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City of Santa Cruz Vehicles Torched in Opposition to Homeless Sweeps

by Alex Darocy (alex [at]
Multiple city vehicles were set on fire and destroyed at a maintenance yard at Harvey West Park in Santa Cruz on June 2. Graffiti left at the scene read, "Leave Homeless Alone!!" and "Stop Sweeping!"
City officials have estimated the damage to be approximately $300,000.

The vehicles were destroyed in advance of the impending closure of the San Lorenzo Park Benchlands homeless encampment, which the City of Santa Cruz has announced will begin in July.

Alex Darocy
§Stop Sweeping!
by Alex Darocy
by Alex Darocy
§Leave Homeless Alone!!
by Alex Darocy
by Alex Darocy
by Alex Darocy
by Alex Darocy
by Alex Darocy
by Alex Darocy
by Alex Darocy
by Alex Darocy
§Fire in Progress
by Alex Darocy (alex [at]
Photo Credit: Santa Cruz Fire Department

"This morning at 1:37, the Santa Cruz Fire Department was dispatched to a vehicle fire at 300 Evergreen St. E3110 arrived on scene and found several vehicles burning in the parking lot of the above address, behind a locked gate. The fire was threatening many other vehicles, and two structures. Crews forced entry through the gate, deployed hose lines and extinguished the fire. The fire was contained to six vehicles."
Source: Santa Cruz Fire Department
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by eiffel
well well.
by Pat Colby
Yet another false flag operation to blame on homeless people to further invoke hate towards the whole population. The timing is too perfect.

The people who did this knew what they were doing. It looks like a war zone. Look to the loudest anti-homeless haters; there you will find your culprits.

Just a reminder of the history of vigilante haters that scapegoat homeless people. Usually they stick to planting trash and needles.

This looks almost identical to Aptos car bombing of over a decade ago. Two fanatical members of TBSC were seen near the Aptos scene laughing. Two members who live nowhere near there.
by Bob Lamonica
"False flag operation," my ass. It was self-righteousness, to the point of violent property destruction in the name of "The Homeless," which justifies all, including such stupid, asshole behavior. It didn't accomplish a goddam thing towards their ostensible goal.

Then again, the stalwart, self-itentified "Progressives" Mike Rotkin and Scott Kennedy can steal political signs, get caught, and claim it was their first time, and repent--because they were caught.

And all the Progressives remain on high duck and cover alert when a local Judge fixes her own red light ticket and a hot-shot dinner-party set scoundrel cohort fronts her for re-election.
by Laparris (Laparris2569 [at]
I don't know who did this crime and I do not condone this.kind of behavior. But I'm fairly sure it wasn't anyone homeless atleast that I know of and I know everyone .none of my people did this it would have been all out on the streets about who it . We would know and we would not allow such behavior . All the people of Santa Cruz all of us would stop being so hateful and mean, and honestly start caring about others less fortunate (homeless) and all communities our neighbors everyone we could start doing amazing things for example lead the nation in a state of the art program aiding to the restoration of those in need of housing ,jobs ,health care ,rehab ,school. We could help our fellow neighbors get back up and be all they are to be in the community every single one of us homeless are ready to go back to work and to do something productive and positive with our lives. I know this because I've been living out here 15years. And from my own experience I know if someone would have just offered a scrap of help and hope to me 15years.ago when I became homeless my life would have been different.( not cuz I wanted to be) I became homeless cuz I have serious medical issues which have left me premantly disabled and unable to workna real job again so i know believe me I'm an expert on living outdoors and surviving.its impossible litually to get out of being homeless.especially if u are as well disabled or experiencing trauma. The city people have no remorse ,they have nothing for the (homeless ).in fact they'd just as soon want u dead as long as ur gone. It doesn't matter if u spend years hauling tons of other people's garbage out of the poponip for years . Wanting to make a difference and a positive in change on the homeless community and the way others view them. Do ur part in making a difference for the children of the future. it makes them mad when they see tons of garbage on the side bagged up nice and neat to be hauled off routinely for years . It made me very proud of being able to do such a huge.job( volunteered) cleaning up.old.campsites in the.poponip ,needles and orange caps gone so our future kids and families didn't see them or worse get stuck .I've been clean off drugs now for 6years but that doesn't make a difference to them either nothing does .people need to start giving a #### about each other start actually caring honestly about solutions to issues instead of ignoring them hoping someone else will deal with it and nothing ever being done we cannot allow this the continue anymore please the diffence we could make is world changing. thank you Miss la
by Marshmallow
Hahahahahah!! GOOD! So ya'll gonna stop sweeping or do you wanna lose even more?
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