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Outing the Bay Area campaign contributors of KKK fascist David Duke

by Lynda Carson (tenantsrule [at]
Some have suggested that the best way to fight back against all the hate being spread around by the Trump regime, the KKK, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists, is by exposing the supporters of hate and violence in the good old U.S.A.
[ Roger Grigsby of Santa Cruz, owner and founding chef of O’mei Restaurant, gave $500 to David Duke’s U.S. Senate campaign in 2016. ]

Outing the Bay Area campaign contributors of KKK fascist David Duke

By Lynda Carson - August 17, 2017

This past week according to Newsweek, David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), praised President Donald J. Trump for supporting the fascists, neo-Nazis, KKK and the hate mongering White Supremacists who brought blood and violence to the streets of Charlottesville recently. In 1927, reportedly Trump’s father was arrested after a KKK rally in Queens, which may help to shed light as to why Trump is a supporter of hate groups and the KKK, that helped to bring him into office.

The recent violent white supremacist rally that David Duke attended, resulted in blood in the streets of Charlottesville, and the death of Heather Heyer when she was run down by an alleged Nazi sympathizer while she was protesting against the KKK, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists. Reportedly, 19 others were injured when the Nazi sympathizer plowed into a crowd of peaceful demonstrators.

According to wikipedia, David Ernest Duke (born July 1, 1950) is an American white nationalist, politician, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier, convicted felon, and former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Some have suggested that the best way to fight back against all the hate being spread around by the Trump regime, the KKK, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists, is by exposing the supporters of hate and violence, in the good old U.S.A.

One place to start exposing the supporters of hate, would be to expose some of the local supporters of David Duke who reside in the Bay Area.

David Duke ran for the U.S. Senate during 2016, from Mandeville, Louisiana, and lost. However, according to public records, Duke had a number of campaign contributors located locally here in the Bay Area.

William Hubbel, of 1138 Skycrest Dr., in Walnut Creek is one of the proud supporters of David Duke during 2016, and according to records, he gave $500 to Duke’s campaign. When I asked him about his support for David Duke, William Hubbel was very surprised, but said, “In this era of communism as the noose is tightening around our necks, and we may be rounded up and shot in the back of the head, I decline to comment about my contribution to David Duke. I am not a member of the KKK, but I sure as hell am not a member of the Black Lives Matter movement either.”

Karen Ardith Woodbury, of 2720 35th Avenue, in San Francisco, is another proud supporter of David Duke, and she gave $250 to Duke’s campaign during 2016. Once an attorney who no longer practices law, Karen Woodbury has a chiropractors license that expires in November of 2017. Karen Woodbury did not respond to my request for an interview regarding her support of David Duke.

Other proud supporters of David Duke include:

Jake Mavity, of 716 Haight St., in San Francisco, gave $600 to Duke’s campaign during 2016.

Brodin L. Sutherland, of 6604 Las Animas, Martinez, gave $500 to Duke’s campaign during 2016.

Roger Grigsby, of Santa Cruz, gave $500 to Duke’s campaign in 2016.

John Downey, of San Lorenzo, gave $285 to Duke’s campaign during 2016.

Kevin D. Barbaro, of 19035 Lowell Ave., of Hayward, gave $240 to Duke’s campaign during 2016.

And Michael Born, of 100 Humboldt, in Santa Rosa, gave $245 to Duke’s campaign during 2016.

As the fascist Trump regime spreads it’s message of hate by supporting the KKK, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists who brought bloodshed to the streets of Charlottesville recently, the Trump regime has targeted DreamHost, a web server, and has served a warrant in the effort to get the names and addresses of people that may have protested against Trump’s inauguration last January, in Washington D.C.

The attorneys of DreamHost have refused to turn over the information the fascist Trump regime wants, and DreamHost has responded with a blog claiming that "we fight for our users."

The hate monger groups spreading hate and violence across the nation are on the rise. Trump supporters, white supremacists, fascists, anti-semites, homophobes, bigots, and other hate mongers are uniting for a demonstration on August 27 called “No To Marxism In America” at Martin Luther King Jr, Civic Center Park, in downtown Berkeley.

In addition to the Trump regime supporting the violence of the neo-Nazis, KKK, and white supremacists in Charlottesville lately, last February in response to protesters running Milo Yiannopoulous out of Berkeley when they objected to his racist campaign attacking sanctuary campuses, a GOP leader threatened Berkeley protesters, and promoted the idea of a Kent State massacre against the students and protesters in Berkeley.

Lynda Carson may be reached at tenantsrule [at]

§False information
by Shen's Gallery
The owner of Shen's Gallery, April Shen, is not associated with Omei and has not have any ownership of Omei for over 15 years. There is no financial tie to it as well. Please help us stop spreading false news.
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by Linda Rosewood
I urge journalists to not print private addresses of political targets, no matter how bad they are. Newspapers used to do it, but the rules of decorum have changed. This sort of thing always gets turned around on us. Print the address of the business, yes, but the private address invites abuse.
by MerryLane
Whatever you and I alike think of these individuals, their right to privacy should be respected. It is a dangerous mistake to publish their addresses. Imagine them doing it to you.
by Jai
It's my understanding that donation records are public and come with addresses? The point is for these people to be confronted and found. Public records are that. If you're a racist change your mind or deal with the consequences. Blacks and Mexicans used to be hung from trees, a little come to Jesus won't be so bad for them.
by Jessica Brooks
Would you be able to provide a link to the source you used for confirming that these people did indeed donate funds to David Duke?
by Rachel
I would love to share this but would like to know how the information was acquired first
Link to California campaign contributors of David Duke in 2016...

Click below...

"if you aren't doing as you're told, we crush you"

Sad. David Duke is being given millions in free mainstream media coverage but you are focusing on individuals giving him money and promising to harass them?

Who is next?
by Keith Folger
The Right has been using these tactics for years, releasing names, addresses, phone numbers, places of employment. We in the middle left have always been the gracious ones. It is time to quit being gracious. If you don't do horrible things, you should not be worried about THEM publishing anything about you.
by Lawrence
While I think anyone with half a brain can see the problem with the KKK, Neo Nazis, and their defenders/sympathizers, publishing the addresses of people who donated to the David Duke campaign is wrong and will not do anything to stop what you claim to be fighting.

I seriously cannot believe you think you are helping by doing this.

Its a slippery slope when you start behaving like this, and if your own words aren't enough to sway those that might need swaying, pulling a stunt like this is only going to lower the bar of political discourse and potentially said a new trend of shaming those we disagree with politically.
by Carrie
I'm totally fine with anyone publishing places of business, and full names, of people who materially support individuals or groups which deliberately undermine basic decency and endanger vulnerable people. Thank you for letting us know where not to eat.

Publishing addresses could pose a danger to other people living in those homes. It doesn't matter that it's public record; it is irresponsible and should be removed immediately.
by Max S.
Do not condone the support of David Duke, but posting addresses is not cool at all. I'm sure some are no longer accurate (people move) and open up innocent people to attack. Indy Bay is better than that.
The purpose of publishing addresses that are already public record?

Sometimes there are people who have the same name in any given city. This is a fact of life.

By publishing addresses that are already part of the public records, this helps to avoid any confusion with someone else that may have the same name.

I would not want anyone to confuse someone who is a supporter of David Duke, with a person that has the same name who is not a supporter of David Duke.

I hope this helps to clarify the situation.


by Irishman
There are 17 people in the United States that have the same name as me. Two are registered Sex offenders, and one is Incarcerated in a Federal Prison for some horrible crime. I carry my Passport at all times, to make sure nobody mistakes which one I am. I also keep an unlisted phone number, and try not to make my address public. Some nutjob might want revenge on me for what someone else did.
by --------------
Christina Waters
To tenantsrule [at]
Today at 3:39 PM
To: Lynda Carson -

Not sure who you are or what you hope to gain by ruining some careers - isn’t there enough fascism erupting in this country already,
without your adding more?

Christina Waters

Christina Waters, PhD

Contributing Editor
Good Times - Metro Newspapers

"Roger Grigsby, of Santa Cruz, gave $500 to Duke’s campaign in 2016."

Let's make sure we are discussing the correct Roger Grigsby here. Roger's address is provided below in case people are not able to follow the link in the article:

402 Plateau Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Owner Name: Roger F Grigsby

The estimated market value of this property is $228,666 and the the building value is an estimated $120,962.

Not everyone named Roger Grigsby donated money to KKK fascist David Duke.

Roger F. Grigsby of Santa Cruz, owner and founding chef of O’mei Restaurant, gave $500 to David Duke’s U.S. Senate campaign in 2016.

O’mei should have gone out of business a long time ago for a lengthy list of reasons. Those reasons have been shared widely among circles of friends, but they have not yet been widely publicized. You'll find glowing reviews of O’mei from Christina Waters, food and wine writer for Good Times - Metro Newspapers:

"Given the generous spacing of O’mei tables, and the harmonious atmosphere (i.e. we can actually carry on a conversation!) we almost always take out-of-town guests to O’mei . . ."

Sorry Christina Waters, PhD, but the veil preventing light from shining on Roger F. Grigsby and O’mei Restaurant has been lifted. Word is out in Santa Cruz. You're on notice as well. Stop collaborating with KKK enablers in your reviews. Also, take your guests somewhere else from now on.
by Good Times reader
She was/is the local food critic for Good Times. She must like the Hot and Sour from Omei.
by Human Being
Thank you for standing up and being part of the movement for change! Ignore all the haters! You did the right thing.
by CJE
Do people who contribute to these campaigns know that there actions become public record?
by Internet & Word of Mouth
Roger Grisby is getting slammed for this, on the Facebook Page for O'mei Restaurant and elsewhere. It will be surprising if O'mei is still open one year from today.

Enjoy some samples. These are just appetizers. The main course is being prepared.


Roger Grisby, the President of the corporation that O'Mei, a (formerly) popular Santa Cruz area restaurant, is incorporated under, donated $500 to avowed white supremacist David Duke's 2016 U.S. Senate campaign in Louisiana. WTF?!?

Saw this on Nextdoor originally. Check the O'Mei Facebook page for a flood of postings on the details (links to SEC filings, links to various public records confirming the association). I'm just astounded. No statement from the restaurant there, no response on Yelp, no response on Indybay where this was originally highlighted, although this information just came out. I don't know the details of his association, but I saw one posting stating he was the "founding chef and owner", and others stating owner, but he now lives in Ojai.

If he's still associated with O'Mei and receiving financial benefits from that association, I can't in good conscience patronize the restaurant, knowing that my money might eventually make its way to David Duke and his ilk; who knows what other donations, not required to be publicly disclosed, are being made? Which is sad, because 24 innocent bystanders in the form of his employees are going to pay the price for his support of an unconscionable candidate.


Good Luck with that O'mei.
(Insert sarcasm font)
Won't be spending any of my liberal snowflake dollars at your restaurant.


Links To Various Public Records Confirming The Association:

Yang Chun Enterprises Inc
Omei Restaurant

Dr David E Duke, Political Campaign Contributions from California, 2016 Election Cycle



It was on Indybay as well.

Yes, Indybay was the original source... and Christina Waters' response as posted there was atrociously dismissive.


Good to know... don't get up your way very often but good information! Yes its good to out these businesses that support this. Get em where it hurts in the pocketbook! I still am shaking my head that it is 2017 ... and yet we are STILL having to fight this!
by One Star Review
Longtime customers of O'mei Restaurant in Santa Cruz are now calling for a boycott after discovering that the owner donated $500 to the 2016 campaign of David Duke.

Enjoy all these 1 star reviews on Facebook.

Bon Appétit

The owner is a confirmed contributor, $500, to David Duke - anti-Semite, racist and former grand wizard of the KKK. I've eaten there for 35 years and of course, never will again. I hope you won't either.

Nope ? don't support such hate

BOYCOTT! Starve the bigots!


Search Grigsby, Roger under individual donors on Federal Election Commission's website to see that the owner of O'mei has donated to both David Duke and Trump's campaigns in 2016.


Owner donated money to David Duke's campaign. Prefer to eat places where racial oppression is not on the menu...

Is this true? Please address!

Search Roger Grigsby under individual donors:


Donates money to the KKK. No thanks. I wouldn't eat here if they were giving away free food.


No more sides of racism with my meal, thanks. Go back under your rock.


Did you know that the owner of this restaurant contributed $500 to David Dukes senate campaign?


Boycott! Donated $$ to David Duke!! Will never go there to eat again!!


If you support this restaurant, you are actively funding someone who contributes to the political aspirations of fascists. Owner gave funds to David Duke's campaign. Boycott this shit.


Sadly, the owner is a David Duke supporter and, by extension, a white supremacist.


Joe Blumenthal — 1 star :: owned by a supporter of david duke. i don't eat from anywhere owned by fascists.


The owner of this restaurant gave 500 dollars to David Duke in 2016. Don't support Nazi scum. Boycott O'mei.
by Boycott Roger Grigsby & O'mei
The owner of this restaurant, Roger Grigsby, is a David Duke (of the KKK) supporter. He contributed to his campaign just last year. Source:



Make this public if it isn't already. Sharing! Outing Nazis is the lords work!

It is public, totally

I've only been there once in my life when Assemblyman John Laird took me and another intern out to lunch wayyyy back in 2003. I thought the food tasted weird. Now I know it tasted of FASCISM.

I've never been, which I'm happy about!

Checking to see if he still owns this restaurant.....he may have sold it years ago, it's being torn down on social media. Thanks for the heads up.

This was reported in a recent article so I posted it. Not just going off nothing. And yeah, white supremacists should be torn down.

Yes, this has long been recognized by UCSC faculty and many departments stopped holding dinners there accordingly. Glad the word is really spreading, cuz F that.

Yikes ?


Good Luck with that O'mei.
(Insert sarcasm font)
Won't be spending any of my liberal snowflake dollars at your restaurant.


Wow and yet this does not surprise me. We stopped going there a decade ago when he started screwing over all his servers saying it was the cooks that deserved tips not the servers... plus the food had gone way way down hill since it's height in the 80's. As I remember it he said a chimp could do the job of his servers ... then he added a surcharge to his menu. Either he fired all his best servers or there was a mass walk out. All I know is everyone we knew there was gone. We haven't been back since.

I remember that. I haven't been back either.

Loved the food but they were so hostile to children that it stopped being a positive dining experience. Still pondering how that attitude dovetails with alt-hate.


Why would he do this???

He's a racist?

It shows he donated $500 to David Duke's senatorial campaign. Here's the receipt.

I was going to post this but someone beat me to the punch! Santa Cruz does not support hate!

Y'all beat me to it ???

Wow! Thanks for posting

That's f'ed up
by BradSF
Thanks for your article and investigate journalism. Bay Area journalism has discouraged the use of names because they don't want to offend the offensive. While I don't agree with the Klan, it's good that I know there are some living around me. Providing names helps promote accountability.

It's interesting that each person you mentioned was male.
by Community Uproar
by Community Uproar
by Community Uproar
by Community Uproar
by Boycott
tastes like fascism.
#OpKKK: Anonymous Unmasks KKK, Reveals Identities Of Prominent Members

by Razer Ray
I worked for Roger Grigsby when he first opened at the Heavenly Goose at the Swan Hofbrau in the St George building and later at his O'mei operation at the Idler lounge, Kresge Townhall.

I knew him as libertarian prick of the same type as the openly racist Ken Bothello of Caffe' Benne', who named a coffee blend with an ethnic slur in honor of Obama when he was elected, but the odd thing is I never really noticed Bothello-style racism in Grigsby... he was married to a native of China, April Shen of Shen's gallery, for decades, and much of the staff at O'mei today is of Mexican/Southern heritage.
by George
Check the story's facts for yourself if you doubt it. Here is the FEC search lik:
by Public
What are you going to do about the innocent people who worked there, and had nothing to do with any of this? They're now out of a job, and could end up on the street? Are you going to take credit for that too?
by Community Support
As a community, we can all do something to support the O'mei employees.

Members of the community can start an initiative, just like in Minneapolis.

Support The Staff at Clubhouse Jager

On 8/29, this story revealed Julius Jaeger De Roma, the owner of one of Minneapolis's most beloved bars, supported KKK grand wizard David Duke's campaign for senate.

Many staff members at Clubhouse Jaeger have pledged they will leave and others will be displaced should the bar shut down. Some regular DJs have canceled their nights and will fill dancefloors eleswhere.

It is yet to be determined what will happen to Jaeger, but the future is not bright.

The Jager staff have lovingly served the neighborhood for years. They are the people who will be affected by the fallout of this news and actions of one individual. Let's show them that we care and help pad their job search.

All funds will be divided equally among staff who have left Jager or are leaving. Consider it a tip in memoriam for their services over the years.

ABOUT ME: I'm Jen Boyles, a longtime editor and writer based in MPLS. I worked at City Pages for more than 10 years (left in 2012) and write about nightlife in town. If you have questions about this gofundme, please don't hesitate to ask me. You can find me on Twitter too @Jen_Boyles.

Donate here:


Santa Cruz Restaurant O'mei Closes After Indybay Article
by Susan N.
Just want to say thank you for this reporting. I'm a former O'mei fan who (of course) had no idea of the owner's racist proclivities. I'm so glad you brought this to light so my friends, family and I could make the decision to never go there again. Great work!
This post was a private email to Linda Carson. It was not a public comment, and is being used without my consent.
My comments were made as a private individual, and not as a representative of any media outlet.
The email was posted without my permission. Please remove immediately!
by Christina Waters
A private email from me to Lynda Carson has been posted on this public newsletter without permission. It was a personal communique, and in no way reflects the opinions of any other individual, entity, or organization. My automatic signature appears with the misleading implication of endorsement by a media organization.
My liberal political convictions are a matter of public record - see my blog posting about the Women's March on DC in January, 2017 posted above (
Please remove my email - it is being circulated without permission.
by Lisa
I'm pretty shocked that you published people's home addresses... for a business that's fine, but private citizens? Not cool. You potentially put people at risk in this highly charged environment... a name and city would have been enough to out people to friends and family, assuming that's what you were trying to do.
by BrattonOnline
Reposted from BrattonOnline:

Highlights this week: O'mei boycott a success!!!

DATELINE August 28, 2017


It is encouraging to see that the O'mei Restaurant is now closed. It truly is the power and the will of the people that accomplished this. O'mei owner Roger Grimsby has been a long time backer of right wing causes and a Republican student newspaper on the UCSC campus.

When enough folks learned that Grigsby contributed $500 last year (2016) to David Duke’s campaign for the U.S. Senate they too decided to stop eating at the O'mei. More than that I’ve been told that the O'mei staff quit in protest to his support of Duke and the KKK.

About David Duke… Wikipedia says, “David Ernest Duke (born July 1, 1950) is an American white nationalist, politician, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier, convicted felon, and former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. A former Republican Louisiana State Representative, he was a candidate in the Democratic presidential primaries in 1988 and the Republican presidential primaries in 1992. Duke unsuccessfully ran for the Louisiana State Senate, United States Senate, United States House of Representatives, and Governor of Louisiana.

In 2002, Duke pleaded guilty to defrauding supporters by claiming to be in dire financial straits, and asking them for money to help him pay for basic necessities. At the time, Duke was financially secure, and used his supporters’ money for recreational gambling.

Duke speaks against what he describes as Jewish control of the Federal Reserve Bank, the U.S. federal government, and the media. Duke supports the preservation of what he considers to be Western culture and traditionalist Christian family values, abolition of the Internal Revenue Service, voluntary racial segregation, anti-communism, and white separatism.

We’ve experienced decades of boycotts against grapes, oil companies, Nestle, Tyson Foods, WalMart, Coors, Chevron, and on and on. One website states, “The word boycott actually comes from a person. Charles Boycott evicted those who couldn’t pay rent on the land he owned. The result was that all of his workers downed tools, delivery people refused to work with him and he found himself outcast from his local community. ‘Boycott’ quickly became the word for a form of economic protest. With a country built on capitalism and economic freedom, Americans see the value of taking economic action against those who don’t play fairly or break the law”. Then that site says, “Activists say that it encourages people to pause to reflect on what they are spending and the environmental and ethical consequences of what they are buying”. One misguided soul lamented the O'mei closing and she said “the mob ruled”…I call it democracy and a positive demonstration of the will of the people who care where their money is spent.


DATELINE August 21, 2017


We should thank IndyMedia, Linda Carson and some good folks for doing the research and letting us know that Roger Grigsby of The O'mei Restaurant contributed $500 to David Duke the head of the Ku Klux Klan just last year when he ran for U.S. Senate. There wasn’t time to check out Grigsby’s entire local career, but he was also one of the major supporters of the Republican student newspaper on the UCSC campus. His wife April Shen owns Shen’s Gallery at the other end of the O'mei Restaurant shopping strip.

Go here for the Indybay article…
Fascist food.

This was my favorite restaurant. The owner gave $500 essentially to The leader of the KKK. Roger calls us all stupid or ignorant. Denial with a light prune sauce. Roger, "this" boycott started wayyyy before. You were shitty to your employees by forcing them to pool tips. You were shitty to your customers by yanking our favorite dishes from the menu for no reason. Case in point, you put a mandatory 15% on everyone's bill. Remember? You lost your whole staff and half your customers and had to start over, remember? What is different today is we all can see the puzzle all put together and we won't accept it. Basically for 38 years you made the very best food I've ever tasted but it was always clear to me you were dialing all of us in, like a recipe, to your convenience.

We all put up with the terrible customer service for years, so we know. Your food expressed amazing possibility but we've always known you just didn't like the people who eat it very much. Now, your approach to people is amplified. You can't put a sauce over white supremacy. You don't get to get away with citing your civil rights record as a business owner. The railroads were built by Chinese and they were worked til they died right where they worked. You have 2 Chinese exs? let's ask them.

Was it my money you sent to a terrorist organization?

You helped fund the atrocities that are tearing our country apart.

That evil you were playing with just cost you everything.

The arrogance of you- left the door open for your stupidity to be fully revealed. Your small mindedness still allows you to whine in the press like the crying Nazi video guy?

That just makes you an asshole without balls enough to admit you can't handle the heat of your own kitchen.
by prince abdication
A great tactic. Pioneered on indybay and spreading. Congrats to all responsible .
We need to call up good times advertisers next apparently.
The 4 th Reich is on the rise worldwide in these phony nationalist movements led by brighfart. Cambridge analytical. Russian Nazi hackers and the Corporate class.
by Jamie
We want to let everyone know that there has been false news circulating on the internet and various local and Bay Area news medias stating that the owner of Shen's Gallery has an ownership and financial tie to Omei restaurant, which is not true and is a false statement. The owner of Shen's Gallery has not had any ownership or financial tie to the restaurant for over 15 years after her divorce. So, we do want to clarify this. Please be careful not to spread false news as it can hurt innocent good people.
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