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Online events w) Bill McKibben, Matt Taibbi, Raj Patel, Helen Macdonald, Jeremy Lent, etc.
by Toward increasing Networking
Tuesday Aug 3rd, 2021 11:09 AM
Here are some 20 online events taking place over the next week (and starting at 4 pm today, August 3rd), featuring people such as Annette Gordon-Reed, Bill McKibben, Matt Taibbi, Raj Patel, Helen Macdonald, and Jeremy Lent, and many others.

These events are hosted from various locations all across the country, as well from Canada, and the UK (however, the listed times are all for our "Pacific time zone"). Of course, feel free to share this info with others who might be interested in it.

Upcoming Online Events:

Tue, 8/3, 4 pm -- An Evening In Conversation with Annette Gordon-Reed and Viet Thanh Nguyen -- We invite you to join us for a conversation moderated by by Director Kevin Young of the National Museum of African American History and Culture -- Annette Gordon-Reed is the Carl M. Loeb University Professor at Harvard. Gordon-Reed won sixteen book prizes, including the Pulitzer Prize in History in 2009 and the National Book Award in 2008, for The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family (2008). In addition to articles and reviews, her other works include Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: An American Controversy (1997), Race on Trial: Law and Justice in American History (2002), and, with Peter S. Onuf, “Most Blessed of the Patriarchs”: Thomas Jefferson and the Empire of the Imagination (2016). Her most recent book is a memoir/history of Texas, On Juneteenth (2021) -- Viet Thanh Nguyen’s novel The Sympathizer won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and numerous other awards. His most recent publication is the sequel to The Sympathizer, The Committed. His other books are a short story collection, The Refugees; Nothing Ever Dies: Vietnam and the Memory of War; and Race and Resistance: Literature and Politics in Asian America. He has also published Chicken of the Sea, a children’s book written in collaboration with his six-year-old son, Ellison. He is a University Professor of English, American Studies and Ethnicity, and Comparative Literature at the University of Southern California -- The Award for Distinguished Service to the Humanities will be presented to Professor Annette Gordon-Reed and Viet Thanh Nguyen will be receiving the Sidney Hook Memorial Award for scholarship, undergraduate teaching, and leadership in the cause of liberal arts education:

Tue, 8/3, 5 pm -- Deadline Glasgow: Defund Climate Chaos UN COP26! -- On November 1st, the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference - the most important international climate talks since Paris - will begin in Glasgow, Scotland. National leaders from around the world will gather and make new climate commitments; many corporations will release their latest climate plans -- That’s why today Stop the Money Pipeline and our coalition partners are launching: Deadline Glasgow - defund climate chaos -- The Glasgow Climate Talks are a historic opportunity for the world to act on climate. When the Paris Agreement was signed five years ago, every nation on earth agreed to meet five years later and “ratchet up” their climate ambition. We’re now at that moment ― and it is vital that we hold the world’s leaders to their promises -- We'll share the plan to campaign hard through Glasgow & we'll have clear steps for activists to join us on the campaign -- Speakers include: Tara Houska of Giniw Collective; Kayah George of Indigenous Climate Action; Representative Rashida Tlaib; Bill McKibben, Co-founder of; Sharon Lavigne, RISE environmental justice campaigner; and more -- RSVP: More info & livestream: and:

Tue, 8/3, 5 pm -- APF: Matt Taibbi and Isaac Saul on Media and Polarization in the 2020s -- Join Braver Angels for a very special America’s Public Forum event with Matt Taibbi and Isaac Saul, two noted journalists whose newsletters cover a wide array of political news and commentary, and who have been some of the most interesting commentators on changes in the American media landscape in our time -- Ciaran O’Connor will moderate a wide-ranging conversation between Taibbi and Saul on bias in media, structural changes in news and opinion journalism in our increasingly tech-driven age, and journalistic ethics in an age of increased polarization. There will, as always, be time for audience q&a at the end -- Matt Taibbi is a contributing editor to Rolling Stone and the editor of the TK News SubStack -- Isaac Saul is editor of the Tangle newsletter:

Tue, 8/3, 6 pm -- Rupa Marya and Raj Patel, celebrating the launch of their new book, Inflamed: Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice -- Unlike a traditional anatomy book, this groundbreaking book illuminates the hidden relationships between our biological systems and the profound injustices of our political and economic systems. Inflammation is connected to the food that we eat, to the air that we breathe, the number of traumatic events we experienced as children, and to the trauma endured by our ancestors. It's connected not only to access to health care but to the very models of health that physicians practice -- Patel and Marya offer a radical new cure: the deep medicine of decolonization. Decolonization is to heal what has been divided, reestablishing our relationship to the earth and to each other. Combining the latest scientific research and scholarship on globalization, the stories of Marya's work with patients in marginalized communities, activist passion, and the wisdom of indigenous groups, Inflamed points the way toward a deep medicine that has the potential to heal not only our bodies but the world -- Dr. Rupa Marya is a physician, activist, mother, composer, and an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. She is a co-founder of the Do No Harm Coalition, a collective of health workers committed to addressing disease through structural change -- Raj Patel is a Research Professor at the University of Texas at Austin’s Lyndon B Johnson School of Public Affairs, and a professor in the University’s department of nutrition. He is the author of Stuffed and Starved, and The Value of Nothing, and co-author of A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things:

Wed, 8/4, 11 am -- Immigration Nation: Understanding and Addressing the Weaponization of Immigration in U.S. -- US officials are struggling to respond to the number of displaced people arriving at the southern U.S. border. The challenges at the border are exacerbating perceptions inside the United States of immigrants and immigration as being a threat, which is fueling resentment, animosity, and polarization. According to the Anti-Defamation League, this perception “has galvanized the anti-immigrant movement and made life substantially more difficult for all immigrants and the communities that welcome them” -- This session will explore the complex issue of immigration, starting with what is happening at the border and why, how the issue is being weaponized and turned into a wedge issue that is fueling divisions in the country, and what immigrant rights groups are doing to change the narrative and address these divisions while ensuring that immigrant communities in the United States can live in safety and peace -- Register: -- Organized by the Alliance for Peacebuilding, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, nonpartisan network of over 140+ organizations working in 181 countries to end conflict, reduce violence and build sustainable peace

Wed, 8/4, 12 Noon and 7 pm -- Info Sessions: The Worldwide Teach-In On Climate & Justice (3.30.22) -- On March 30, 2022, over 1,000 Colleges, Universities, High Schools and K-8 schools worldwide will engage over half a million people, online and in-person, in a one-day Teach-In on climate solutions and justice in the transition. Faith groups, civic organizations and businesses can participate too -- Join a 30-minute virtual information session to learn how to easily organize a three-hour teach-in on your campus or at your organization -- Time is short: help engage hundreds of people in climate solutions dialog locally, hundreds of thousands worldwide: and:

Wed, 8/4, 3 pm -- Nature & Memory: Lisa Wells and Helen Macdonald -- Blending memoir and nature writing, Helen Macdonald (Vesper Flights) and Lisa Wells (Believers) discuss their books, human experience, and a natural world threatened by climate change -- Believers: Making a Life at the End of the World: In search of answers and action, award-winning poet and essayist Lisa Wells brings us Believers, introducing trailblazers and outliers from across the globe who have found radically new ways to live and reconnect to the Earth in the face of climate change. Wells embarked on a pilgrimage, seeking answers in dedicated communities—outcasts and visionaries—on the margins of society -- Lisa Wells is a poet and nonfiction writer from Portland, Oregon. Her debut collection of poetry, The Fix, won the Iowa Poetry Prize. She lives in Seattle and is an editor for The Volta and Letter Machine Editions -- Vesper Flights: In Vesper Flights, Helen Macdonald brings together a collection of her best loved essays, along with new pieces on topics ranging from nostalgia for a vanishing countryside to the tribulations of farming ostriches to her own private vespers while trying to fall asleep -- Helen Macdonald is a writer, poet, naturalist and historian of science. Her book H is for Hawk won many prizes, including the Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction:

Wed, 8/4, 4 pm -- Book Talk: Up to Heaven and Down to Hell, Colin Jerolmack w/ Seamus McGraw -- A riveting portrait of a rural Pennsylvania town at the center of the fracking controversy, Up to Heaven and Down to Hell: Fracking, Freedom, and Community in an American Town casts America’s ideas about freedom and property rights in a troubling new light -- Up to Heaven and Down to Hell is a vivid and sometimes heartbreaking account of what happens when one of the most momentous decisions about the well-being of our communities and our planet—whether or not to extract shale gas and oil from the very land beneath our feet—is largely a private choice that millions of ordinary people make without the public's consent -- The United States is the only country in the world where property rights commonly extend "up to heaven and down to hell," which means that landowners have the exclusive right to lease their subsurface mineral estates to petroleum companies. Colin Jerolmack spent eight months living with rural communities outside of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, as they confronted the tension between property rights and the commonwealth. In this deeply intimate book, he reveals how the decision to lease brings financial rewards but can also cause irreparable harm to neighbors, to communal resources like air and water, and even to oneself -- Colin Jerolmack is professor of sociology and environmental studies at New York University and the author of The Global Pigeon -- Seamus McGraw is a journalist and frequent contributor to the New York Times op-ed page, and is the author of The End of Country: Dispatches from the Frack Zone:

Wed, 8/4, 5 pm -- P&P Live! Rupa Marya & Raj Patel: INFLAMED with Walter Riley -- Marya and Patel sit down with Walter Riley to discuss their new book about how we can heal not only our bodies, but the world -- Raj Patel, the renowned political economist and New York Times bestselling author of The Value of Nothing, teams up with the physician Rupa Marya to offer a radical new cure: the deep medicine of decolonization -- The Covid pandemic and the shocking racial disparities in its impact. The surge in inflammatory illnesses such as gastrointestinal disorders and asthma. Mass uprisings around the world in response to systemic racism and violence. Rising numbers of climate refugees. Our bodies, societies, and planet are inflamed -- Boldly original, Inflamed takes us on a medical tour through the human body. Unlike a traditional anatomy book, this groundbreaking work illuminates the hidden relationships between our biological systems and the profound injustices of our political and economic systems. Decolonizing heals what has been divided, reestablishing our relationships with the Earth and one another:

Wed, 8/4, 6 pm -- Brian Evenson in conversation with Sarah Rose Etter -- A reading from The Glassy, Burning Floor of Hell -- Of all the terrors that populate The Glassy, Burning Floor of Hell, perhaps the most alarming are the beings who decimated the habitable Earth: humans. In this new short story collection, Brian Evenson envisions a chilling future beyond the Anthropocene that forces excruciating decisions about survival and self-sacrifice in the face of toxic air and a natural world torn between revenge and regeneration. Combining psychological and ecological horror, each tale thrums with Evenson's award-winning literary craftsmanship, dark humor, and thrilling suspense -- Brian Evenson is the author of over a dozen works of fiction. He has received three O. Henry Prizes for his fiction. His most recent book, Song for the Unraveling of the World, won a Shirley Jackson Award -- Sarah Rose Etter is the author of Tongue Party, and The Book of X, her first novel, which is the winner of the 2019 Shirley Jackson Award:

Thu, 8/5, 12 Noon -- Revolutionary Roots: The First Women’s Rights Convention -- A presentation with the Women's Rights National Historical Park -- How does a social movement grow? Join a ranger on Zoom to meet the five organizers of the 1848 Seneca Falls Women's Rights Convention and learn more about the Wesleyan Chapel in which it was held -- This program provides an opportunity to explore the intentions of the Convention and the Declaration of Sentiments. Discover how Faith, Fortune and Fate combined to ignite a movement -- Organized by the Women's Museum Of California:

Thu, 8/5, 3 pm -- Anarchist Reading Circle -- Aug 5, 19, 26 - Black August - We do this 'til we free us by Mariame Kaba -- Facilitator: Ken Scriboni -- Autonomism or Autonomia, also known as autonomist Marxism and autonomous Marxism, is an anti-authoritarian left-wing political and social movement and theory. As a theoretical system, it first emerged in Italy in the 1960s from workerism (operaismo). Later, post-Marxist and anarchist tendencies became significant after influence from the Situationists, the failure of Italian far-left movements in the 1970s, and the emergence of a number of important theorists including Antonio Negri, who had contributed to the 1969 founding of Potere Operaio as well as Mario Tronti, Leopoldina Fortunati, Paolo Virno, Silvia Federici, Michael Hardt, John Holloway, Franco "Bifo" Berardi and many others -- Autonomia aims to put Marxist tools to work, and revise or discard them as the dictates of liberation require--valuing its analytical and revolutionary power, but also being ruthlessly critical of its authoritarian history -- The goal of autonomous praxis is to create and preserve spheres of life that are held in common and remain autonomous from the imperatives of capitalism. The revolution is not a grand event to impose on reality, but revolutionary possibility is always and already inscribed in present conditions. Some main themes explored by the autonomists include the refusal of work, the sphere of reproduction (as opposed to that of production), the social factory, immaterial labor, "the general intellect," the multitude, and the commons:

Thu, 8/5, 3:30 pm -- Writers LIVE! Dr. Leana Wen, Lifelines -- Dr. Leana Wen will be in conversation with Tom Hall about her work and newest book, Lifelines: A Doctor’s Journey in the Fight for Public Health -- Dr. Leana Wen—emergency physician, former Baltimore health commissioner, CNN medical analyst, and Washington Post contributing columnist—has lived on the front lines of public health, leading the fight against the opioid epidemic, outbreaks of infectious disease, maternal and infant mortality, and COVID-19 disinformation. Here, Wen lays bare the lifesaving work of public health and its innovative approach to social ills, treating gun violence as a contagious disease, for example, and racism as a threat to health -- Wen also tells her own uniquely American story: an immigrant from China, she and her family received food stamps and were at times homeless despite her parents working multiple jobs. That child went on to attend college at thirteen, become a Rhodes scholar, and turn to public health as the way to make a difference in the country that had offered her such possibilities -- Tom Hall is the host of Midday, the award-winning, highly rated news and public policy program that features interviews with elected officials, community leaders, thought provoking authors, artists, researchers, journalists, and scholars from around the world:

Thu, 8/5, 5 pm -- Courtney E. Martin + Dr. Dena Simmons: Learning in Public -- Join us for a virtual event with author Courtney E. Martin for the launch of her new book Learning in Public: Lessons for a Racially Divided America from My Daughter’s School. Joining Courtney in conversation will be activist and LiberatED founder Dr. Dena Simmons -- From the time Courtney E. Martin strapped her daughter, Maya, to her chest for long walks, she was curious about Emerson Elementary, a public school down the street from her Oakland home. She learned that White families in their gentrifying neighborhood largely avoided the majority-Black, poorly-rated school. As she began asking why, a journey of a thousand moral miles began -- Courtney E. Martin examines her own fears, assumptions, and conversations with other moms and dads as they navigate school choice. A vivid portrait of integration's virtues and complexities, and yes, the palpable joy of trying to live differently in a country re-making itself -- Courtney E. Martin is a writer living with her family in a co-housing community in Oakland. She has a popular Substack newsletter, called Examined Family, and speaks widely at conferences and colleges throughout the country. She is also the co-founder of the Solutions Journalism Network, FRESH Speakers Bureau, and the Bay Area chapter of Integrated Schools -- Dr. Dena Simmons is an activist, educator, and student of life from the Bronx, New York. She is the founder of LiberatED, a liberatory approach to social and emotional learning, racial justice, and healing, and is the author of the forthcoming book, White Rules for Black People:

Fri, 8/6, 8 am thru Sat, 8/7, 5 pm -- 7th Soil Not Oil Virtual Conference "Our Food Our Medicine".-- This conference, will focus on practical solutions to the various problems that impact us all -- From the four crises humanity currently faces --on public health, job loss, climate instability and extensive food insecurity-- a local, sustainable, organic production of food following key agroecological principles can serve as a holistic solution that can easily be implemented planet wide -- Organized by the Soil Not Oil Coalition -- We are part of a global-growing movement leaded by scientists, environmental organizations and citizens who share concerns and collect data that proves the decline in soil health, which is the result of the use of fossil fuels since the 1800's and the extended use of agro-chemicals in industrial agriculture since the 1960's. Those factors, along with deforestation, acidification of the ocean and disruption of ecological cycles, have created a problem that only can be solved with educating on tools available to sequester carbon back into the soils. We believe that restructuring land management practices is key to combating climate change, restoring water cycles, reducing global environmental pollution, stopping ocean acidification, re-establishing biodiversity, improving food production and revitalizing local economies across the planet. The Soil Not Oil Coalition promotes research and further understanding to optimize soil carbon sequestration and sustainability, to aid in the development of adequate food production for future generations and to help reverse the effects of global warming:

Fri, 8/6, 9 am, and Mon, 8/9, 9 am -- Shine a Light, Stop the Heat, Lower the Heat -- Commemorate the 76th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Abolish nuclear weapons. Tune in, connect the dots, and act for change -- Join a virtual rally from 9 to 10:45 AM Pacific Time on Hiroshima Day and repeated on Nagasaki Day -- Hiroshima Day, August 6 link: -- Nagasaki Day, August 9 link: -- The overall rally broadcast will feature the following speakers who will be filmed at the West Gate of the Livermore Lab at 9 AM on August 6 to kick off the virtual event: Nobu Hanaoka, A-bomb survivor, Marylia Kelley, Executive Director of Tri-Valley Cares, and John Burroughs, Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy. Keynote speaker Daniel Ellsberg, writer and peace activist, and other amazing presenters are prerecorded -- Speakers and musicians include Tsukuru Fors, trans peace/anti-nuclear human rights activist, Pacific Asian Nuclear-Free Peace Alliance; Marcina Langrine & Benetick Kabua Maddison, young activists with the Marshallese Education Initiative; Nell Myhand, Bay Area Poor People's Campaign; Betsy Rose, community song leader; Benjamin Mertz, Black spiritual tradition composer, performer and song leader; Patricia St Onge & Wilson Riles, co-emcees:

Fri, 8/6, 4 pm -- Peace Day Commemoration / Sadako and the Thousand Cranes -- A family Peace Day Commemoration in the spirit of peace and brotherhood, to remember those affected by the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima -- Listen to beautiful koto music by Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto, learn how to fold an origami crane, and hear a story in honor of Sadako Sasaki, a young girl who lived through the bombing of Hiroshima, but died years later from the effects of the atomic bomb. She became famous for folding 1,000 origami cranes in the hopes that her wish to survive would be granted. We will also have an Bon Odori Dance, performed to celebrate the spirits of one's ancestors -- Organized by the Berkeley Public Library:

Mon, 8/9, 10:30 am -- What’s going on in Cuba? -- Economic warfare, covert funding and social media manipulation - what the mainstream media failed to report -- With: Bárbara Montalvo Álvarez, Cuban ambassador to the UK; Cristina Escobar, Cuban journalist with Radio Havana; Ollie Vargas, Bolivian reporter with Kawsachun News; Richard Burgon, MP; Grahame Morris MP, Chair of All Party Parliamentary Group on Cuba; Len McCluskey, General Secretary, Unite the Union; and Rob Miller, Director, Cuba Solidarity Campaign -- Speakers from Cuba, Bolivia and Britain discuss the misreporting, the role of US economic warfare and funding in fuelling unrest, and the urgent need for aid, solidarity and an international campaign against US intervention -- An economic crisis caused by the tightening of the US blockade, 243 additional US sanctions, and the COVID-19 pandemic has led to serious shortages in food, fuel, and medicines in Cuba. Rather than seeking to alleviate this suffering, the administrations of Donald Trump, and now Joe Biden, have sought to exploit the frustrations of the Cuban people in recent months. Cheered on by a right-wing Cuban American lobby in Florida, the international press hugely exaggerated the scale of protests on 11 July, while at the same time played-down or ignored the role of the blockade and US funding of opposition groups and social media campaigns, and misrepresented pro-government demonstrations as opposition -- Panellists will reflect on what happened on 11 July, how it has been reported, and why an end to the US blockade, as demanded by 184 countries at the United Nations in June, should be a moral and humanitarian obligation for the US government and for anyone genuinely wanting to aid the Cuban people:

Mon, 8/9, 3 pm -- DPL Author Series Presents Nathan Bomey -- Please join author Nathan Bomey and Monica Guzman to discuss Bomey's new book Bridge Builders: Bringing People Together in a Polarized Age -- In these turbulent times, defined by ideological chasms, clashes over social justice, and a pandemic intersecting with misinformation, Americans seem hopelessly divided along fault lines of politics, race, religion, class, and culture. Yet not everyone is accepting the status quo -- In Bridge Builders: Bringing People Together in a Polarized Age, journalist Nathan Bomey paints a forensic portrait of Americans who are spanning gaping divides between people of difference. From clergy fighting racism in Charlottesville to a former Republican congressman engaging conservatives on climate change and Appalachian journalists restoring social trust with the public, these countercultural leaders all believe in the power of forging lasting connections to bring about profound change. Though the blueprints for political, social, and cultural bridges vary widely, bridge builders have much in common―and we have much to learn from them. In this book, Bomey dissects the transformational ways in which bridge builders are combatting polarization by pursuing reconciliation, rejecting misinformation, and rethinking the principle of compromise:

Mon, 8/9, 4 pm -- Nagasaki/Hiroshima Remembrance Program -- We are pleased to host Alicia Sanders-Zakre for a special program in remembrance of the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima by the United States 76 years ago. Alicia will talk about the human toll of nuclear weapons and talk a little about the difference between their destructive power, now and then. She'll discuss the size of the US arsenal and global totals, and she'll talk about how much the nuclear weapon states spend, how that money could be better spent elsewhere in the US, and the importance of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons as a means to shift global norms. There will be a Q&A at the end of the program -- Alicia Sanders-Zakre is the Policy and Research Coordinator at the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. She directs and coordinates research on the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons and general nuclear weapons policy. A Concord, NH native, Alicia holds a B.A. in International Security from Tufts University, as well as a certificate of completion in International Nuclear Safeguards Policy from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies:

Wed, 8/11, 7 pm -- On the Web of Meaning: A Live Online Conversation with Jeremy Lent and Matthew Segall -- Our dominant worldview of disconnection―which tells us we are split between mind and body, separate from each other, and at odds with the natural world―has passed its expiration date. Author and integrator Jeremy Lent investigates the underlying causes of our civilization’s existential crisis and explores pathways toward a life-affirming future. His work weaves together findings from modern systems thinking, evolutionary biology, and cognitive neuroscience with insights from Buddhism, Taoism, and Indigenous wisdom to more fully explore how humans make meaning. In his latest book, The Web of Meaning, Jeremy shares how seemingly disparate streams of thought are compatible and when taken together, they are key to facing the existential problems of the 21st century and can lead to a flourishing future for all -- Jeremy Lent, described by Guardian journalist George Monbiot as “one of the greatest thinkers of our age,” is an author and speaker whose work investigates the underlying causes of our civilization’s existential crisis, and explores pathways toward a life-affirming future. Born in London, England, Lent received a BA in English Literature from Cambridge University, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and was a former internet company CEO -- Matthew D. Segall, PhD, received his doctoral degree in 2016 from the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. He teaches courses on German Idealism and process philosophy at CIIS:

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