image Get Up Get Down! Oakland Is A Union Town — Mass March and Rally To Defend Public Education 480_oea_defend_pub_ed_march_kids_1-12-19_1.jpg by Labor Video Project
On January 12, 2019 thousands of teachers, students and staff marched and rallied in Oakland to defend public education. The Oakland Education Association contract has expired and they are discussing striking in February....
Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:26PM
image Oakland Rally — Defend Public Education, Jan 12 480_850_2021_1.jpg by Leon Kunstenaar
Large Oakland rally in support of public education....
Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:41PM
image 2019 California Black History Month ~ Celebrating Pan African Migration 480_negro_bar_1.jpg by Khubaka, Michael Harris
From Sutter’s Fort to Historic Coloma we must preserve and interpret the resilience of our African American family, showcase the salient contributions that impacted the establishment of the Great State of California, and most of all the Pan African perseverance opportunity at Negro Bar, California, established in 1849, today part of our California State Parks System....
Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:09PM
image 7th Day of Kwanzaa is Faith, Freedom is never Free... Honoring US Colored Troops 480_first_south_carolina_volunteers_us_colored_troops_1.jpg by khubaka, michael harris
Stockton Black Leadership Council, President, Ralph Lee White continues an amazing walk sharing his vision and actions that honor GOD for using a man with a Biblical name, Abraham, to provide leadership to free people of African ancestry from bondage. Genesis 15:12-14 provides for a new way forward, seen in the scriptures....
Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 5:07PM
image UCPD Officer Aranas assaults People's Park community member 480_ucberkeley-police-violence-peoplespark_1.jpg by Anon. Bay Resident
"The individual was non-resistant", says the narrator of the video. Officer Sean Aranas assaults the People's Park community member, a modern day hippie just chilling out and trying to exist....
Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 3:00PM
image Wakanda Kwanzaa Umoja Celebration ~ Sacramento, CA 480_wakanda_1.jpg by Khubaka, Michael Harris
Kwanzaa is our “California Grown” ancient future holiday showcasing “first fruits of the harvest” continuing ancient traditions from the broader Pan African sacred science of agriculture....
Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 11:55AM
text Radio in Petaluma: The “End” of Radio by Hong Jae Yu
Our group's findings while investigating Radio listener rates in Petaluma....
Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 1:47PM
image CRES Letter Condemning Police Violence 480_uc-santa-cruz-police-violence-2018_1.jpg by Critical Race & Ethnic Studies at UCSC
CRES Letter Condemning Police Violence...
Posted: Mon Dec 3, 2018 4:03PM
image UCSC Students Initiate Petition to Close Campus Due to Poor Air Quality 480_california_wildfires_2018_1.jpg by Santa Cruz News
Students at the University of California, Santa Cruz have initiated a petition calling for the closure of campus due to poor air quality from the California wildfires. Over 700 individuals have signed the electronic petition so far. One individual commented on the website that they felt like they were "back in Beijing". Another wrote: "I don't want lung cancer". Sign the petition here:
Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2018 1:51PM
image Go Public Schools Oakland Privatization Scheme With Mike Hutchinson 480_oea_defend_public_education_1.jpg by WorkWeek Radio
Mike Hutchinson, a public education advocate in Oakland talks about the role of the Go Public Charter school chain in undermining and destroying public education and the growing corruption scandals through outsourcing and privatization of public education services....
Posted: Thu Nov 8, 2018 10:10AM
image Public Pensions Attack Workers, SF Prof Abdulhadi Under Attack & Labor & Rise Of Fascism 480_anti-nazi_march_nyc_1933_1.jpg by KPFA WorkWeek Radio
KPFA's WorkWeek Radio looks at the use of pension funds controlled by hedge funds to fund anti-labor propositions. It also hears about the attack on SFSU professor Rabab Abdulhadi who runs the Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies. WorkWeek looks at labor's role in the defense of Professor Abdulhadi and her students by Zionists and a Nazi signed up for her classes. Last WorkWeek talks about the rise of fascism, the role of Trump and what labor and unions can do about this devel...
Posted: Fri Nov 2, 2018 5:05PM
image "It's Okay to be White" Flyers Plastered on Martin Luther King Jr. Statue at Cabrillo College 480_martin_luther_king_statue_cabrillo_college_1.jpg by Santa Cruz News
On Wednesday, in addition to a stabbing on campus, the well loved statue of Martin Luther King Jr. at Cabrillo College was plastered with flyers containing a handwritten racist message saying "it's okay to be white."...
Posted: Thu Nov 1, 2018 4:06PM
text UC Berkeley to close People's Park restroom by Preserve People's Park
According to a Berkeley city government document, the University of California is planning on closing the People's Park restroom "in the very near future", as part of the first phase of its development plan....
Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 9:59PM
image Research Shows White Workers Get More Lucrative Promotions, Less Likely to Be Fired at UC 480_afscme-3299-strike_1.jpg by AFSCME Local 3299
OAKLAND, CA, October 25, 2018 – As 39,000 University of California workers wrap up a 3-day strike over issues of inequality at the state’s 3rd largest employer, a bombshell of a research brief reported by CALmatters has revealed that Black and Latino workers employed at UC are more likely to be fired and get smaller raises when they are promoted....
Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 6:20PM
image If We Don't Get It Shut It Down! AFSCME 3299 Workers Strike UCSF Mission Bay Campus 480_img_3438_1.jpg by Labor Video Project
Hundreds of AFSCME 3299 UCSF workers who were on strike were joined by CWA UPTE workers and Unite Here Local 2 Marriott strikers on October 24, 2018 as part of a three day strike against privatization, outsourcing and attacks on workers conditions and benefits....
Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 11:51AM
document ACLU Files Discrimination Complaint on behalf of Black Students at Visalia Unified 2018.10.24_visalia_ocr_complaint.pdf_140_.jpg by ACLU of Northern California
School district has ignored bigotry and racial hostility for years...
Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 2:40PM
calendar UC Santa Cruz on Strike! 480_afscme_3299_strike_uc_santa_cruz.jpg by Worker Student Solidarity Coalition - WSSC
UC Santa Cruz...
Event Date: Tue Oct 23, 2018 3:00AM
Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 11:07PM
image Leidesdorff Day 2018, Historic Negro Bar, Sacramento County 480_negro_bar_miners_1.jpg by Khubaka, Michael Harris
Restoration and reconciliation of the stolen legacy from the "African Founding Father of California" Honorable William Alexander Leidesdorff, Jr. may help mitigate some of today's challenges seeking to remove the name Negro Bar, Folsom Lake Recreational Area by showcasing to the world the amazing contributions by "hidden figures" of Pan Africans during the California Gold Rush Era....
Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 1:01PM
image Save Negro Bar img_9073.jpg by Khubaka, Michael Harris
The authentic story of Negro Bar, Sacramento County is poised to be told in collaborative partnership with the California State Parks System, established in 1864....
Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 5:18PM
image Who Is Val Cuevas? The Deep Tentacles Of Charters and Privatization kipp_corporation.jpeg by Defend Public Education NOW
Val Cuevas who is the president of the West Contra County School board is running for re-election. She has deep connections to the charter privatization industry and was funded by the California Charter School Association and the union busting Chamberlin Foundation which is owned by a non-union charter school builder. She is also being supported by United Teachers Of Richmond and it's president Demetrio Gonzalez who was also her former campaign managers....
Posted: Sat Oct 6, 2018 9:53AM