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Unicor is sodomized by “Rape Club’ culture at FCI, Dublin women’s prison

by Lynda Carson (newzland2 [at]
Unicor Is Sodomized By "Rape Club," Culture At Women's Prison:
Unicor Is Sodomized By "Rape Club," Culture At Women's Prison:

Unicor is sodomized by “Rape Club’ culture at FCI, Dublin women’s prison

By Lynda Carson - March 28, 2024

Just try to imagine being a woman prisoner being sexually abused by a depraved sadistic prison guard who laughs when you try to fight back. Then he ends up crying in court when sentenced for his sex offender crimes, asking for mercy, as he tries to convince the judge that he is not really as bad as this all appears. Some say that you are what you do, no matter how many crocodile tears the sex offender prison guards at FCI, Dublin a.k.a the “Rape Club,” may shed when being sentenced for their sex crimes against the women prisoners in their charge.

Yesterday, reportedly Unicor and the FCI, Dublin women’s prison was in the news again with the teary eyed crying former sex offender “Unicor / BOP employee” Nakie Nunley. Nunley was sentenced to six years in prison for his multiple “egregious” depraved sex acts with seven incarcerated women at FYI, Dublin.

Reportedly, “Nunley was a UNICOR customer service supervisor for the prison's call desk,” at FCI, Dublin, a women’s prison also known as the “Rape Club.” There was no mention in the news reports that the judge required Nunley to register as a sex offender after he is released from prison.

Unicor has notoriously had a bad reputation for a number of years and faced a number of lawsuits for exposing prisoners and their employees to toxic “e—waste,” at it’s e—waste recycling facilities.

Making matters worse for Unicor’s reputation regarding the sentencing of Nakie Nunley on March 27, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ), “Today’s sentencing holds Nunley accountable for his heinous abuse of his authority by sexually assaulting multiple inmates under his custody and care, and retaliating against his victims by threatening to take away their UNICOR jobs and transfer them to another facility,” said Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz. of DOJ-OIG “The DOJ-OIG will continue to aggressively investigate sexual abuse at FCI Dublin and across the Federal Bureau of Prisons.”

At the time that Nunley abused his victims, he was assigned to supervise prisoners who worked for UNICOR, a trade name for the federal prison industries. All of Nunley’s victims worked at the UNICOR call center at the time he abused them.
According to his plea agreement, Nunley admitted that, between March 2020 and November 2021, he engaged in sexual acts with two prisoners, including having oral and vaginal sex with one victim and digitally penetrating another victim on multiple occasions. He also admitted that he was guilty of crimes related to his illegal sexual contacts with three other prisoners.
In addition to his conduct with the five victims that resulted in criminal charges, Nunley admitted he sexually abused two additional prisoners and engaged in inappropriate conduct with multiple other prisoners who worked at UNICOR. With respect to one victim, Nunley admitted he digitally penetrated her vagina and caused her to touch his penis under his pants, resulting in him ejaculating in her hand. Further, Nunley admitted he caused another victim to perform oral sex on him. Moreover, Nunley wrote sexual notes to one of his victims and made sexual comments to multiple additional victims.”

Indeed. Unicor claims to be a life-changing correctional program that has a profound impact on everyone in the community. Apparently this has turned out to be a bit more than a “profound impact” for the women prisoners at FCI, Dublin a.k.a. the “Rape Club,” and the community at large.

Patrick T. O’Connor - Unicor/Federal Prison Industries (FPI):

Patrick T. O’Connor is the CEO of Federal Prison Industries (FPI) also known as Unicor.

According to public records, sometime around August 2021, Patrick T. O’Connor visited FPI’s recycling operation at USP Atwater and call center at FCI Dublin.

Reportedly according to the DOJ, the plea agreement states that Nakie Nunley abused the victims at FCI, Dublin a.k.a. the “Rape Club,” between March 2020 and November 2021, a period in which Patrick T. O’Connor visited the call center at FCI Dublin, the scene of the crime. At the time that Nunley abused his victims, he was assigned to supervise prisoners who worked for UNICOR, a trade name for the federal prison industries. All of Nunley’s victims worked at the UNICOR call center at the time he abused them.

Reportedly, Andrew Jones' sex crimes at FCI, Dublin occurred between July 2020 and June 2021. He then lied to federal agents in March 2022, denying that any sex had happened.

Reportedly, Enrique Chavez is charged with two counts of abusive sexual contact against an inmate at Federal Correctional Institute Dublin, allegedly occurring on separate occasions in October 2020.

Reportedly, a federal grand jury issued a superseding indictment on Sept. 29, 2022, charging John Bellhouse with two counts of sexual abuse of a ward and three counts of abusive sexual contact that occurred between December 2019 and December 2020. Evidence presented at trial also demonstrated Bellhouse committed abusive sexual contact against a second victim between October and December of 2020. Trial evidence showed that the acts occurred in the Safety Office at the FCI Dublin Camp.

Reportedly, Ross Klinger, 36, a Dublin prison recycling technician, is scheduled to plead guilty on Thursday to charges he sexually abused at least two inmates between March and September 2020, including inside a warehouse and in a shipping container on prison grounds while another inmate acted as a lookout.

Reportedly, eight employees at FCI, Dublin, including former warden Ray Garcia, have been charged with sexual misconduct for incidents spanning from 2019 into 2021.

Reportedly, out of eight sex offender prison guards at FCI, Dublin, upon the orders of a judge, former warden Ray Garcia is to register as sex offender upon release, as is James Highhouse (former chaplain), and Ross Klinger.

According to reports, around 25 prison guards from FCI Dublin were transferred to other locations across the nation after news of the sex scandal broke. Reportedly, a union rep claimed that some of them had to go because they were part of the problem, but that others should stay because they were the ears of the union when there are problems. Apparently, most of the ears were deaf, when it came to the sex abuse happening at FCI, Dublin.

Reportedly, years ago when prison guard sex abusers were sentenced for their crimes, they automatically had to register as sex offenders when released from prison for there crimes. But the unions fought back against that requirement, and now the prison guards in around half of the country are not required to register as sex offenders when sentenced unless a judge orders them to do so.

Additionally, according to the Associated Press, in 2020, the same year some of the women at Dublin complained, there were 422 complaints of staff-on-inmate sexual abuse across the system of 122 prisons and 153,000 inmates. The agency said it substantiated only four of those complaints and that 290 are still being investigated. It would not say whether the allegations were concentrated in women’s prisons or spread throughout the system.

Reportedly, recently the FBI raided the FCI, Dublin womens prison .

A judge ordered that a Special Master has been appointed to run the prison.

Colette Peters the Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons is named in a $10,000,000 lawsuit involving the sex scandal at FCI, Dublin.

Nakie Nunley:

Reportedly, additionally Nakie Nunley, as a UNICOR customer service supervisor for the prison's call desk, “Women described him as "bold," and he often walked by the female workers, slapping their heads and pulling out their chairs when they tried to sit down. He also would stand next to them with his penis close to their faces.
Priedeman said in one instance, he threatened to transfer one woman away from FCI Dublin if she didn't engage in sexual activity, and he made another woman pull down her underwear if she wanted to keep her job. 

One of the women who testified on Zoom during the hearing described how Nunley raped her, forcing her to sit on him while he refused to use a condom and then ejaculated into his hand. She spoke through tears, describing how "disgusted" she felt. 

Though she's no longer in prison, she said she suffers from severe mental health issues and suicidal thoughts because of what happened to her. 

Another woman described how Nunley fingered her, grabbed her vagina and told her it was "fat and juicy." She said the entire event made her feel "uncomfortable" and "gross," but she was hesitant to report the behavior because she didn't want to be retaliated against.”

At least eight federal correctional officers have been charged with sexually abusing the female inmates at FCI in Dublin a.k.a.the “Rape Club,” according to records with OIG/DOJ, including a former warden, a chaplain, and a safety administrator, and one person being investigated by name of Nicholas Theodore Ramos, 37, of Vallejo, has reportedly committed suicide since the investigation began.

More about FCI, Dublin, a.k.a. the “Rape Club.”

According to a Staff Report from the U.S. Senate released during December of 2022.

FCI Dublin is an all-female facility with two components: a low security federal correctional institution and an adjacent minimum-security satellite camp. There are currently 477 female offenders housed across the prison.

In the past eighteen months, DOJ has indicted five BOP employees for sexual abuse of at least eight female detainees at FCI Dublin.

• In June 2021, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California filed a criminal complaint against Ross Klinger, a former BOP correctional officer and recycling technician, with sexual abuse of a ward. He pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual abuse of a ward. The criminal complaint cites sexual abuse of two female prisoners.

• In November 2021, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California indicted Ray J. Garcia, the former Warden of FCI Dublin, on two counts of sexual abuse of a ward. According to the criminal complaint, Garcia knowingly had sexual contact with at least one female prisoner, asked at least two inmates to strip naked for him during rounds and took photos, and stored a “large volume of sexually graphic photographs” on his BOP issued cellphone. In the two years prior to his arrest, Garcia was the PREA compliance officer at FCI Dublin, responsible for ensuring that the facility was adhering to PREA policies and training other employees, including new supervisors. On December 8, 2022, Garcia was convicted by a jury of sexually abusing female prisoners.

• On November 30, 2021, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California filed a criminal complaint against John Bellhouse for sexual abuse of a prison ward. Bellhouse served as a correctional officer and safety administrator at FCI Dublin before being placed on administrative leave in March 2021.110 In June 2020, a prisoner identified that Bellhouse and another BOP employee were engaging in sexual interactions with several prisoners, and also providing prisoners with contraband, money and personal cellphone use. Bellhouse pleaded not guilty and is currently awaiting trial, which is scheduled for the summer of 2023.

• In January 2022, the Criminal Section of the Civil Rights Division of DOJ filed an information against James Highhouse, a former Chaplain at FCI Dublin, on charges of sexual abuse of a ward, abusive sexual contact, and making false statements to investigators. In February 2022, Highhouse pleaded guilty to five felonies for sexually abusing a female inmate and lying to investigators about the misconduct. In August 2022, Highhouse was sentenced to 84 months in prison followed by five years of supervised released.

• On March 10, 2022, Enrique Chavez, a food service foreman at FCI Dublin was indicted on two counts of abusive sexual contact with a prison inmate. According to the indictment, Chavez touched the woman’s breasts, buttocks and genitals on two separate occasions in October 2020. Chavez pleaded guilty on October 27, 2022, to abusive sexual contact with a female prison inmate while he was employed at FCI Dublin. The count carries a maximum statutory sentence of two years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine, with a minimum period of supervision following release from prison of five years and a maximum of a lifetime of supervision. Sentencing is scheduled for February 2, 2023.

As of May 2022, OIG and/or BOP were investigating at least 17 additional current or former employees at FCI Dublin for sexual misconduct. The most recent indictments are not the only examples of repeated sexual abuse of female prisoners at FCI Dublin. Since the 1990s, there have been at least three additional high-profile cases of sexual abuse of female prisoners involving male BOP employees.

• In 1996, three women were brought to a male housing unit at an adjacent facility where BOP officers opened their cell doors allowing male inmates to rape them. The United States settled in 1998 and BOP promised “to adopt and implement certain policies and procedures designed to reduce the risk to female prisoners of sexual assaults.”

• In the late 1990s and early 2000s, four male BOP employees at FCI Dublin were convicted or pleaded guilty to sexual abuse of female inmates at that facility.

• In the early 2010s, according to media reports, approximately “a dozen Dublin employees were removed for sexually abusing inmates,” including one who videotaped himself having sex with inmates and stored those tapes in a prison locker. None were arrested.

Indeed. Theres more…..

Bureau of Prisons Sexual Abuse Suit Settled for $500,000
Loaded on JUNE 15, 1998 published in Prison Legal News June, 1998, page 9
Filed under: Federal Statutory Law, Equal Access to Justice Act. Location: California.
On Tuesday, March 3, 1998, at 3:00 p.m., at the United States District Court in San Francisco, U.S. District Court Judge Thelton E. Henderson was presented with a settlement of a civil rights suit against the United States Bureau of Prisons brought by three women prisoners who were victims of ...

FCI Dublin in the News

In August 2003, Carlos Rodarte, a guard at Federal Correctional Institution Dublin, was sentenced to six months in prison for sexually assaulting two female prisoners in 2002 and lying about it to federal investigators.

In 1999, Jon Hyson, a guard at the federal prison in Dublin, CA, pleaded guilty to four counts of engaging in illicit sexual acts with female prisoners. In 1999, FCI Dublin guard Donnell Hawthorne pleaded guilty to engaging in sexual activities with three female prisoners. This was the fourth such case within the prior two years.

CA: Former federal prison guard Donnell Hawthorne, 38, pleaded guilty in April 1999 to engaging in sex acts with three female prisoners at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin. He also admitted to lying to the FBI about the sexual encounters. Prosecutors said it was the fourth such case at the prison within the past two years.

3 women sue, allege sex slavery in prison
By Dennis J. Opatrny,OF THE EXAMINER STAFFSep 29, 1996

The defendants in the civil rights litigation are: O. Ivan White, former director of the Western Region for the Federal Bureau of Prisons; Warden Loy Hayes, Capt. Dennis Smith, Lts. Charles Gillette, Sheila Yarborough and Wayne Ernest; and guards Margo Gillette and Garfield Samuels of the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, Alameda County.

History of FCI, Dublin sex abuse

FCI, Dublin, a.k.a.”Rape Club.”

$330,000 Settles Guard-on-Prisoner Sexual Assault Claims (Dublin)
Loaded on DEC. 28, 2017 by Christopher Zoukis

Filed under: Staff-Prisoner Assault, Staff-Prisoner Harassment. Location: California.

 by Christopher Zoukis

Darrell "Dirty Dick" Smith of FCI, Dublin a.k.a. the “Rape Club.”

Additionally, Darrell "Dirty Dick" Smith, has entered a not-guilty plea, and his next court hearing is scheduled for April 18, 2024. According to the DOJ, ““This indictment shocks the conscience of anyone reading it,” said U.S. Attorney Ismail J. Ramsey for the Northern District of California. “The alleged conduct falls far below the minimum standards of decency required – much less, the standards of integrity expected – of any Bureau of Prisons employee. Rest assured, the Department will root out any such conduct and prosecute all persons who are responsible.”

“Each of the alleged victims is identified in the indictment by initials and was in official detention and under Smith’s custodial, supervisory, and disciplinary authority at the time of the alleged illegal conduct. In addition, each count in the indictment corresponds with one encounter during which Smith allegedly engaged in unlawful sexual acts or contact with one of the victims.
Smith is charged with five counts of sexual abuse of a ward, six counts of abusive sexual contact, and one count of aggravated sexual abuse.”

Lynda Carson may be reached at newzland2 [at]

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