image US Deportations Protested, Beller's Caliber Charter In Richmond & NAFTA Mex Privatization 480_mexican_military_bomb_teachers_1.jpg original image (850x593) by KPFA Pacifica WorkWeek Radio
KPFA Pacifica WorkWeek radio looks at San Francisco labor protesting the deportations and Supreme Court decision attacking immigrant rights. Also it looks at the vulture hedge fund capitalist Ron Beller's Caliber school sale by the West Contra Costa County School district for $60,000. WorkWeek also hears about a protest by San Francisco teachers of the massacre of teachers in Mexico and talks with Al Rojas about the visit of Mexican unionists to the US
Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 1:18PM
text BART Creates a New Way to Become a Criminal. The Vicious Crime of Seat Hogging. by JP Massar
In April, the BART Board passed a law making it illegal to occupy two seats during rush hour on a BART train. The law was not to take effect until the BART police presented their implementation strategy. At the most recent BART Board meeting the BART police presented how they intend to enforce the new law.
Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 1:42PM
calendar Mission Fire Fundraiser by sana saleem
El Rio 3158 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110
Event Date: Thu Jun 30, 2016 9:00PM
Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2016 8:18PM
image Politicians booed off stage, mentions of Orlando, plus more, at Trans March 2016 480_img_8560_1.jpg original image (1600x1067) by D. Boyer
Politicians booed off stage, mentions of Orlando, Compton’s Cafeteria Anniversary, and thousands attend this year’s Trans March. Pics and video from the event.
Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2016 12:00PM
image SF Labor Council Demands An End To Deportations And Legalization of Undocumented Workers 480_sflc_immigration_press_conf6-24-16_1.jpg original image (4032x3024) by Labor Video Project
The San Francisco held a press conference at City Hall to protest the US Supreme Court decision and to demand a halt to further deportations and the legalization of all immigrant workers in the United States.
Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2016 5:54PM
image Mexico Teachers' Murders Protested In SF "Massacre Made In USA" mexico_teachers_march_with_fist.jpeg by Labor Video Project
Teachers and other community activists and unionists protested at the San Francisco Mexican consulate the massacre of teachers and community activists in Oaxaca. They called for an end to US weapons being sent to Mexico and also put responsibility for the massacre on the US multi-nationals and capitalist politicians from the Democrats and Republicans to privatize education through NAFTA and the Mérida Initiative which has militarized Mexico.
Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 9:01PM
text San Francisco's Mission St. Mission by San Francisco
The contentious public hearing Monday evening, June 20, at the Mission Cultural Center regarding the MUNI changes on Mission St. was exacerbated by unrequited gentrification.
Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 9:37PM
image A scarred up neighborhood! 480_img_6126-001_1.jpg original image (1600x1200) by D. Boyer
The photos show the scars left by fires of residential buildings in San Francisco.
Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 10:27AM
image Memorial and march over the shootings of LGBT folks at an Orlando nightclub. 480_img_8312_1.jpg original image (1600x900) by D. Boyer
Early June 12th a man armed with an assault rifle and a pistol shot up a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. He killed at least 49 people and injured many more. The patrons were either gay, lesbian and transgender. This shooting has effected communities beyond Orlando Florida including the LGBT community in San Francisco. Many memorials and marches have taken place since that shooting. Pics and video from the march titled Amor y Solidaridad/Love and Solidarity.
Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 10:08AM
image Timeline of San Francisco killings by law enforcement, 1990 - present 480_ccra_carville.san_francisco_killings_31_may_2016.jpg original image (1650x1275) by Center for Convivial Research and Autonomy
This timeline mapping state violence in San Francisco was collectively generated as part of a larger ongoing convivial research effort to expose low intensity war across the Bay Area and state. The timeline was produced through a collaboration between the Center for Convivial Research and Autonomy and Carville Annex Press.
Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2016 10:13AM
text Public Space goes down for the count? by David Giesen
Ed Lee et al may as well rename Civic Center "The corporate picnic area formerly known as public space."
Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:02PM
document Keep the Ashbury 33 MUNI running to San Francisco General Hospital barbara_garcia_protest_of_33_muni_cuts.pdf_140_.jpg original image (x) by anonymous
The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) continues its nonstop propaganda and actual war on seniors, low income and disabled by keeping on their books a plan to cut the 33 Ashbury MUNI bus to San Francisco General Hospital. Come this coming Monday, June 20, 2016, at 6:00 p.m. at the Mission Cultural Center, Mission Street (between 23rd-24th Sts) to protest these drastic cuts.
Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 3:39PM
text Three Little Scams: Manipulating the Housing Crisis by Steve Martinot
City councils think that they are dealing with the housing crisis by requiring inclusion of affordable housing units in buildings composed of market rate units. Their attempts violate the class composition of this area. They ignore the salient factors of corporate economics. And they pretend that affordable housing units are just another form of market rate housing. Thus, they hide from the real problem, state laws which violate and obviate the democratic needs of the cities, and which need t...
Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 2:16PM
image SF Immigrant Film Festival: Convocatoria 2016! migrar.jpg by T.S.
Cortometrajes de ficción, documentales y animación serán recibidos hasta el 15 de julio de 2016 en el más antiguo de los festivales dedicado a los inmigrantes, refugiados y exiliados de todo el mundo
Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2016 12:10PM
text SF privatizes sacred space once again by David Giesen
The city of San Francisco once again rented out Civic Center for chump change, barring the public from the heart of Public Space, indicating to youth that the days of Bad King John are back.
Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 10:17PM
image SF Immigrant Film Festival: Call for Entries 2016! 480_disappeared_migrants.jpg original image (1001x563) by CN
Works in Narrative, Animated, and Documentary Short, regardless of the original production format, and the date when it was completed, are considered for this festival where refugees, immigrants and exiles find their own voice.
Posted: Sat Jun 11, 2016 3:46PM
image Sanders In The Mission: People Speak Out About Their Lives & Struggles 480_sanders_ccsf_rally6-6-16_1.jpg original image (4032x3024) by Labor Video Project
Hundreds of people attended a Bernie Sanders Rally in the San Francisco Mission district at the Mission Campus of San Francisco City College and talked about what their concerns were including the right to an education, housing including the gentrification in the Mission district
Posted: Mon Jun 6, 2016 10:09PM
image Has Sanders Betrayed His Revolution by Endorsing Jane Kim? 480_charter_school_big_business_1.jpg original image (1180x842) by repost
Bernie Sanders has supported SF Democrat Jane Kim who is a big supporter of charter schools. Has Sanders betrayed his "political revolution" by endorsing Kim? Kim Supports Privatization of Education Through Charters.
Posted: Fri Jun 3, 2016 10:24AM
text Midtown Apartment Tenants Mark One Year Anniversary of Rent Strike by Michael Steinberg
Residents of Midtown Park Apartment and their supporters rallied outside the Mayor's Office of Housing at Market and South Van Ness today to mark the first anniversary of their rent strike and demand the restoration of their rent control.
Posted: Wed Jun 1, 2016 10:34PM
image "Doing Good" In California After Helping To Blow Up The World Economy? Beller & Moses 480_beller_moses_1.jpg original image (235x400) by Steve Zeltzer
"Power Couple" Beller and Moses Who Helped Bust The World Economy In 2008 Are Out To Make A Killing On Charters & Privatization of California Education. Their Caliber Charter Chain wants land in Richmond to build a non-union school and stick the taxpayers with the costs of privatization
Posted: Tue May 31, 2016 1:01PM