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Friday Dec 4
6PM ENDURING POWER: The Middle Eastern and Iranian...
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Over 2000 protesters from many different Indian American communities joined together outside the SAP Center in San Jose on September 27 to counter Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of "Digital India" and Hindutva. They raised many issues with Modi's leadership, ranging from forced conversions to Hinduism, Internet surveillance, arrest of political bloggers, harassment of human rights activists, blind eye to rapes, dispossession of small farmers, rewriting of Indian history, and the 2002 Gujarat massacre.
Students at UC Santa Cruz occupied the Stevenson Coffee House for a short period of time on April 27 to expose a person they say is a known rapist who is presently employed at the business. The small cafe, which is privately owned and operated under a lease with the university, is located within Stevenson College on the east side of the UCSC campus.
OPD Bows to Community Pressure, Releasing Video Related to Killing of Yvette Henderson Women of color are often the invisible victims of police terror. On April 12, the Anti Police-Terror Project (APTP), in conjunction with Yuvette Henderson’s family and a handful of other organizations, held a vigil and caravan in the name of Yuvette. The mother of two was killed feet away from an ExtraSpace Storage surveillance camera, yet both the storage facility and the police have refused to release those tapes. Yuvette suffered a head-wound at the hands of Home Depot security, paramedics were called, yet tapes of this encounter not released Yuvette’s family either. The vigil and caravan were held on the corner of 34th and Hollis street in Emeryville, half a block away from where Yuvette was killed. Numerous other demonstrations have been held to demand justice for Yuvette as well.

On April 21, the Oakland Police Department conceded to community pressure and allowed the brother and sister of Yuvette Henderson to review the videos leading up to her murder by Emervyille police, which is rare after a police killing. The family left that meeting disappointed. Upon arrival, they were told that there was no video of Yuvette's assault inside of ‪Home Depot‬ and that the DVD controlling the video at ExtraSpace Storage — where she was killed — was broken that day. So the two most critical events of the day Yuvette was killed are not available for review.

Oakland Police Release (Some) Video to Family of Yuvette Henderson After Community Pressure | OPD to Reveal Surveillance Video to Yuvette Henderson's Family After Community Pressure | photoVigil, Caravan Demands Justice in the State-Sponsored Killing of Yuvette Henderson | photoAnti Police-Terror Project hosts vigil for Yuvette Hendersen and delivers demands to OPD | Anti Police-Terror Project returns with demands to Home Depot and OPD

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The annual Walk to Stop the Silence was launched nine years ago in order to break through the silence surrounding the issue of sexual abuse and provide a healing space for survivors. The event is always well-attended, but this year, on April 11, the crowd was noticeably packed with families and young people whose energy led the walk with chants such as, "Walk to Stop the Silence!" and "Sí se puede!"
Activists Say: Down with Steve Clark! Down with Slut Shaming! On April 13, a group gathered at the Santa Cruz County Courthouse in support of Alix Tichelman, the woman charged with killing a Google executive named Forrest Hayes in 2013. Dozens of pamphlets were handed out in front of the courthouse detailing the case against Alix. Her parents personally thanked the group for their presence.

Free Alix! writes: Inside the courthouse, the defense and the prosecution explained to the judge how much time they would need to sift through all of the available evidence. According to the defense, this amounts to over a terabyte of data. Much of this data is from the computers and cell phones that belonged to Forrest Hayes and they undoubtedly contain many secrets. The court appearance was brief and the next date was set for May 11th. It will be a few months before the trial itself will begin. We hope more people can learn about the case through these words and come to support Alix when the time comes. She is being unfairly railroaded into jail for an accident that was not her fault.

pdfRead More

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Yuvette Henderson was gunned down by Emeryville police officers Michelle Shepard and Warren Williams on February 3 within minutes of an incident at the Emeryville Home Depot about a block away. Concerned that Yuvette was killed because she was a Black woman, and that police agencies are involved in a massive cover-up, the Anti Police-Terror Project held a rally at Emeryville PD headquarters on February 21 before marching to the Home Depot, where activists used chains and lockboxes to shut the store down for most of the day.
Murder of Taja DeJesus Motivates SF Transgender Community According to the Transgender Law Center, five transgender women of color have been violently killed within the first two months of 2015 in the United States. One murder locally has rattled the nerves of the local transgender community. On February 1, Taja Gabrielle de Jesus was stabbed repeatedly by an unknown assailant while walking down a street in the Bayview district in San Francisco. The stabbing death has mobilized the local transgender community to address their concerns with the San Francisco city government.

Approximately 200 people rallied on the steps of city hall for Transgender Tuesday on February 10. A permit was requested for the event but was denied by the SF sheriff’s department purportedly because the Board of Supervisors were meeting that day. The rally was held anyway without a permit.

videophotoMurders Motivate Transgender Community | Taja Gabrielle de Jesus Memorial Fund | TransgenderLawCenter.org
Abortion Wars on the Streets of SF The war over abortion once again hit the streets of San Francisco on January 24. Ever since 2005 the anti-abortion religious community has been holding an annual gathering called the Walk for Life on or near the anniversary of the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision. They believe holding those events in liberal San Francisco packs a bigger punch because San Franciscans by and large believe that no laws nor religion should govern decisions about their bodies and their health and their welfare. But the pro-lifers come in buses from all over California and other parts of the West to push their message that “abortions should be banned by law."

Before abortion was legal, "back-alley", "backstreet", or "back-yard" abortions were dangerous and sometimes deadly for both fetus and mother. Unsafe abortions are believed to have caused “approximately 69,000 deaths and millions of injuries annually,” which is why San Franciscans confront, scream-down, and protest the "Walk for Life" event. Only a small group of SF’ers, compared to the pro-lifers, get out and counter-protest, but they still do it every year.

videophotoVideo & Photos | calendarCONFRONT the Woman-Haters! OPPOSE the Walk for "Life" | calendarReproductive Rights Are Everyone's Human Rights! | calendarOakland: Abortion is Liberating! Not 'genocidal'. Resist the anti-abortion movement!
Redwood City Rally for Equal Rights Amendment "Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex. It's time for these words to be made constitutional law", said Jackie Speier, U.S. Representative for California's 14th congressional district at a rally in Redwood City on August 26.

Women in attendance at the rally, which was held at Redwood City's Courthouse Square, wore red bandanas in solidarity and sang in unison led by the Raging Grannies, "We fought this fight before and now we fight again today." The battle for passage of the ERA has been fought for 91 years since it was first introduced in 1923, and Speier introduced legislation for passage this year.

Granny Mandy writes: Women in America are not guaranteed equal pay for equal work. They continue to experience unfair workplace conditions. Because the Equal Rights Amendment has not yet passed, there are still laws that favor the perpetrators over victims in cases of sexual assault. As we saw in the case of Hobby Lobby, women are subjected to restrictions on contraception and family planning services despite stipulations of the Affordable Care Act. The recent Supreme Court decision on Hobby Lobby made it safe to treat women and their health care needs differently. Hobby Lobby offers no exemption for the life or health of the woman and thus elevates an employer's religious beliefs over the value of a woman's life.

imc_photo.gifRead More with Photos
Protest at Whole Foods in Palo Alto: Boycott Eden Foods On July 19, the Raging Grannies passed out flyers in front of the Palo Alto Whole Foods store, telling customers why they should boycott Eden Foods, a company that is suing the Obama administration for exemptions to the Affordable Care Act. Eden Foods owner Michael Potter wants to stop covering birth control of all kinds, including pregnancy counseling, for his employees. The Grannies sang their message as well, calling out Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, who has also publicly campaigned against the Affordable Care Act.

Raging Grannies Action League writes: "Whole Foods carries 2,000 Eden Foods products. The owners of Eden Foods are Catholic and, according to The Daily Beast, they don’t just want to stop covering some contraception, they want to stop covering all of it. At the same time, many women who are Whole Foods shoppers are opposed to the 'Hobby Lobby' Supreme Court decision; Eden's case, which is even more far-reaching, is soon to be heard."

imc_photo.gifRead More with Photos
At some point late in the night after the Oakland City Council voted to continue with the Domain Awareness Center on March 5 — albeit a significantly scaled-down Port-only version of the surveillance center — a group calling themselves the Technophobic Women's Action Team (T.W.A.T.) staged camover actions against stoplight cameras at two intersections in West Oakland.
Annual Anti-Abortion "Walk for Life" Coming to San Francisco In 2013, twenty-two states implemented seventy abortion restrictions, and over eighty abortion clinics were shut down across the country. It was a record year for the dismantling of women's reproductive rights. 2013 was also a year that saw some resistance emerge against the assault on abortion rights and the war on women. Thousands were involved in different ways in getting the message "Abortion On Demand and Without Apology" out far and wide in opposition to the continued and escalating assault on this basic right.

On Saturday January 25, the "Walk for Life" came back to San Francisco to protest the right to abortion and to celebrate the recent successes of the anti-abortion movement. They marched down Market Street, where lampposts currently sport the slogan "Abortion Hurts Women." Stop Patriarchy called on people to stand up in uncompromising opposition to the "Walk for Life West Coast." A Women's Rights march was also held in Los Altos.

San Francisco: photoActivists Face Off with Conservative Horde Marching | audioPro-Choice Counter Protest To Anti-Abortion “Walk For Life” || Los Altos: videoWomen sing "No More Dying in Back Alleys", March for Choice on Anniversary of Roe v. Wade | photoWomen march on Anniversary of Historic Roe v. Wade Ruling || calendarRead More || StopPatriarchy.org

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