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CL Supporter Bensky Banned From KPFA Airwaves For Violating Election Rules
by Casey Peters (respost)
Wednesday Nov 21st, 2007 3:39 PM
The Pacifica national election supervisor Casey Peters has banned Larry Bensky from the airwaves until his term ends in 2008. Bensky's violation of using KFPA equipment/lists to support the Concerned Listeners Group is only one of many examples by the management and entrenched staff who support management and used the stations resources to support the candidates of Concerned Listeners CL. The question now is whether CL supporter and interim manager Lemlme Rijio will follow the order or ignore it and threaten the decertificaion of the entire KPFA election.

*From:* Casey Peters *Date:* 11/21/2007 9:15:40 AM
*To:* igm [at] kpfa.org; ipd [at] kpfa.org
*Cc:* fulcrumsofchange [at] pacificana.org,henry [at] norr.com

My apologies of issuing this late in writing.
On Friday, November 16, I issued a verbal ruling
that Larry Bensky will not be allowed on Pacifica airwaves or websites
until after my term of office as National Elections Supervisor ends in
for his Fair Campaign Provisions violation and his refusal to cooperate
with the remedy.
That INCLUDES rebroadcasts of Mr. Bensky's programs.
The three slates that were harmed by his endorsement of the fourth slate
are still each entitled to send a message to Bensky's KPFA email list.
If these remedies are not enforced, the election results will be
-- Casey Peters
National Elections Supervisor