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If Ann Coulter Still Goes to Berkeley After Being Canned, Fascist Nathan Damingo Vows to Be There

by One People's Project
After three right wing events that ended up in clashes between neo-Fascists and antifa, UC Berkeley decided to cancel the April 27 speech by Ann Coulter citing security concerns. Despite this, Coulter states that she will still be at Berkeley.

[ Ex-Con Nathan Damingo of Identity Evropa ]

If Ann Coulter Still Goes to Berkeley After Being Canned, Look Who’s Going to Be There!

Nathan Damingo of Identity Evropa has not shown his face since he punched an antifascist activist last Saturday, but he damn sure wants to change that. Oh, please do!

BERKELEY, CA – After three right wing events that ended up in clashes between neo-Fascists and antifa, UC Berkeley decided to cancel the April 27 speech by Ann Coulter citing security concerns. But as Coulter vows that she will still speak at the university, she is getting support and a promise to turn out from one particular fascist – Identity Evropa’s Nathan Damingo, who was seen on video during an April 15 rally punching a woman protesting the event he and other neo-Fascists participated in.

“We have been unable to find a safe and suitable venue for your planned April 27 event featuring Ann Coulter,” an email from university officials to Coulter appearance sponsors Berkeley College Republicans and BridgeUSA read. Despite this, Coulter told the Hollywood Reporter that she will still be at Berkeley citing her freedom of speech. “Yes, it was officially banned,” she said. “But they can’t stop me. I’m an American. I have constitutional rights.”

As Coulter took to Twitter to encourage support and her organizers to secure another venue, Damingo, who was also tweeting about the Auburn University appearance of National Policy Institute head Richard Spencer which was also shut down by that school until a court order allowed it to continue on the basis of contract law, expressed his support for Coulter, saying, “We will be there.”

Last year, Nathan Damingo, an Iraq War veteran who served five years in prison for robbing a Muslim cab driver in 2007, took over the then-named National Youth Front from Angelo John Gage after he stepped down. After a copyright infringement lawsuit forced them to change its name, they became Identity Evropa, which is best known for plastering posters promoting themselves at college campuses across the country. Last Saturday, Damingo, wearing the light blue long sleeve shirt he often wears, was seen on video involved in the melee that took place in Berkeley during a rally organized by Gavin McInnes’ Proud Boys as well as those who organized a March 4 rally there that also exploded into clashes. In the video, he is seen punching Louise Rosealma and running away, prompting raves from other neo-Fascists, but anger from many more including celebrities like Westworld’s Jeffrey Wright and Chris Evans who plays Captain America in the recent series of Marvel movies.

Meanwhile, Damingo is calling his assault on Rosealma, who was not seen attacking him “justice”.

There have been calls made to California State Stanislaus, where Damingo is a student, to expel him from the university. Cal State Stanislaus President Ellen Junn said in a statement that the university has indeed launched an “immediate investigation” into allegations that one of its students may have been involved in the demonstration. Meanwhile Chakko Matthai, a spokesman for the city of Berkeley, told KPIX-TV that authorities would be looking into prosecuting the attackers in the protest. At least 20 persons from both sides were arrested in the clash. Damingo however, has not as of yet been arrested for his role.

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by It's obvious
Just sayin'
by Prepare for war
Don't let the alt right force us to submit to their libertarian fascist agenda. FIGHT BACK ANYWAY YOU CAN PEACEFUL OR OTHERWISE!
Right-Libertarianism: The Inception (Documentary)
by WaPo
Ann Coulter rejects Berkeley’s new invite — and a lawsuit may be pending

Officials at the University of California at Berkeley are offering conservative firebrand Ann Coulter a new date to make a speech on campus, but she says she can’t make it that day, and the student group that invited her is threatening to sue the school.

The university announced Wednesday that it was canceling Coulter’s appearance following several political protests in Berkeley that turned violent. But on Thursday, the university said it had found a venue where it could hold the speech on a different day, May 2, instead of the original April 27 date.

Coulter and the college Republican group arranging her event said they are rejecting the new invitation, and a lawyer, representing the organizer, has been hired.

In a series of tweets Thursday night, Coulter criticized the university, saying Berkeley officials were adding “burdensome” conditions to her speech. She said she had already spent money to hold the event on the original April 27 date and is not available May 2. She also pointed out that May 2 would coincide with a reading period before final exams, when there are no classes on campus and fewer students around.

And she vowed that she is going to speak in Berkeley on the originally planned April 27 date, whether the university approved or not.
by cp
I was thinking about this. There are right-wing thugs and meatheads online discussing traveling to Berkeley. There will be intense local and national media coverage of the spectacle, and there is bound to be implementation of the mutual aid agreement to bring in the Alameda county sheriffs (called the blue meanies in the 1970s) and CHP.

Given the whole scene, I think that a stereo battle tactic could be effective. At some protests in the past, a sound system cart with music and a microphone really made the difference in terms of setting the mood, creating unity. While there is some risk of losing equipment, I would think that a battery driven speaker with iPod controls or a boombox could work to send your message to a corner of the Berkeley campus. It would be hard for people arguing about supposed free speech (even though they are planning online to come and beat up students) to dismantle or seize your speakers.
by Mr. Molotov
Then there should be a ready and mobile cluster of affinity groups for the sole purpose of guarding the sound system from all enemies. Backup units of 100 peeps should always be on hand for diversion tactics in order to help main comrades in a heated rut. Hidden in the wood work and waiting for the element of surprise. Try to keep your eyebrows covered by your balaclavas. Black sun glasses and uniformity people. It gets the goods and you get to come back another day. Protecting one another from arrest by resisting police repression before it has a chance to form a line from one end to another. Shields and flags and backpacks. Make sure your gear is comfortable enough to move if you need to quickly. Be methodical and practice security culture. Don't be afraid. Be vigilant.
by Become ungovernable!
When people get cornered, they feel hopeless. Washington DC inauguration moves can be helpful but having backup forces ready to break a kettle from the outside can help those kettle on the inside to be more of a force to be reckoned with. No hesitation. When the kettle takes place. Everyone has to count down and charge the line!

Don't ever allow your bodies to be manipulated to go where they want you! Be ready to resist as a group!
Is that Satan Cock Sucker who likes Cold Cocking little Rasta White Woman last Time. They first banned me from coming to Protest with my Baseball bat then brought 4 OPD (Child Molestors 30 guilty- Petition to get Fired on Motorcycles so I could Not get Free. As an Original Punk Rocker we used to Stomp Skinheads and these Nazis have been Warned "If you can't get along with the Other Children in the Sandbox" you got to go. This has been put Out to the Hells Angels and Certainly to the Masonic Order (You only run your Mouth in Oakland) but it would be Real Easy to Jump this Cock Sucker Nathan and Beat him Unconscious as we were doing it at the Post Office Occupation. I noticed from their little Enclave they were Vulnerable to Rocks or Projectiles as I used to Play baseball and could have those "USA USA" Cock Suckers running for their Lives. I will be Better Prepared and will try round some Amigos who if the KKKops get Smart with US we WILL GET on Them Fucking Hall Monitors. They will Keep trying to Re-instate their Nazi Medicine as Each time try to See Weakness in their Game.
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