur. May 19th. 2016 at UCSC Hay Barn Santa Cruz CA. 4p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Posted: Fri May 20, 2016 7:53PM
document New Reports: Latino children bear greatest burden of pesticide risk in California kids_on_the_frontline.pdf_140_.jpg original image (x) by via Californians for Pesticide Reform
Salinas, CA, May 10, 2016 – New reports spotlight pesticides used in the food system and the harmful effects they are having on the nation’s children, including in the Monterey Bay region. In particular, the reports find that Latino children living or attending school near California agricultural fields face some of the greatest risks of exposure from pesticides linked to cancers and the developing brain. The reports are "Right without a Remedy: How the EPA Failed to Protect the Civil Ri...
Posted: Mon May 16, 2016 2:14PM
image The 11th annual SENDEROS presents Vive Oaxaca Gudaguetza May 15, 2016 480_005_1.jpg original image (6000x4000) by AutumnSun
Vive Oaxaca Gudaguetza May 15, 2016 Held at Harbor High School in Santa Cruz CA.10am. to 5pm.
Posted: Sun May 15, 2016 3:36PM
image Big Nazi on Campus: How Racists Rallied at UC Berkeley with Police Protection 480_ch5dl92u4aa1fso_1.jpg original image (600x451) by reposted from
Identity Europa, formerly known as the National Youth Front, the youth wing of the Neo-Nazi American Freedom Party along with members of the National Policy Institute held a rally on UC Berkeley campus with the full protection and cooperation of the campus police. The group livestreamed the whole event and even put up a large poster in the Downtown Berkeley area. Members of the group that participated were well known Neo-Nazis and one, Nathan Damigo, served time for a hate crime against a cab...
Posted: Sun May 15, 2016 1:02PM