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Wednesday Jan 28
7PM Angela Davis speaks at annual MLK Convocation
Thursday Jan 29
10AM Bear River Massacre —152nd Anniversary on Jan...
6PM The Throwaways Film with Directors Bhawin Suchak...
Saturday Jan 31
6:30PM NYC to Ferguson to Oakland, Imani Henry Talks on...
7:30PM Cornel West: The Radical King
Saturday Feb 7
12PM Artist Talk: The Art of Living Black
Saturday Feb 14
12PM Artist Talk: The Art of Living Black
Tuesday Feb 17
1PM Carol Ruth Silver, "Freedom Rider Diary"
Saturday Mar 7
11AM The Art of Living Black: Open Studio
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Reclaiming Martin Luther King Jr's Legacy In Oakland, hundreds of people from more than two dozen groupings are organizing in response to the Anti Police-Terror Project’s call to come together for ninety-six hours of direct action over the Martin Luther King Day weekend, from January 16 through 19. They will join thousands of others across the country responding to a call from Ferguson Action to reclaim Dr. King’s legacy of militant direct action in opposition to economic violence as well as police violence and discrimination. The first action will be a protest inside Montgomery BART station in San Francisco at 7am on Friday. The weekend’s events culminate in a Jobs and Economy March for the People on Monday, January 19, beginning at 11am at Oscar Grant/Fruitvale BART station in Oakland.

The ninety-six hours of direct action across the Bay Area will highlight the unjust economic and political structures that King fought to defeat. Thousands will unify, regardless of skin color, religion, or creed to reclaim King’s legacy and act, in tandem, against police and economic violence, two primary tools of white supremacy. Actions will take place throughout the Bay Area, at BART stations, community meetings and street corners and come in the form of shut downs, guerrilla theater, teach-ins, and concerts. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, protesters in Oakland will march through the neighborhoods where systematic and state sanctioned murder of Black, Brown, and Poor people occur most.

photoRead More | Community Demands

Other groups are organizing marches, teach-ins, movie screenings, environmental actions, and more MLK-related events in Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Palo Alto, Santa Cruz, and throughout Northern California.

Oakland: photoBus stop ad modified in Oakland: 96 hours of direct action MLK weekend | calendarMarch For Black Community Control Of The Police! (Sat) | calendarHoliday Appeal for Class-War Prisoners (Sat) | calendarFrom Oscar Grant to Ferguson: Racism and Police Repression in America (Sun) | calendarShut It Down: WAL-MART Edition (Sun) | calendarFuck the Police March (Sun) | calendar“Reclaim King’s Legacy” Oakland March (Mon)

San Francisco: videophotoPhotos and video from #BARTFriday: NO BUSINESS AS USUAL | calendar#BARTFriday: NO BUSINESS AS USUAL #BlackLivesMatter Reclaiming King's Legacy (Fri) | calendarForum/Foro: The Real Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Fri) | calendarRebellion and Resistance from Ferguson to Ayotzinapa (Sun) | calendarReading the Roots of MLK's Social Justice (Mon)

Berkeley: calendarProtest Berkeley Police Violence at Special City Council Meeting (Sat) | calendarBlack Lives Matter Film Series: "War Witch" (Thu) | calendarFree Movie: Do the Right Thing (Sun)

Richmond: calendarMartin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service - Richmond Greenway (Mon) | calendarMartin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service - Point Pinole (Mon)

Santa Rosa: calendar4 Mile March (Mon)

Palo Alto: calendarMLK Birthday Commemoration: Film Screening (Thu)

Santa Cruz: calendarAl Helm: Martin Luther King in Palestine (Sun)
Black Lives Matter Protest Locks Down Oakland Police Headquarters In an unprecedented civil disobedience action on December 15, a multi-racial group of activists calling for an end to the "war on black people" shut down Oakland police headquarters. The doors of the building were physically locked down preventing police egress to or from the building and a "Black Lives Matter" flag was hung from a flagpole for hours, while others used lockboxes to block traffic on Broadway. The plan was to hold OPD headquarters for 4 hours and 28 minutes, the time Mike Brown's body was allowed to lay in the street after he was shot down by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Protest signs and banners demanded justice for Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Alex Nieto, and others murdered by police locally and nationwide. As word of the action spread, around 200 supporters gathered, chanted, and blocked side streets in solidarity. Twenty-five protesters were arrested.

Streets Blocked in Santa Cruz, Die-In Staged during Day of Protest Against Police Violence On December 13, community members in Santa Cruz joined people across the country for a national day of protest against police violence. The focus of the protests have primarily been on the police killings of three black individuals, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice, which all came to national attention in 2014.

After a rally at the Town Clock, demonstrators marched down Pacific Avenue to the corner of Cooper Street where a die-in was held for 4 1/2 minutes, which represented the 4 1/2 hours that Michael Brown's body lay dead in the street after he was killed by Ferguson, MO police officer Darren Wilson in August. As people laid down on Pacific Avenue, a large crowd formed, speakers were heard, and traffic was stopped. Demonstrators also stopped traffic during a short rally at the corner of Pacific and Soquel Avenue, and then again on Ocean Street in front of the Resource Center for Nonviolence (RCNV), which was the ultimate destination of the march.

Rallies for justice for Michael Brown, and in solidarity with the people of Ferguson, Mo., were held in Santa Cruz in August after Brown's killing, as well as on November 24 and 25, following the Missouri Grand Jury's decision not to recommend the indictment of officer Wilson.

imc_photo.gifRead More with Photos | See Also: imc_photo.gifSanta Cruz Takes it to the Streets for Mike Brown | imc_photo.gifimc_video.gifFerguson "Day After" Gathering in Santa Cruz

Previous Coverage: Protests in Support of Justice for Michael Brown Erupt All Over the World
On the heels of nearly two weeks of protests in the East Bay spurred by the Ferguson grand jury decision, demonstrations escalated when the Eric Garner grand jury decision was announced on December 3 in New York City. Nightly since December 6, hundreds have taken to the streets of Berkeley to protest for justice, shutting down highways along the way, with marches reaching through Oakland and Emeryville as well. CHP and Berkeley police have responded aggressively, with hundreds of demonstrators arrested, beaten, and/or injured.
Bay Area Shuts It Down for Mike Brown After No Indictment for Darren Wilson As expected, the grand jury tasked with determining if there was enough evidence for charging Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for the murder of Mike Brown determined that there wasn’t probable cause. That night, on November 24, people in Ferguson and across the country began to rise up for Mike Brown and shut down freeways, city streets, and more. Protests continued throughout the week, culminating on the annual Black Friday shopping day and continuing into the weekend.

In Ferguson on the first night after the verdict was announced, two police cars were burned as well as a number of local businesses. Major protests demanding justice and shutting down interstate freeways were held that night and throughout the week in Los Angeles, Portland, Minneapolis, Boston, New York, Atlanta, Miami, and numerous other cities across the U.S.

Oakland: On the first night, over 1000 people marched from Oscar Grant plaza at 14th & Broadway. The I-580 freeway was shut down for over two hours and rowdy protests continued downtown late into the night, with fires set in the streets and several businesses broken into. Street protests in Oakland continued over the next several days, with Oakland police headquarters targeted several times, with one march making its way to the edge of Berkeley and Emeryville. Over 150 people have been arrested. On Black Friday, activists locked themselves to each other and a BART train, effectively blocking all BART trains from transporting consumers to San Francisco. Fourteen people were arrested and released later in the day.
calendarDec 5: March and Noise Demo to Support the Revolt! FTP! | calendarDec 1: Court Support & Picket for Brave Fighters Who Shut Down BART and Freeways | photoBlackout Collective Shuts Down Black Friday BART Trains to San Francisco | photoBlack Lives Matter! BART Shut Down On Black Friday To Protest Brown Murder & Gentrification | calendarNext Day After Ferguson Demonstratration! | videoOakland stands in solidarity with Ferguson | photoOakland Stands Up for Mike Brown | photoLove 4 Ferguson/Fuck the Police on RCA squat in Oakland | photoOakland Shuts It Down for Mike Brown After No Indictment for Darren Wilson | calendarFuck The Police: Oakland Demonstration After Darren Wilson Verdict

San Francisco: Protests happened throughout the week, with the first in the Mission District on November 24 and the largest on November 28, Black Friday, disrupting downtown shopping areas such as Westfield Centre, Union Square, and multiple stores as the march passed. Nearly 70 people were arrested.
calendarDec 6: SF Town Hall Meeting-From Ferguson to San Francisco: The "Militarization of the Police” | Downtown SF Largely Shut Down on Black Friday Night | photoBlack Friday march in SF shuts down Union Square | “video”Traffic barricade to the face | calendarSF Black Friday March for Michael Brown & Alex Nieto | photoPics from protest over Racist Cops in SF | SF Takes to the Streets To Protest Racist Murders | calendarProtest: Another killer cop walks free! Justice for Mike Brown!

Santa Cruz: On November 25, a wide variety of community members in Santa Cruz came together at the Town Clock and marched to the Santa Cruz Police Department. “video”photoFerguson "Day After" Gathering in Santa Cruz

San Jose: On November 30, a demonstration shut down traffic in and around "Christmas in the Park" in the downtown area. photoFrom Palestine to Ferguson

Berkeley: calendarDec 6: From Ferguson To Ayotzinapa: March Against State Violence

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Lockdown at U.S. Federal Court to Free Palestinian Community Organizer Rasmea Odeh On November 12, activists with the Bay Area Rasmea Defense Committee chained themselves to doors of the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building in Oakland to protest the conviction and imprisonment of 67-year-old Palestinian community organizer Rasmea Odeh. Other supporters rallied in front of the federal building, condemning what they call a politically motivated trial targeting Odeh because of her role as an outspoken Palestinian leader and activist. Odeh was convicted on Monday, November 10th in a Detroit federal court of knowingly lying on her immigration application.

Hundreds were present in court to support Odeh over the course of her trial in Detroit, and many more across the country have held solidarity demonstrations demanding that she be freed. Activists in the Bay Area vow to continue to protest to intensify their efforts until Odeh is released.

photoRead More | calendarFree Rasmea Odeh Now! Oakland Solidarity Rally | calendarFree Rasmea Odeh Now! Oakland Solidarity Night of Music and Food (Nov 14)
Salinas Police have reported that Jaime Garcia, age 35, died after one of their officers tased him during an attempted arrest on Halloween. According to an SPD press release, the five officers involved in the incident were put on administrative leave during the "initital stages" of the investigation. The death of Garcia is the fifth death to occur at the hands of Salinas Police in 2014.
The family of Frank Alvarado was joined by community supporters for a protest at the Salinas Police Department on October 22, which is National Police Brutality Day. Frank Alvarado was killed by Brian Johnson and Scott Sutton of the Salinas Police department on July 10 of this year. Officers with the Salinas Police Department killed four people in 2014. In addition to Frank, they killed Angel Ruiz on March 20, Osman Hernandez on May 9, and Carlos Mejia on May 20.
On October 22, Homeless United for Friendship and Freedom (HUFF) participated in the 19th annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and Criminalization with a demonstration in front of the Santa Cruz Police Department. This week, HUFF announced that after analyzing the citation records of SCPD Community Service Officer B. Barnett, they have found that he has disproportionately targeted homeless people and African-Americans.
Alameda DA Drops Charges Against the "Trayvon 2" Hannibal Abdul Shakur and Tanzeen Doha were arrested during protests during the summer of 2013 in downtown Oakland, after the George Zimmerman verdict was announced, where he was acquitted for the February 26, 2012, murder of Trayvon Martin. At an October 10 pre-trial readiness conference, the Oakland prosecutor finally admitted that they had “insufficient evidence” to go to trial, putting forth a motion to drop the remaining charges. Workers World interviewed Hannibal Shakur about their legal and political victory.

WW: I witnessed the pre-trial hearing last spring for you and Tanzeen, when they were still pressing the felony charges, and from the witnesses your lawyer, Walter Riley, presented, it was obvious that the DA had no case then. The charges were dropped from felonies to misdemeanors by the judge over the prosecutor’s objection, but he insisted on pursuing the charges at that time. Why do you believe he did, despite the clear lack of evidence?

HS: There’s been a lot of pressure on the DA to clamp down on protesters. They’re looking for a scapegoat to make them think organizing marches isn’t worth it. One of the discouragements for corporations to invest in developing these areas is there’s such a history of protests here. It represents an uncertain financial future for corporations who want to come in and advance capitalism.

photoRead More

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On September 23, Native American Tribal members joined environmental groups in a protest on the north end of the Willits Bypass highway project. Protestors entered the construction zone north of town in the early morning hours, stopping the fast and furious flow of dirt-filled, double-belly dump trucks that have been working from dawn to dusk to cover the wetlands and archeological sites the activists seek to protect.
April Negrette and Kimball Bighorse have filed tort claims against the City and County of San Francisco for police brutality that occurred when the Giants called in SFPD to eject Negrette and Bighorse from its June 23, 2014, “Native American Heritage Night” event and game. Ms. Negrette and Mr. Bighorse had peacefully confronted a group of inebriated men who were inappropriately and disrespectfully wearing a plastic counterfeit Native American-themed headdress. The Giants ordered the San Francisco Police to eject Negrette and Bighorse from the stadium, but not the drunken men, most of whom were white.
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7:30PM Saturday Jan 31 Cornel West: The Radical King
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