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Stop Privatizing Oakland! Day Of Action By Teachers & ILWU Longshore Workers

Friday, April 29, 2022
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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Oakland teachers will be striking and joining with ILWU longshore workers on April 29 against privatization and closures of Oakland schools and the privatization and destruction of the Port Of Oakland by the Mayor and Democratic Party City Council supported by the leadership of the Alameda Labor Council and Alameda Building Trades. There will be a rally at 2PM at Oscar Grant Plaza and march through Oakland.

The billionaires are after our public resources here in the City of Oakland. The Oakland School Board has recently voted to close 11 public schools, despite overwhelming opposition from the community. School closures disproportionately harm communities of color. They are part of a long-term plan by corporations to destroy public education – selling them off to real
estate developers or converting them into charter schools. Oakland does not have “too many schools,” as the district says. Oakland has too many charter schools!
Meanwhile, the City of Oakland is planning to spend $855 million in taxpayer money to construct a new A's stadium and condo complex at Howard Terminal, which is crucial to the port of Oakland. These privatization schemes are part of the gentrification of Oakland — attacking working-class
communities, destroying union jobs, and displacing
low-income residents of the Bay Area.
We must come together and fight back! This year May Day (International Workers Day) falls on a Sunday, so our action will be two days earlier, on April 29. The ILWU Local 10 has informed the port that they will be having Port Shutdown! School Shutdown!
2pm - Rally at Oscar Grant Plaza / City Hall 3pm - March to 1000 Broadway
A stop work day on this day in support of Oakland teachers.

Schools & Labor Against Privatization:Mission Statement

Schools and Labor Against Privatization (SLAP) was formed in direct response to the organized efforts of The Fisher Family, various Oakland elected officials, the Oakland school board and various Bay Area labor officials to privatize our public schools and public land/shipping ports. As a collective we understand that Oakland is not the only American city under attack from billionaires attempting to privatize/gentrify for personal monetary gain. We understand that Black and Brown communities across the country continue to be disproportionately affected by the resulting wealth gap epidemic. We also understand the continued effect privatization and gentrification have on the working class as a whole. The wealth disparity between the very rich few and the majority working class is larger than it has ever been in this country's history. The main reason for this phenomena is that our elected representatives continue to give the rich and corporate America access to public resources and wealth at an alarming rate—resources and wealth created by the poor and working class.

We say NO to the closing of public schools in Oakland, which provide education and jobs to disadvantaged communities, to pave for the Fisher family and other privatizers to take them over as private charter schools. We say NO, to the Fisher family’s attempt to benefit financially by acquiring industrial public land that creates good union-paying jobs and tax revenue for our communities to build private multi-million dollar condos and a baseball park. We say YES to redistributing corporate wealth to fund high quality public education and services, adequate and affordable housing, and high quality union jobs for all working people.

We shall organize to forge a social, economic and political movement for all working people—employed and unemployed—in our own name. We shall spread awareness, influence elections (governmental and union) to once and for all provide a voice for the working class, independent of influence by either of the corporate-dominated political parties. We shall work in conjunction with any organization(s) in which the purpose is to put an end to the oppression and exploitation of the poor and working class.
W shall hold any elected official (labor or governmental) accountable for catering to the interest of the rich few instead of the majority working class that elected them. We will achieve this by using class-struggle methods to expose and eradicate all efforts to privatize/gentrify any and all public resources for the financial benefit of billionaires, oligarchs or those who in any way represent corporate greed. We shall oppose all tactics used to divide the working class, both outside and inside the labor movement. And finally we shall create a voice and space for all people regardless of race, sex, age, gender, sexual orientation, ability, nationality, religion or work status.

Added to the calendar on Sat, Apr 16, 2022 1:21PM
For the second time in months , OEA teachers, students, staff and supporters of public education will rally at Oscar Grant Plaza at 2PM and march through Oakland to stop the privatization and closure of schools and the sale of the Port of Oakland Howard Terminal to billionaire GAP and A's owner John Fisher. This privatization is supported by Oakland Democrats on the City Council, State legislators like Bonta, Skinner and Governor Newsom.
On February 18 a joint rally of OEA and ILWU members and activists against privatization of the schools and port of Oakland took place. Building United Fronts against privatization are critical step throughout the country and world to stop these attacks by the billionaires and their Democratic Party politicians in the US who carry out this anti-working class and racist agenda.

Oakland ILWU & OEA, Students & Community Rally To Stop Privatization & Union Busting From The Port To The Schools!
Hundreds of ILWU longshore workers, Oakland teachers and labor and community activists rallied on 2/17/22 at Oakland City Hall Oscar Grant Plaza to oppose the privatization on of the Port and sale to the GAP & A's billionaire owner John Fisher for a stadium and the closure of public schools in Oakland.
Speakers talked about how the sale would wreck the port and also the role of the Democratic Party in doing the bidding of the billionaires. The Oakland City council members are supporting the massive gentrification project and the destruction of the working port for luxury condos, hotels and a privately owned stadium. The president of the Alameda Building Trades Andreas Cluver who is also the president of the Port Commission has supported privatization of the port and is trying to pit ILWU longshore workers against Teamsters. He has also gotten the leadership of the Alameda to support this multi-billion property development that will harm the 80,000 maritime workers and the working class Black and Brown West Oakland community.
Teachers and students joined the rally and connected the attack on the port workers with the shutdown of public schools in West Oakland at the same time. John Fisher and his family also run the KIPP and Rocketship charter school chain and A's president Dave Kaval is on the board of directors of Rocketship.
Workers talked about their lives in Oakland and the importance of the public education system and union jobs on the waterfront that are both threatened by the Fisher and his supporters on the Oakland school board and Oakland City Council.
Speakers also talked about the need for a workers party as a political alternative to the capitalist policies of the Democrats in Oakland, California and nationally. California has a $45.7 billion surplus but does not have money to keep the schools open during a pandemic and also provide housing for the people of Oakland and the state.
The rally was initiated by
United Front Committee For A Labor Party
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