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Roger Grigsby Lashes Out About a "War on Whites" After Closing O'mei Restaurant

by No Nazis, No KKK
Investigative reports by Lynda Carson published to Indybay expose dozens of donors to David Duke's failed 2016 campaign for US Senate in Louisiana, including Roger F. Grigsby, owner and founding chef of O'mei restaurant in Santa Cruz, Clubhouse Jäger owner Julius De Roma in Minneapolis, and many others across several states. In Santa Cruz, customers began boycotting and giving bad reviews to O'mei almost immediately. Within a week, the restaurant closed its door. For those with doubt about whether a donation to David Duke qualifies one as a racist, read the email Grigsby sent to KPIX CBS calling the boycott "political terrorism" and crying about a "war on whites."
Full Statement from Roger Grigsby to KPIX 5 CBS:

Ryan, this is Roger, owner and founder of Omei in Santa Cruz.

There is only one legitimate "side" in this "story". My restaurant was subjected to political terrorism. By Indybay media, by bogus "reviews" placed on our Yelp! page, and by gossip on various other networks like Nextdoor and Facebook. The people at Yelp were not helpful in removing this disgusting garbage for over a week. By then it was too late. Due to peer pressure our wait staff walked off the job by not coming to work. At least one waiter was also posting scurrilous lies and innuendo on Yelp. Possibly another waiter was also involved.

So without waiters, we closed on Friday night, a first for us. We've been in business since 1979.

I really don't want to do a phone interview and I have very little trust that metropolitan media outlets will treat me fairly anyway, since they (and you) are also subjected to political pressure even if you won't admit that. As far as WHY this mob attack was done, it wasn't about myself or the biz even though we were the target. We are just a token in a much larger process of terrorizing White European Americans into silence in what has come to be known as the "War on Whites". My campaign contribution was to one of the men supporting European American Civil Rights. As a European American, it would be insane for me to not support said rights.

Any other questions should come to this email address.

Roger Grisby

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More Information:

Santa Cruz Restaurateur Gives $500 to KKK Fascist David Duke

Putting Racists Out of Business
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by DavidMinton Silva
Sir, grow up please. Your goose steps are scaring the kids.
Listen to yourself. "White rights"? To address what? How harsh words can be for you little "white" kids.
No, you are winning no one over with your whining nonsense.
If you want to sit at the grown ups table stop spitting on everyone.
by Good Times
"Klan Fried"
O’Mei Closed After Wrath Over Owner’s Support for David Duke
August 30, 2017
by google
"Permanently Closed"
by Paula Alder
No, Roger, what is insane is your idiotic idea that there IS a "war on whites." As I recall, it was black people who were enslaved and lynched and continue to be racially profiled and terrorized and murdered. As I recall, it was Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust. As I recall, ethnic cleansing has gone on around the world and continues to be perpetrated by people who justify genocide because of their beliefs. You feel persecuted as a white, priveleged male? Huh?
by Razer Ray I stated elsewhere on Indybay , I've known Roger, and I KNOW that when Almar Grill was open and I worked there for a short stint, Roger was NOT, at the time, the owner of O'mei, but had sold it to a partner who was married to a Latina from Colombia(?) with children he adopted.

That was about 15-20 years ago. It APPEARS the business fell back in his lap seeing he again claims ownership, and I suspect Indybay's expose didn't really put him out of business, but allowed him to RETIRE the business (because, like the owner of Logos and a few other local business owners they're getting a little 'long in the tooth'. Most of them had five or more years of age on me, and I'm into my sixth decade.) with a perfect excuse for a right wing "Libertarian" asshole.

"Lefties made me do it."

I do believe this has been 'set-up'. I think Roger is getting the last hearty laugh here. Except I've never seen him laugh. He just gets an evil little smile. I remember it well.

I WONDER if he can get a tax-writedown, or has insurance that would cover it? Knowing Roger, that would be just like him. He's quite crafty. When he opened the first O'mei on campus at the Kresge Town Hall someone scrawled "Capitalists off campus" on the building, as it was the first off-campus private business ever at UCSC. He responded by looking up the average income of a UCSC student's parents and publicizing it... $100,000 per parent. in the early 1980s. I think he made his point about WHO were the capitalists, and that point is just as relevant now. Few students at UCSC have the right to complain about capitalists and Fascists unless they're complaining about their mommy and daddy's capitalist-derived ability to afford to send them to UC too..

Just sayin'. Many UC students can only afford to be there because their parents were "Good Germans" in a Fascist economic system. Just because they don't "Donate to the cause" means, perhaps even more than Grigsby's pittance for Duke, because crypto-Fascists are even more dangerous than 'out' ones.
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