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Ian Masters CIA Operative Protested At KPFA In Berkeley

by Labor Video Project
A speak out was held in front of KPFA in Berkeley to protest CIA operative Ian Masters who the KPFA manager has put on for 10 hours a week. Masters whose family were personally involved in CIA coups puts ex-CIA and ex-FBI agents on his show regularly and supports US imperial adventures. He also supports the police in the continued imprisonment of Mumia Abu-jamal
A speak out took place at Pacifica KPFA radio station to protest former KPFK programmer Ian Masters. Masters had to resign from KPFK after telling listeners that they should make a financial boycott of KPFK and Pacifica and was publicly attacking other programmers at the station. His family is connected to the CIA and he has supported US interventions around the world. He also has on as guests many ex-CIA and retired FBI staffers. He has also supported the continued incarceration of framed journalist and political leader Mumia Abu-jamal and supported the police charges against Mumia.

Many listeners in Los Angeles also were angry that he refused to have any Black guests on apparently because his rollerdex did not include African Americans.

Speakers also discussed the history of the role of Zionism at KPFA and the silencing of critics of the apartheid Israeli regime by the management. The speak-out was sponsored by Rescue Pacifica and Pacifica Fightback.

This action took place on 6/22/23

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Production of Labor Video Project

Background Briefing Production
Date: Sat, Apr 17, 2021 at 6:46 PM
Subject: Mumia

Dear Sheila,
If you talk to reporters who covered the case and those who knew Mumia
as fellow journalists when he got involved with MOVE then was
understandably outraged by the Philadelphia police's massacre of the
movement and the burning alive of the children, it is no surprise he
killed the cop which is what he admitted to to the EMS crew who
treated him at the scene. I frankly don't understand why he doesn't
tell the truth and own what he did instead of feeding the martyr myths
to his gullible followers. There are plenty of black men in jail who
shouldn't be there. He just happens to be less deserving of adulation.
But since I'm against capital punishment, he should not be on death
Ian Masters
§Masters Was A Supporter Of Pro-war Candidate Dukakis
by Labor Video Project
Ian Masters is a big supporter of the US war machine and supported Dukakis in Democratic Party
§CIA Guests On Ian Masters Program
by Labor Video Project
Ian Masters after being forced to resign to KPFKF for calling for a financial boycott of KPFA and Pacific has been rewarded by KPFA management by placed on the air for 10 hours a week during prime time. Here are some of the CIA connected guests that Dukakis has had on the air.
Listen now:
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A KPFK listener was hearing strange guests on Ian Master's Background Briefing. He googled his guest and discovered he was the head of a retired FBI agents that was part of committee to keep Mumia in prison.
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