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Why Grifter Kathy Hochul Will Win New York

by David Roknich, INDYRADIO
It is a sad state of affairs, typical of US politics, when a grifter like Kathy Hochul is the "people's choice" in one of the largest and most populous states of the union. Both Biden and Obama are campaigning for her. Would you rather have Lee Zeldin, an election denier for Trump, as Governor of New York?
"If you fail to get your horse in the race, you will be stuck with a horse's ass" - David Roknich

A Rambling Summary of How We Arrived at This Sad State of Affairs

This game has been played before, and is as old as Barry Goldwater, who is now one with the earth. Goldwater was framed as a warmonger, so Lyndon Johnson could follow through with the plan that began in the Gulf of Tonkin, where results of NSA surveillance were selectively used to deceive the American people. Unlike Goldwater (though Goldwater was a typical Republican), LEE ZELDIN is a gift to the Democratic Party: he really is as bad as you can imagine. He is the real thing: a loyal reality denier and soldier for Donald Trump, who is heading for jail like Steve Bannon.

Since Nixon, the NSA has been fully integrated with the military, and their duty is to ensure perpetual war. Our endless wars began as a distortion of honest efforts by the NSA: distorted by Robert Strange McNamara and the war profiteers he represented. Since then, the only game change has been in the NSA, which was transformed by Richard Nixon, as Bamford explained in his book "The Puzzle Palace". They are now watching YOU, in case you oppose their plans.

In case you don't know, the entire NSA hierarchy is beneath the Secretary of Defense.
Who was that?

Today we are faced with similar deceit, but now NSA has far more information about you, should you decide to protest, you will be targeted as a "terrorist" and may discover the effects of constant surveillance are not seamless or transparent. They want you to know you are watched, just like the FBI COINTELPRO campaign with "an agent behind every mailbox" but we are supposed to forget the criminal malfeasance that was revealed in the documents which they have already cleaned from public view. Though much will be revealed, NSA will remain invisible to you, thanks in part to the innovation of "intelligence washing", which is actually done for purposes of funding, and is yet another layer of grift the taypayer suffers.
For the good of all, we will reveal what we can, to the fullest extent.

If this puzzles you, it won't for long, because we have ALL the COINTELPRO documents , and will release them soon. The Washington Post only received 13 of them, and it was a great deal for them 50 years ago.

Meanwhile, New York will suffer Kathy Hochul for 6 years, and establishment Democrats will have their way with us, and sell us out to the banksters like Obama did. The whole country will suffer until people rise from their communities and...


Until then, even progressive media sites like Democracy Now! are eager to see Lee Zeldin lose. Like most politicians today, he belongs in jail. Until we have candidates who are loyal to their neighbors, rather than to a political party, nothing will change.

If you fail to get your horse in the race, you'll be stuck with a horse's ass.

Yes, so if you do the study on Kathy Hochul and what she has done for herself at the expense of New York and it's citizens, you might not want to vote for her, but the reality is this: Zeldin is WORSE.

I will add some links to explain the assertions above, but now it's time to continue with the headlines, which we have just received from Democracy Now!

David Roknich,


This article will be updated at


by David Roknich
In the above, I did link the debate regarding who deceived whom about the Gulf of Tonkin. My take is that is was forced from the top, with deniability, and LBJ was fully complicit. There is alot of reading available on the subject, but the consensus is that data from the NSA was improperly used. Thank John Young of for that document.
Perpetual war is the result of perpetual lies, from our leaders and the money they represent.
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