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Outing the Bay Area evil doers supporting the election deniers and rabid Freedom Caucus

by Lynda Carson (newzland2 [at]
Members Of The House Freedom Caucus Who Seized Power, And Held The House Of Representatives Hostage For Four Days, While Extorting Political Concessions From Kevin McCarthy By Withholding Their Vote To Make Him The Speaker Of The House, In The New Congress:
Outing the Bay Area evil doers supporting the election deniers and rabid Freedom Caucus

By Lynda Carson - January 9, 2023

Last Friday, around 21 election deniers, and right-wing members of the Freedom Caucus a.k.a House Freedom Caucus, held the House of Representatives hostage for four days while seizing power from Kevin McCarthy. In the process, they extorted enough power from Kevin McCarthy who had to placate them with enough extreme political concessions to reshape the rules in Congress, until they gave McCarthy enough votes to become the Speaker of the House, in the new Congress.

Today the House of Representatives voted to pass the “rules package” extorted by the election deniers and Freedom Caucus in return for voting for Kevin McCarthy as the Speaker of the House. They call this “Democracy”.

There has been much news media coverage locally, and across the nation about the four day power struggle event including the extreme right-wing election deniers and members of the Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives who created a historical type of event that has not occurred in Congress for the last 100 years.

However, the local news media failed to focus on all of the evil doers or expose the evil doers who reside locally in the Bay Area who are supporting the election deniers and members of the Freedom Caucus with their political campaign contributions.

Without exposing the local evil doers who are supporting the Congressional election deniers and Freedom Caucus members that are Trump supporters who seized power last week in the House of Representatives to extort more power from Kevin McCarthy, people can not figure out how to fight back against those who want to seize power, and create a dictatorship in our country.

Additionally, the election deniers and members of the Freedom Caucus are planning to attack Social Security and cut the federal budgets to other much needed programs including the federal subsidized housing programs in FY 2024.

Plus, they want to cut the budgets to programs assisting the elderly, people with disabilities, veterans, the hungry needing food stamps, senior citizens and the poor needing housing assistance, including the homeless and un-housed needing shelter and affordable housing. This has been a disaster in the making, and a continuation of the extremist right-wing January 6 attack on the Capitol two years ago.

Outing The Bay Area Evil Doers Who Support The Election Deniers And Freedom Caucus Members:

Among those who have made campaign contributions to the Trump supporting election deniers and members of the rabid right-wing extremist Freedom Caucus in the news lately includes John Inks, the former mayor and City Council Member of Mountain View who claimed to be a libertarian, and a staunch opponent of rent control and just cause eviction protections in Mountain View. John Inks was supported by the notorious California Apartment Association in recent years.

In 2021, records show that John Inks made a $1,000 campaign contribution to the House Freedom Fund, the political PAC for the notorious Freedom Caucus that has many members who are election deniers, and are rabid Trump supporters.

One can only wonder why John Inks, the former mayor and Council Member of Mountain View, tried to conceal his right-wing extremist activities politically by claiming to be a libertarian?

Perhaps he may have felt that any future political ambitions he may have had would have been soundly quashed if the public really knew of his extremist right-wing fascist activities supporting the election deniers, Freedom Caucus members, and Trump supporters involved in the January 6 coup attempt at the Capitol two years ago.

As a resident of Showers Drive in Mountain View, and former mayor and Council Member in Mountain View, John Inks is emerging from the shadows and being exposed as a proud extreme right-wing campaign contributor of the fascist Trump supporting election deniers, and notorious members of the Freedom Caucus involved in extorting power from Kevin McCarthy recently, including members who twere also involved in the January 6 attack on the Capitol, two years ago.

Some of these same election deniers and members of the Freedom Caucus supported by John Inks with his campaign contributions, ignored subpoenas issued by the January 6 Commission during the investigation of the January 6 attack on the Capitol. As all of this was unfolding in the news, John Inks was cautious enough to keep this a secret, as he politically claimed to be a libertarian as a way to conceal his fascist right-wing activities.

Additional public records reveal that John Inks made twelve more additional campaign contributions to the Trump supporting election deniers who are also members of the Freedom Caucus, through the House Freedom Fund (PAC), during 2018 - 2022.

In contrast to his claims of being a libertarian, this is enough documentation to reveal that John Inks is more than a libertarian, and may, or may not, be considered a rabid supporter of fascist right-wing extremists, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists in our country who are hell bent on destroying the federal government as we know it, who are trying to sink our country into a right-wing dictatorship.

Knowing all of this, would you vote for John Inks if he ran for political office again in the distant future?

In answer to that question, on the evening of January 9, 2023, I had an interesting interview of John Inks, the former mayor and Council Member of Mountain View, who supports the election deniers and Freedom Caucus members with campaign contributions, and during the interview John Inks stated that he probably will not run for office again in the future.

Additionally, during the interview, John Inks claimed that he does not condone any types of violent activities including the January 6 attack on the Capitol, even though he is a campaign contributor to the Freedom Caucus and election deniers, that has members involved in the January 6 attack on the Capitol building who ignored the subpoenas issued to them by the January 6 Commission.

“I am more than a libertarian, supporting a lot of organizations and causes that you may not agree with including the Freedom Caucus of which I happen to know several members of,” said Inks.

“I will continue to make political campaign contributions to the Freedom Caucus, Club For Growth (PAC), and various other right-wing political campaigns, including the Libertarian National Committee, which is opposed to taxation.

“I also believe that Social Security is theft and that it is a bankrupt ponzie scheme,” John Inks said. “I support the proposed federal budget cuts to the federal government being proposed by the Freedom Caucus and election deniers who took control of the new Congress lately. The same political forces who forced political concessions from Kevin McCarthy by withholding their votes from McCarthy, as the Speaker of the House.”

When asked how he was recruited to give campaign contributions to the numerous right-wing causes he supports, at 73 years of age, John Inks claimed that he was born this way, in regards to his passion for supporting the right-wing fascist groups or causes he contributes to.

Inks said, “I have not been hiding my activities of making political campaign contributions to various right-wing organizations and causes, however, I have not told many people about my right-wing activities, and only a few friends of mine actually know what I have been up to.”

Additionally to further shed light on his activities, Inks said, “I use half of my income for my political campaign contributions to various groups, and I receive around $90 thousand a year or more in income, including Social Security. I try to live cheaply. While campaigning for office, most people thought that I am a nice guy, which is why I was voted into office numerous times, but will probably never run for office again.”

When considering that he has made numerous campaign contributions in support of the election deniers and Freedom Caucus that attempted to overthrow the election two years ago on January 6, it appears that John Inks may, or may not have hoodwinked the public into believing that he is a nice guy to get voted into office.

Additionally, John Inks mentioned that he also supports the Independent Institute in Oakland with campaign contributions, including the notorious Heartland Institute , a hardline climate denier.

No doubt, many of the others listed further below from the Bay Area who are campaign contributors to the election deniers and Freedom Caucus (PAC), called the House Freedom Fund, that have been in the news lately for extorting power from Kevin McCarthy in the House of Representatives, may be keeping their right-wing activities in the shadows. Like John Inks, they may, or may not want to share their own reasons for being campaign contributors, as part of the right-wing evil doers and secret cabal involved in supporting the power grab in the new Congress lately, and the January 6 attack on the Capitol two years ago.

Regardless, public records reveal what they have been up to in regards to their right-wing fascist activities, whether they like it, or not.

See a few names and links further below…

-Lynda Carson may be reached at newzland2 [at]

Other House Freedom Fund Campaign Contributors In The Bay Area Include:

James Wintersteen
27 Myrtle Avenue
Mill Valley, CA94941-1023

Mrs. Merry J. Tissier
160 Belgrave Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94117-4228

William R. Stearns MD (a doctor)
5490 Country Club PKWY
San Jose, CA 95138

Kenneth T. Derr
424 Ridge Gate Rd.
Orinda, CA 94563-2724

Joanne C. Rodgers
15287 Top Of The Hill Rd.
Los Gatos, CA 95032-6535

Robert Chao
415 Tasman Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA 9408-1706

Founder of Advanced Linear Devices in Sunnyvale.

Employer: Ald - Occupation: Manager

Sunnyvale, California, United States · president · advanced linear devices, inc.
robert chao. president at advanced linear devices, inc. advanced linear devices, inc. Sunnyvale, California, United States.

sales [at]
techsupport [at]

A few campaign contributions made by Robert Chao:

Rosanne B. Kral
1016 Wild Oak Ct.
Concord, CA 94521-4530

Ward Pynn - A CPA
3106 Dover Way
Concord, CA 94518-1124

sgibson [at], trockwell [at], wpynn [at], spalmer [at], info [at]

Miles Coleman
1152 Fairlawn Ct.
Apt 2
Walnut Creek, CA 94595-2871

Peter N. Zolintakis
4200 Canyon Rd.
Lafayette, CA 94549-2751

pzolintakis [at], sam [at]

Accountant - Liberty Media

Louis A. Rossi
2255 Salisbury Way
San Mateo, CA 94403-1530

John David Bukry - info [at], gdretirees [at]
3707 Brandy Rock Way
Redwood City, CA 994061-1900

REDWOOD CITY, CA, December 19, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Marquis Who's Who, the world's premier publisher of biographical profiles, is proud to present David Bukry, PhD with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award. An accomplished listee, Dr. Bukry celebrates many years of experience in his professional network, and has been noted for achievements, leadership qualities, and the credentials and successes he has accrued in his field. As in all Marquis Who's Who biographical volumes, individuals profiled are selected on the basis of current reference value. Factors such as position, noteworthy accomplishments, visibility, and prominence in a field are all taken into account during the selection process.

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The elected representatives of the U.S. Congress and Senate are beholden to those who contribute to their campaigns - period. Those who contribute to their campaigns are capitalists of one strain or another. They demand obedience and laws that secure their political and economic dominance. There has never been any sort of "democracy" in this country which was founded and codified on chattel slavery. Only a brutal and bloody Civil War ended the institution of chattel slavery but not the racist character of the capitalist class. It needs racism to divide, conquer and confuse the population because the ruling class of this country is less than 1/2 of 1% of the population.

The only power the masses have has been usurped by capitalist sympathizers and supporters in the trade union movement who, at present, are on their knees doing the donkey work for the Democratic Party (that other capitalist party of greed and war). These labor faking bureaucrats do all they can to destroy political initiative in the ranks whereas the trade union's should serve as a political training ground for the working-class. Until these labor faking, capitalist ass kissers are dumped and replaced with workers willing to struggle and fight against the capitalist class for power we and the masses are doomed.

As things now stand the capitalist parties try to channel the masses ire against Russia, China, immigrants, Blacks, Latino's rather than have us aim our anger against the political parties and economic system that controls us all. Struggle is a must and the need for a political party that struggles for the working class and oppressed for power is the primary need.
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