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Coup at KPFA - fight back
by Miguel Gavilan Molina by repost
Friday May 23rd, 2014 9:15 PM
Berkeley- A Statement By Miguel Gavilan Molina, Executive Producer for La Onda Bajita, and Senior Producer for Flashpoints and Flashpoints in Espanol, concerning the removal from the air of the Morning Mix of diverse voices, aired weekdays at 8am. Broadcast between 5pm and 6pm at 94.1 FM on Friday May 23rd, 2014.
May 23, 2014
For Immediate Release

Stand Up And Fight Back For Free Speech Radio

"This is Miguel Gavilan Molina. It has come to my attention that this past Wednesday - the same day that Pacifica's new interim executive director was introducing the staff of KPFA to the three finalists for the general manager position - KPFA's outgoing interim manager was slashing and scattering the Morning Mix and removing it from the morning.

Whose idea was it to make major changes and have them put in place by a manager in his last days at KPFA? Regardless of who decided this, what reason was there to rush it through, with no prior notice to listeners, instead of waiting for the new manager to come in?

The co-hosts of the Project Censored Show, part of the Morning Mix on Friday mornings, were told by the interim General Manager last Friday that they were pre-empted for the final week of the fund drive, but were moved to the 1 P.M. slot for that week only, and that no program changes would be implemented until a new manager was in place.

I ask, as a former child farmworker, who toiled in the fields of misery, and as a producer on Pacifica for over thirty years: Who is running KPFA? Who is making the decisions?

And what do those people who are killing the Morning Mix, think they are doing to the morale for our newest group of emerging producers? Once again, mostly white people are deciding for the entire KPFA community—mostly black and brown – how things are to be run at KPFA.

It is time to defend this station or lose it: the white-minority ruling group does not have the right to drive through their own changes, which now include destroying the Morning Mix.

One of the Morning Mix crew, Sabrina Jacobs, is now calling for support by the black, brown, Asian, and progressive white staff and the community, to rIse up and support the Morning Mix.

I quote our colleague, Sabrina Jacobs:

“The People of Color that are affiliated with KPFA and Pacifica Radio will not be silenced until the questions of all those concerned are answered. The world outside of this “bubble” that has been created where white supremacy reigns will cease to exist when the necessary changes are made and our demands to be treated equally are heard and executed, post haste.”

Dr. Marc Sapir, a long time generous supporter of KPFA, and a long time activitist said in a widely distributed statement: “The stepping forward of minority programmers along with the rest of the Mix staff can be a signal that this resistance is possible and this could lead to a much improved station and network...”


This is Miguel Gavilan Molina standing strong for Free Speech Radio, KPFA Pacifica"

After this statement on air Miguel continues to discuss this with Dennis Bernstein on his program; hear more at ;statement at about 28 minutes and 35 seconds into the program.

Come to KPFA at 7:00am Monday morning (or as soon afterwards as you can) to support the Morning Mix hosts in objecting to their treatment by KPFA.
1929 Martin Luther King Jr Way at Berkeley Way in Berkeley.

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by 58 year KPFA listener
Friday May 23rd, 2014 10:32 PM
Fascist, millionaire war criminal Barack Obama is as black as workingclass freedom fighter Mumia Abu-Jamal, but their politics are opposite since their class and class outlook are opposite. The same is true for all other nationalities. The white workingclass has nothing in common with the white capitalist class, and if we ever forget, the contempt of the capitalist class for the entire workingclass, the 80% of us who sell our labor for less than $80,000 a year, is our daily reminder. We are:
Black, brown, yellow, red AND white;
Same enemy, same fight!
Considering we are 80% of the US population, our strength is in our unity. Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of being held in contempt for being white, while we have NO DEMONSTRATIONS PROTESTING THE PENDING WORLD WAR 3 AGAINST RUSSIA BEING PERPETRATED BY NAZI OBAMA. If the excuse is the non-white workingclass is busy working for a living, so am I. Lots of white folks right in the San Francisco Bay Area are struggling to survive. And we have lots of non-white folks in the San Francisco Bay Area who live in luxury. You cannot have it both ways, and considering the white European descendants in California are a minority, and nationwide, our median age is 42 and rising, meaning we are a minority in most of this backward, fascist, racist, warmongering country and soon GONE as a significant ethnic group, within 20 years or LESS, the blame for our collective workingclass grief must ALWAYS BE PLACED ON THE PROFIT MOTIVE OF THE RULING CAPITALIST CLASS WHICH IS ALSO INTERNATIONAL.

The ruling capitalist class operatives, led by Dan Siegel and his government agent law firm, Siegel & Yee, and the entire government operative gang currently known as SaveKPFA, including the willfully incompetent and ignorant of the requirements of running a radio network, Marge Wilkinson who has been approved by the capitalist courts as the chair of the Pacifica National Board, all proud members of the capitalist Democratic Party, the same as the Republican Party, have taken over as of the viciously reactionary court ruling of May 12, 2014 evicting Summer Reese from Pacifica National headquarters, allowing the grossly incompetent and reactionary Marge Wilkinson and her reactionary pet host-poodle, Brian Edwards-Tiekert to take over, and realize their cherished dream of getting rid of new, desperately needed programming, which was the Morning Mix. You have to be stoned or drunk to endure Tiekert for 2 hours every weekday morning, or even for 1 minute.

You may find the Order of May 12, 2014 at:

For the Motion to Disqualify Dan Siegel and Siegel & Yee from representing Pacifica Foundation Radio, see the motion and all the exhibits at
You will see that Siegel & Yee have been enjoying a lucrative income at listener-subscriber expense while falsely claiming to represent Pacifica at the same time they are doing everything to destroy it.

The protest against the destruction of the Morning Mix is certainly necessary and good news. While you are waiting for the protest, and beyond the protest, be sure to read not only the articles on
but also at

The articles are not always the same at both sites and Tracy Rosenberg's brilliant analysis and outstanding writing are refreshing and provide lots of food for thought. The destruction of the 5-station radio network that is Pacifica is almost complete. If Siegel & Yee is allowed to continue to represent Pacifica, we can then say for sure that it is complete. Tracy Rosenberg’s latest thoughts on the possible future of our radio stations may be found at:

Quite simply, a house divided against itself cannot stand. The fund-raising in the month of May 2014 has been a disaster at all 5 stations since people realize that they are paying for Democratic Party supported, government operative gangsters who have illegally taken over our radio network, a grossly incompetent Chief Financial Officer who is allowed to sit on our payroll while having 5 sexual harassment complaints against him, and much more. Meanwhile, licenses have to be renewed, bills have to be paid, payroll has to be met, most of which is less and less possible.
by two toes
Saturday May 24th, 2014 7:54 AM
Pacifica broadcaster Sonali Kolhatkar joins KPFA morning drive time line up

KPFA has announced that award-winning Pacifica programmer Sonali Kolhatkar will bring her Uprising Radio to our station each week day from 8-9 AM.

Kolhatkar is co-host of KPFA's 7 AM drive-time program UpFront, with Brian Edwards-Tiekert. She also produces Uprising Radio on KPFA's sister station KPFK in Los Angeles.

In a statement sent widely to listeners, interim general manager of KPFA and KPFK, Richard Pirodsky said, "This week's broadcast of Uprising Radio on KPFA and KPFK during our spring on-air fund drive has produced spectacular results. We're pleased to bring Sonali's smart, progressive program to KPFA's airwaves -- and to know that listeners will respond during our fund drive."

Kolkathar said in a statement that she was "thrilled that Uprising is expanding to KPFA and will strive to live up to the high standards that Pacifica listeners expect from their beloved station!"

Kolhatkar's program is also expanding to national television via Free Speech TV, starting in July. KPFA's statement reads: "The broadcast of Uprising Radio on KPFA is but the latest collaboration between the Pacifica 'Left Coast' stations KPFA-Berkeley and KPFK-Los Angeles. The popular Letters and Politics produced at KPFA by Mitch Jeserich airs on KPFK and the News Departments at KPFA, KPFK and KFCF Fresno collaborate to produce the Pacifica Evening News." | READ KPFA's announcement

KPFA's fund drive gets big boost from court ruling

KPFA just successfully wrapped up its spring 2014 fund drive. The "unofficial" tally at press time is $762,024, far surpassing the fund drive's goal of $722,000.

The drive received a shot in the arm on May 12, when an Alameda County Superior Court judge ordered fired Pacifica executive director Summer Reese to vacate the Pacifica National Office next door to KPFA where she, her mother and a small band of supporters were camped out. Immediately following the news, listener donations skyrocketed.


READ the judge's decision:

Listeners also responded enthusiastically when KPFA began an 8 AM simulcast of the popular KPFK program Uprising Radio hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar. Fundraising totals from the program totaled as much as $15,000 per day, split between KPFK and KPFA.

Digging further into the numbers, the five hours of joint fundraising with Kolhatkar at 8 AM raised a total of $57,388 for KPFA (even with the rollover pledge answering service down for one day). KPFA also rebroadcast Kolhatkar's programs and pitches during the last week of fundraising on six other occasions, raising a total of $35,419 more. That's $92,847 that Kolhatkar raised for KPFA in four and a half days!

Kolkathar's 8 AM average was an astonishing $11,477 per hour. Analysis showed the pledges were almost 50/50 for KPFK and KPFA, or an average of about $5,738 per hour at each station.

Uprising will continue to air as the newest addition to KPFA's morning line up at 8 AM. Kolkathar describes her program as "a daily digest of independent news analysis, investigation, education, artistic expression and activism."

The Morning Mix shows formerly airing at 8 AM have been offered afternoon time slots, and some other programs' air time have also been moved:
Project Censored with Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips will air Fridays from 1-2pm.
Terre Verde will move from 1pm to 2pm on Friday.
Sabrina Jacobs will air every Monday from 3:30-4pm.
Steve Zeltzer will air every Tuesday from 3:30-4pm
Open Book will air every Wednesday from 3:30-4pm
Andres Soto will air every Thursday from 3:30-4pm.
Counter Spin will air every Friday from 3-3:30pm
Making Contact will air every Friday from 3:30-4pm.

PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT for the addition of Uprising Radio to KPFA's morning schedule, by contacting interim GM Richard Pirodsky at richard [at] or (510) 848-6767 x 203 and interim Pacifica executive director Bernard Duncan at ed [at] or 510-849-2590 x 208.

If you didn't get a chance to pledge to KPFA and would like to, the "thank you" gifts offered during the fund drive will remain available for the next week. Find them online at KPFA's webpage.
Unpaid Staff Organization (UPSO), KPFA Radio
Unpaid Staff Organization (UPSO), KPFA Radio

Saturday, January 11, 2014
Statement by the Unpaid Staff Organization Membership in Response to Proposed Program Changes

January 2014

The future of KPFA is integrally connected to the future of the communities where it is broadcast. While there are many problems within KPFA, they are small in relationship to the problems that are faced and solved everyday by our listeners. We believe in KPFA to the extent that it is useful to these people and our goal is to make this station a healthier and stronger part of the communities it seeks to serve.

The current proposal* for programming changes was developed in a flawed process that included a lack of transparency during the development phase. Unpaid staff producers were generally kept in the dark as changes were being prepared and not provided a systematic method for feedback. This lack of communication and lack of clarity in what responses were welcome caused unnecessary tension and dis-empowerment among unpaid staff.

Nevertheless, most of us feel that KPFA needs to undergo fundamental changes in order to meet current challenges and serve our listeners.**

What does this mean?
It may or may not include a major overhaul of the program grid.
It should include 1) debuting programs on KPFB, 2) station-wide promotion that is integrated with our current production and promotion work, and 3) more multi-media and website streaming of KPFA programs.

These things are necessary for any future program change at KPFA:
· Regular monthly staff meetings on a regular day of the month (afternoon & evening) that provide a space for meaningful collaboration.
· Building a schedule of off-air events to raise revenue, working with current producers from all areas of the station in a transparent procedure.
· Published policies and procedures for program change.
· A balance in authority between a representative Program Council and the new General Manager and Program Director in making program changes.
· Transparency about the reasoning as to why programs are being moved, changed or cancelled.
· The inclusion and respect for the views and needs of the unpaid staff to the same extent as paid staff.
· Particular attention to the needs of programming elders as well as others with specific circumstances.
· A General Manager Report to the Listeners, an on-air program, at least a month before any change begins.
· A formal listener comment period with multiple points of feedback (mail, e-mail, Facebook, etc) for all program changes.
· Because the 8-9 am M-F program should include the potential for local information, any possible syndicated programs should be produced in Northern California.

This list and our thoughts above is only a beginning. We have other ideas and concerns and have convened a small group to consider them in depth and to work with management toward positive alternatives.

Given the many problems in the current proposal, we recommend against adopting these changes.

Signed by the following Unpaid Staff Producers/Hosts***:
Sara Blanco, Apprentice
Adrienne Lauby, Pushing Limits, Unpaid Staff Council Member
Lisa Dettmer, Women’s Magazine
Kazmi Torii, Work Week Radio
Pedro Reyes, Setting the Standard
Kate Raphael, Women’s Magazine
Steve Zeltzer, Work Week Radio
Frank Sterling, Apprenticeship Program, Local Station Board Representative
Clay Leander, Radio Cuba Canta
Rickey Vincent, The History of Funk
Marie Choi, APEX Express, UpFront
Shelley Berman, Pushing Limits
Sabrina Jacobs, Morning Mix
Ann Garrison, unpaid staff
Ruthanne Shpiner, Weekend News
Art Sato, In Your Ear, Music Department
Gregory Jackson, Apprentice, Full Circle
Peter Phillips, Project Censored, Morning Mix
Mickey Huff, Project Censored, Morning Mix
Doug Wellman, Puzzling Evidence
Andres Soto, Morning Mix
Preeti Mangala Shekar, Apex Express
Robynn Takayama, Apex Express
R.J. Lozada, Apex Express
Tara Dorabji, Apex Express
Karl Jagbandhansingh, Apex Express
Salima Hamirani, Apex Express
Ellen Choy, Apex Express

Anthony Fest, Morning Mix, Weekend News
Nina Serrano, La Raza Chronicles, Open Book: Poet to Poet
Davey D., Hard Knock, Morning Mix

*(Richard Pirodsky, 12-24-13,

** The UPSO Council voted on the basic issues of this statement. Adrienne Lauby & Ann Garrison voted yes. Tim Lynch voted no. SA had left the meeting and David Gans resigned by e-mail as the meeting was in process.

***Program names for identification purposes only.
by 58 year listener
Saturday May 24th, 2014 7:53 PM
The gibberish from Two Toes falls flat. Here are some objections:


2. Those who were offered alternative time slots in the afternoon, when lots of people are at work, ONLY RECEIVE HALF HOUR SLOTS WHEN THEY HAD AN ENTIRE HOUR FROM 8-9 A.M. That is not a substitute; that is a vicious slap in the face. As I recall the Morning Mix, some were not offered any time slot at all.

3. The squeaky sidekick of Tiekert will soon have her program merged with his, which starts at 7 a.m. Neither is bearable and thus we will all switch to our favorite music station while we get ready for work or school so that we are in a good mood for the day. My favorite music station supersedes KPFA most of the time, and now that the 6 p.m. weekday evening news is a complete Democratic Party campaign pitch, the music station is now heard at 6 p.m., not the KPFA weekday news. The weekends are better.

4. If you claim KPFA has received sufficient funds, THEN WE EXPECT TO NOT HEAR ANY MONEY PITCHES UNTIL SEPTEMBER. I doubt that will be the case. Not all pledges are fulfilled. I know for a fact that the other stations are suffering. Here is what Tracy Rosenberg, always on point, has to say:
"Many of Pacifica's paid and unpaid staff are uneasy about the board-caused instability, which is depressing fund drive results at all 5 stations, none of which are poised to achieve their fundraising goals. Houston's KPFT came up $43,000 short of an already-reduced goal of $300,000, KPFK is at under $600,000 of a $900,000 goal, KPFA at $600,00 of a lowered $722,000 goal, and both east coast stations are struggling to get to 50% of their goals. What this means for the debt-ridden network is unclear, but the referendum appears to be listener negativity about the recent changes and possibly an increased push towards cannibalizing one outlet (usually WBAI) to bail out the rest."
We will wait for Tracy’s next installment on finances.

5. The “Business of Collapse” article, 5/16/14 has even more grim statements:
1. “WBAI’s antenna/transmitter rental space on NY’s Empire State Building is $150,000 past due in rent and the final payment deadline is May 23rd, after Reese negotiated an extension in April.
2. KPFT’s, whose re-licensure application has been frozen since August 1, 2013 will need to apply for a 5th consecutive waiver to operate at less than full power. The station’s transmitter is entering the 8th year of its anticipated 10 year lifespan and “cannot” run at full power without risking catastrophic system failure.
3. WPFW has been fundraising for two weeks and has achieved only 15% of its goal, presenting a disastrous scenario for the next few months.”

6. This writer managed to contribute in February a little something, but after hearing about sexual harasser, alleged Chief Financial Officer Raul Salvador, who is also incompetent in doing such required tasks as filling out forms, there will be no more money from me this year to KPFA.

7. So long as Siegel & Yee, who falsely claim to represent Pacifica and who have a sordid history of destroying the Pacifica network have anything to do with KPFA and Pacifica, there will be no more contributions from me this year.

In case you missed it, be sure to read the Motion to Disqualify Siegel and Yee, including all the Points and Authorities, all the Declarations and all the Exhibits, at
More on Dan Siegel’s contempt for the law may be found at:
“What Majority?” dated 5/18/14 at
Dan Borgstrom had an excellent timeline on Dan Siegel at Pacifica and in Oakland politics at “Dan Siegel’s Not-So-Great Decade at Pacifica,” 5/10/14:
by 58 year listener
Sunday May 25th, 2014 2:29 AM
Tracy Rosenberg has exposed the lies of Two Toes. The Los Angeles program on KPFA has not been such a great fundraiser. From:

"The replacement program, Uprising, hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar was claimed to have posted large sums of money during a one week fund drive pre-emption. The extravagant amounts claimed by the Save KPFA faction in a newsletter they distribute were bizarre, claiming receipts exceeding $11,000 an hour and close to $100,000 in one week of broadcast. Kolhatkar's show, which has been on the air in the morning in LA for close to a decade, collected an average of $2,051 an hour on KPFK during its ten fund drive broadcasts on KPFK between May 1 and May 17, never once cracking the $3,000 mark and once collecting as little as $600. The KPFK fund drive dailies for May 1-20 can be seen here. ( "

"The wacky numbers may be another example of the creative accounting often in play at Berkeley's KPFA, whose books were left unreconciled for 18 months, events income was unprocessed for up to a year after receipt, and whose last permanent general manager left a $375,000 check uncashed in a desk for 15 months. Or they may indicate an attempt by a group of wealthy individuals to "purchase" the morning drive time hour in Berkeley for Kolhatkar and the program."

"Some Bay Area listeners posted on Kolhatkar's website letters suggesting she ask for a different time slot on KPFA. ("

This is the latest on the incompetence of the government operative false majority Board:

"In a somewhat uneventful national board meeting on May 22nd, both Interim ED Duncan and the re-hired CFO gave brief reports in which they indicated lack of knowledge about many of the foundation's affairs. A motion to attend to securing a general counsel absorbed much of the meeting and was prevented from being dealt with at the meeting by the illegitimate majority. The audio can be heard here. The board ran out of time and did not proceed to a closed session afterwards. ("
Tracy Rosenberg isn't one to talk about "wacky" numbers since she's primary responsible for the death spiral of the Pacifica network since she reigned as its treasurer over the last 4-5 years, along with her friend Summer Reese, who has so badly lost a lawsuit she herself filed she is the laughingstock of the bay area legal community.

What these people don't get is that virtually no one wants to listen to them, or give money to support their work. They aren't very good. They need to get a life and leave KPFA alone!
by 58 year listener
Monday May 26th, 2014 4:19 AM
It is Brian Edwards Tiekert who as treasurer made unreasonable fundraising goals and spent money in accordance with those false expectations, and whose friends, the Hate Pacifica Gang also known as the SaveKPFA government operatives, are systematically, with malice aforethought, and at our taxpayer expense, destroying all 5 Pacifica stations. It is Dan Siegel who is not only the laughing stock of the entire Bay Area legal community; he is a disgrace to the legal profession. He has a horrifying reputation in the legal community. It is the viciously reactionary SaveKPFA Democratic Party government thugs who need to leave KPFA and Pacifica alone and get a life.

The latest article at, "7 Reasons Why Pacifica Needs An Investigation," reminds us that the illegal majority on the Pacifica National Board is clearly on the road to destruction of the entire 5 station radio network, with malice aforethought as this was all obviously planned long time ago. See
The conclusion to this article says it all about the horrors of the illegal majority:
"Failures of the Duties of Care and Loyalty
In 4 months of service (1/3 of their entire year-long term), the 2014 board has done only 3 things:
1.Fracture the organization’s leadership
2.Eviscerate some of the only new local community programming developed by the network in the past 5 years
3.Publicly advocate for the breakup and dissolution of the 501c3 organization"

We, the listener-subscribers who love Tracy Rosenberg and Summer Reese, both of whom have literally saved KPFA and Pacifica, are held in total contempt by these government operatives, whose leading light is Larry Bensky, former KPFA programmer and former editor of the CIA's Paris Review. Here is more on Larry Bensky:
1. His attacks to callers on air:

2. Supporters of Pat Scott Gang and union busters American Consulting:

3. More horrors of supporting Concerned Listeners gang:

4. His opposition to Peace & Freedom and Green Parties:

5. His use of name lists in violation of Pacifica election rules:

6. His opposition to the 9/11 Truth Movement

7. His anti-labor outlook on labor programming:

8. His contempt for free speech:

9. His attack on William Blum's book exposing the CIA and a reminder that Bensky was editor of the CIA front, the Paris Review, at

10. His ridicule of the fact of history that Nazis influenced the anti-Communist witchhunts of the 1940s-1950s as of course they were first and foremost anti-communist:

by James Thopmson
Saturday Jun 7th, 2014 8:27 AM
Here is an email I sent to the show, "Pushing Limits" after its May 30, 2014 episode:

Dear Pushing Limits,

My name is James Thompson. Thanks for the great show about disabled musicians. I really enjoyed it.

At the end of the show you mentioned the Morning Mix. I just wanted to write with my opinion on the issue.

The Project Censored Morning Mix is one of the best shows ever on KPFA, a great contribution to the community and the world. I was really relieved to find the full, hour-long show at a new timeslot. The Morning Mix with Anthony had some really good shows, too. I hope it appears in a new timeslot somewhere. Work Week was mixed. It often had good shows, but too often spent time interviewing workers with little or no experience with the media and thus were able to contribute little to listeners. It's important to hear from workers, but it wasn't often done well on Work Week. Still, a decent show. If it found a new timeslot, I would listen. If not, I wouldn't miss it too much. The Morning Mix shows with Andres and Sabrina were totally worthless and I hope they never come back. I don't think Uprising is that awesome, but on the whole I prefer it to the previous Morning Mix setup since it replaces the annoying Andres and Sabrina shows, and the best Morning Mix show, Project Censored has a new timeslot. I hope Anthony and Work Week find some new timeslots, too.

Speaking of timeslots, I don't see any reason for the Morning Mix shows to be at 8 AM. Other timeslots are just fine. No reason to protest there.

Thanks for the good show this week.

Take care,

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