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Wylder Space Hosts "Freedom Fighters" Meeting, Owner Posts About Q and the "Plandemic"
by SC Storm
Monday Mar 8th, 2021 5:06 PM
Shortly after Wylder Space opened a brick and mortar restaurant in Felton in July of 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, chef and owner Molly Bravo organized a "freedom fighters meeting" at their new location. Bravo then shared a string of political posts on social media, which included a QAnon post calling the Covid-19 pandemic a "plan-demic," and other posts supporting "Q" and the QAnon conspiracy theory. Wylder Space was also identified by a member of the anti-masker group "Keep Santa Cruz Free" as a business that honors "mask exemptions." The Wylder Space website describes the restaurant: "We practice a minimalist, organic & purely down to earth approach to dining and entertaining."
Anti-mask activist Satya Orion posted this message to the Keep Santa Cruz Free online group in July of 2020: "Please support Wylder Space restaurant in Felton which just opened on Tuesday. I went in to say hi. Molly, the owner, knew about our group and was so happy I stopped by. They happily are honoring mask exemptions and look forward to meeting us."

In October, Bravo posted a graphic image of the letter Q to her personal Facebook page. "That's all. Have a good day," Bravo wrote. She also added the hash tag "savethechildren" to the post.

In November, Bravo posted a link to a long QAnon blog article titled "Nesara and the Global Reset: Behind the Covid-19 Plan-Demic." In that post, Bravo wrote: "This is a really well thought out article that pinpoints the rabbit hole I went down roughly 5 years ago. I’ve never looked at the World the same way since. I’ve always been rather unconventional, anti authority and a freedom seeker."

In December, Bravo shared this QAnon post by "Joe M," whose social media account is named "Storm is Upon Us":

"Patriots, I'm sure you can see the Storm is coming to a head. This election is the end for them. Anything they have left they will be deploying now. Suspend Trump's Twitter? Why not. The full force of the fake news is about to descend onto the battlefield for a last stand that will shake this nation to its core. I won't judge you for how you might be feeling now, but I will be disappointed if, after all we've been through, you have any doubt in the victory that's coming, and the justice that will follow."

QAnon (also called Q) is a far-right conspiracy theory corresponding to a network of individuals who believe a group of satan worshipping cannibals, often called the "cabal," is running a sex-trafficking ring, and that they actively plotted against Donald Trump while he was in office. Advocates of the conspiracy theory appropriated the "save the children" hashtag to spread their message. The term "storm" is used to refer to a day of reckoning they believe was to be planned by Trump, when his foes would be rounded up and either arrested or simply executed.

On August 4, Bravo posted about Wylder Space's "freedom fighters meeting" to the "Freedom Forum Santa Cruz" page on Facebook. In the post, Bravo included a link to a video of the featured speaker, Dennis Kyne. The video was filmed at a "9/11 truth" conference. Kyne is a former Gulf War veteran who delves into conspiracy theories.

Freedom Forum Santa Cruz is a political event series organized by a group of right-wing libertarians in Santa Cruz. A common subject of the series is the anti-vaccination movement. One of the organizers of Freedom Forum is Linda Ellie Black, who is also a co-founder of Keep Santa Cruz Free. Black has organized dozens of mask-free public events at the beach during the pandemic for Keep Santa Cruz Free.

On August 7, Bravo posted to social media that she was: "afraid to speak my truth." Bravo wrote: "For all you entrepreneurs, free thinkers, business owners and citizens of this planet- how would you or do you handle opening a business as a free thinker in the height of this global “pandemic”?" Bravo added: "I’m feeling a very strong pull to stand up for my freedom, my sovereignty and as a citizen of earth."

On August 9, Wylder Space posted to their Facebook page that Dennis Kyne would be speaking later that day in the back patio area of the restaurant, however the post made no mention of the event being a "freedom fighter meeting."

On March 3, 2021, Wylder Space wrote on social media: "We are fortunate enough to have planted some roots in Felton. We’re taking what we’ve always done and using this space as a platform to share our vibe with the community."

During the past five years of going down the "rabbit hole," as Molly Bravo called it, she has also posted about the anti-vaccination movement, and more recently she has referenced the terms "the great awakening" and "spiritual revolution" to describe the current times.
§Molly Bravo shares QAnon blog post about the "plan-demic"
by SC Storm
Monday Mar 8th, 2021 5:06 PM
§Section of QAnon blog post
by SC Storm
Monday Mar 8th, 2021 5:06 PM
§Molly Bravo shares QAnon post referencing the "storm"
by SC Storm
Monday Mar 8th, 2021 5:06 PM
§Post about Wylder Space in Keep Santa Cruz Free
by SC Storm
Monday Mar 8th, 2021 5:06 PM
§Molly Bravo complains about Gov. Gavin Newsom
by SC Storm
Monday Mar 8th, 2021 5:06 PM
§Social media post referencing "sovereignty"
by SC Storm
Monday Mar 8th, 2021 5:06 PM
"I’m feeling a very strong pull to stand up for my freedom, my sovereignty and as a citizen of earth."
by SC Storm
Monday Mar 8th, 2021 5:06 PM
by SC Storm
Monday Mar 8th, 2021 5:06 PM
§Anti-vaccination post
by SC Storm
Monday Mar 8th, 2021 5:06 PM
§Anti-vaccination post
by SC Storm
Monday Mar 8th, 2021 5:06 PM
§Wylder Space
by SC Storm
Monday Mar 8th, 2021 5:06 PM
Since the publication of this article, several photos of Molly Bravo were discovered that show her and one of her employees not wearing masks as they work in the Wylder Space kitchen (one of the photos is displayed in this update). The photos were posted in September of 2020 and the restaurant has only been open during the pandemic:

After this article was brought to the attention of Bravo, she locked down her personal Facebook page. Her posts there are no longer visible to the public. The article has stimulated new conversations on Wylder Space's social media pages, and Bravo has posted comments there addressing some of the points made in the article. Members of the public asked questions about what Bravo was thinking when she created the QAnon posts, and some customers have come to her defense. Also defending Bravo are some of the anti-maskers who filmed themselves storming Trader Joe's in Santa Cruz on February 13. The anti-maskers, who are members of David Rodriguez's Santa Cruz Voluntaryists group, stopped using their real names on Facebook after the fallout from the video, and they have created new names.

It appears that Bravo has not denounced the QAnon conspiracy theory at this point. There aren't any statements on Wylder Space's social media accounts that explain why she made the QAnon posts.

And Bravo has not yet addressed the allegation by Satya Orion of the group Santa Cruz Free that Wylder Space honors "mask exemptions" for customers at their restaurant.

These are the main statements Bravo has made on Wylder Space's Facebook page regarding the issues raised in this article:

"I, Molly Bravo from Wylder Space HAVE NEVER HELD a QANON meeting at my place of business NOR AT MY HOME. I have never supported ANY radical group that supports harming or hating other races, genders, religions (and anything else I may be missing). If you are trying to get a read on who I am, please read my blog. It will give you a very clear sense- going back years- of who I am and what I stand for. Thank you for addressing me rationally. Sending you love and good vibes."

"I am going to refrain from engaging in the toxicity that has been shoved around on social media today. Just know, you'll always be welcome at Wylder Space- we welcome EVERYONE, always....and I mean that. We are creating a space built on a foundation of community, support, love and inspiration. Anyone that has been to our space first hand should know that -through and through- just by speaking with me personally, hanging out here and stepping foot in our door. I'm not here to defend myself because quite frankly, I don't think I've done anything wrong AT ALL. It's unfortunate that there is so much hatred swirling around. Just know that I've been reading all the comments- pretty much everywhere- I think it's pretty disturbing to see the lengths that people will go to cause harm to those that don't hold the same belief systems that they do. We need to come together and hug it out. The world needs love. So with that, I hope things get better. As long as we each work on being the BEST versions of ourselves that we can be, I think we'll make it. Much love, from that tiny 'lil spot in the Santa Cruz mountains, you guys probably know as Wylder Space."

"Just wrote you back. Thanks for taking the time to reach out. I actually blocked all my private FB stuff because of this. Sending you love and tons of good vibes."

"I wanted to clarify any misconceptions you may be having about Wylder. Please reach out me directly with any questions or concerns. We follow all of the requirements to be a working restaurant and catering co. 25 people outside (all open- no tenting with walls) and 5 people inside effective Wed. We keep people 6 ft. apart. We ALL wear masks- above our noses. We have the proper safety and sanitation certificates and they're posted in our establishment. We wash our hands religiously. Each person who works here has a safe/sanitation certificate required to be a fully functioning restaurant in CA. We have hand sanitizer at the register and we have a working restroom for you to wash your hands if ever you feel the need. Thanks for checking in. It would be great to meet you sometime."

These are comments from anti-maskers made to the Wylder Space page in response to this article:

"That sounds amazing! I'm so happy to hear about such cheerful uplifting events happening in our community. Thank you!" wrote Kristy Fernandes. Fernandes' new name on Facebook is Kristy Moonbeam.

"Sounds awesome!! And your place looks amazing! Beautiful! I haven’t been but look forward to going soon. You guys come highly recommended. Happy spring!" wrote Staci Lares. Lares' new name on Facebook is SA Late.

"Molly Bravo You ROCK," wrote Tim Welch. Welch's new name on Facebook is TDub OnThe Tubs.

"Awesome! Looking forward to more delicious food and fun at Wylder Space," wrote Tally Welch. Welch's new name on Facebook is Tally Tutu.

"Looking forward to taste the food. I only hear good things about this place," wrote Florence Schroeder. Schroeder's new name on Facebook is FreeFlo Schro.

"Love your food, can't wait for this," wrote Nick Clifford. Clifford's new name on Facebook is Nicholas J Sayers.

Two anti-maskers were "liking" comments on the post Teresa Krockenberger, whose new name on Facebook is Teresa Krocki, and Andres Martin.

Christopher Montenegro, who teaches the anti-maskers kickboxing, made comments on the Wylder Space page.

"Since when is it anybody’s business what and who others believe and support," wrote Christopher Montenegro.

Montenergo also made the following comments on the Wylder Space Facebook page:

"The plandemic has been causing so many problems regulated by your government. Look at Florida. In this county there was 174 deaths and so many people lost businesses. Meanwhile suicides and depressions id rampant. Total denial of common sense from mainstream media brainwashing..."

"There is an ascension happening... many are rising in consciousness...while others like yourself are grabbing to the old paradigm of fear and lack...Be gone from here and this amazing establishment..."

"There is plenty of information online. Research event 201. Agenda 21 and agenda 2030"

"Fauci is also making money on the vaccinations while promoting fear and ignoring natural wholistic treatments..."

Source/More info about the anti-maskers (and their pictures) is here:
Marilyn Madden changed her name on Facebook to Marilyn Sophia. Madden is a member of Santa Cruz Voluntaryists and Keep Santa Cruz Free.
Post is from October 2020
§Satya Orion encourages others not to wear masks
by Storm
Friday Mar 12th, 2021 4:50 PM
Post from July 2020
Comments from March 17-18, 2021 that were deleted.
§Molly Bravo thanks anti-masker Kristy Fernandes
by Storm
Friday Mar 19th, 2021 11:47 PM
On March 19, 2021, Molly Bravo commented on Kristy Fernandes' Facebook post:

"So incredible! So inspiring! Keep shining sister! Our vibe attracts our tribe. I'm so grateful I got to meet you today. Thank you for sticking up for me, at a time where I'm unable to stick up for myself! I am eternally grateful for you, for your community of like-minded peeps and for your goodness and heart. Much love!"

Kristy Fernandes' new name on Facebook is Kristy Moonbeam. Fernandes is a member of David Rodriguez's Santa Cruz Voluntaryists, and she is one of the anti-maskers who filmed themselves storming the Santa Cruz Trader Joe's on February 13.
In a comment left on a social media post made by Dennis Kyne about the Moderna vaccine, Molly Bravo states that she will do "anything" to "avoid this shot like the plague."

On his Facebook page, Dennis Kyne writes extensively in opposition to vaccinations.
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