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Petition Calls for Censure of Santa Cruz City Councilmember Donna Meyers
by Santa Cruz News
Sunday Oct 6th, 2019 4:26 PM
A petition initiated by Santa Cruz County Homeless Union President Alicia Kuhl is calling for the censure of Councilmember Donna Meyers, following her outburst during the September 24 Santa Cruz City Council meeting, which many community members are calling racist (see video below). The outburst occurred shortly after the proposed censure of Councilmembers Chris Krohn and Drew Glover was tabled by a 4-3 Council vote. Mayor Martine Watkins has placed the censure of Councilmembers Glover and Krohn back on the city council's afternoon agenda for the October 8 meeting. At the September 24 meeting, supporters of Progressive Councilmembers Glover and Krohn turned out in large numbers and filled Council Chambers. Sign the petition to Censure Donna Meyers here:
Photo: Councilmember Donna Meyers at the September 24 Santa Cruz City Council meeting.

Shortly after the censure of Councilmembers Krohn and Glover was tabled at the September 24 meeting, Councilmember Meyers became extremely angry when it was her turn to speak on the next agenda item, having to do with the City's workplace conduct policy. She pounded her hand on the City Council desk in front of her and then stood up from her seat. She paced around dramatically, and then yelled at Councilmember Glover, who is African-American, "I am not a racist!" and "You should never, ever call someone a racist!" Councilmember Meyers said she was referring to a Facebook post; Councilmember Glover later indicated that he wasn't sure what she was talking about.

The censure agenda item was submitted by Councilmembers Meyers and Cynthia Mathews. A censure is an official reprimand the City Council can vote on as an acknowledgment of wrongdoing committed by Councilmembers. Councilmembers Glover and Krohn faced censure stemming from allegations they harassed Mayor Martine Watkins, Councilmember Meyers, and several female City Staff members, including Susie O'Hara, Assistant to the City Manager. An $18,000 investigation into the allegations did not affirm accusations of sexism, and did not recommend censure as part of its report, which focused on specifically on communication issues.

One African American community member who spoke against the censure at the September 24 City Council meeting accused Councilmember Meyers and Mayor Watkins of treating Councilmember Glover disrespectfully (see video below).

Later on his Facebook page, Councilmember Glover said Councilmember Meyers' outburst at the September 24 meeting was a "perfect example of the double standard that I deal with everyday". Councilmember Glover said the censure is politically motivated, and repeated what Councilmember Justin Cummings said at the September 24 Council meeting, that Councilmembers Glover and Krohn should not be penalized for minor communication issues.

Many community members have also described the censure as being politically motivated, and that it is being used broadly against Councilmembers Glover and Krohn, who are facing the possibility of recall if petition signature gatherers are able to collect enough signatures by October 22.

The text of the petition to censure Councilmember Donna Meyers explains further:

"We need to bring light to the recent behavior of council member Donna Meyers. If anyone should endure a censure, and undergo some training it's her. By signing this, we aren't saying that we want an 18K investigation, we are saying we want acknowledgement, censure, and an immediate plan, including a discussion with the public about this specific behavior."

The censure is back on the agenda for the October 8 Santa Cruz City Council meeting, sometime during the afternoon session.

Sign the petition to Censure Donna Meyers here:

More information about the Santa Cruz County Homeless Union can be found here:
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§Community Member Calls out Councilmember Meyers and Mayor Watkins
by Santa Cruz News Sunday Oct 6th, 2019 4:26 PM
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Santa Cruz City Council Votes to Table Censure 9-24-2019
§Letter to City Council from Alicia Kuhl
by Santa Cruz News Monday Oct 7th, 2019 7:11 PM
This is my letter to city council. You can email yours to the following email: citycouncil [at]

Subject: Online petition to Censure Donna Meyers for her outburst last Tuesday

I am including a link to an online petition with to censure Donna Meyers for her behavior at last Tuesday's city council meeting. It was an outburst that shocked the public, an outburst that the public feels needs acknowledgement. It also seems that there is a general disappointment that the mayor chose to put the censure of council members Chris Krohn, and Drew Glover back on the agenda after it was tabled, and the public showed overwhelming support for that outcome.

Please look at this online petition, I'm aware that it only takes four votes to censure a city council member, this online petition to censure Donna Meyers has gained almost a hundred votes in less than 24 hours. Please read the comments associated with the petition. It is important that you understand how the public feels, and that you take our opinion into consideration and not just do what you want to do.

The link:

Thank you,
Alicia Kuhl
President of the Santa Cruz Chapter of the California Homeless Union.

( you don't have to write about this subject, you can write about anything you want that you see happening.👀)

§Update from Alicia Kuhl: Petition Removed by
by Santa Cruz News Monday Oct 7th, 2019 7:13 PM
From Alicia Kuhl:

That's funny after I sent the petition to censure Donna Meyers to city council it was taken down by

The public has spoken, CENSURE DONNA MEYERS!!

I'm really tired of you trying to quiet our voices.

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In 2018, Santa Cruz City Councilmember Donna Meyers, then a City Council candidate, walked out of an elections forum held at UC Santa Cruz when she received a critical response from audience members as she was answering the following question: "How would you stop white supremacist organizing in Santa Cruz? It's very common, and very violent, and the University will not take it seriously."

More of the video is here:

The question was asked of all the candidates at 58:48

§Republican Paige Concannon Takes Credit for the Petition Being Removed
by Santa Cruz News Tuesday Oct 8th, 2019 12:13 AM
Santa Cruz County Republican Party Central Committee member Paige Concannon took credit for the petition removal on her Facebook page.

Background on Paige Concannon:

Santa Cruz Republican Party Central Committee member Paige Concannon recently claimed on social media that she "started" the campaign to recall Progressive Santa Cruz City Councilmembers Chris Krohn and Drew Glover with "some friends". Concannon was a Santa Cruz City Council candidate in 2018 who lost the race to Councilmember Glover by a significant margin: Glover received 10,972 votes, with Concannon receiving only 3,276. Paige Concannon is also among those who created the false narrative that Councilmember Glover was suing the City of Santa Cruz as a plaintiff in Quintero et al v. the City of Santa Cruz, the lawsuit brought on by local homeless residents against the City to prevent the closure of the Ross Camp (see photos). Concannon is an avid supporter of Donald Trump, as revealed in numerous social media posts (see photos). Many critics of the recall believe the campaign is an undemocratic 'power grab' that has been initiated by conservatives in Santa Cruz inspired by Donald Trump's MAGA movement, which appears to now have been confirmed, at least in part, by Concannon's recent social media posts.

Read more:

Republican Central Committee Member Paige Concannon Claims She Started the Recall Campaign
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