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Fascists Try to Overthrow US Gov't by Force & Violence

by Never Forgive, Never Forget
On January 6, 2021, they came by the thousands all wrapped up in the American flag, and some with the Confederate flag, at the behest of Nazi Trump, to try to overthrow the American government by force and violence, the same thing their fascist predecessors falsely accused communists of doing in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. The photos and videos follow so everyone can see who it is that tries to overthrow the government by force and violence.
The anti-Communist witchhunters went after the famous black opera singer and actor, Paul Robeson. Here is his testimony before the House Unamerican Activities Committee in 1956:
“You Are the Un-Americans, and You Ought to be Ashamed of Yourselves”: Paul Robeson Appears Before HUAC

Here is a video of Paul Robeson's life:

Those of us who grew up with the terror of the anti-Communist witchhunts are so happy that the world can now see who it is who wants to overthrow the US government by force and violence, namely fascists who today are trained in the US military and the US police. Most of the rioters were strong young white men, not starving workers but very well fed.

And now, for the record, here are today's fascists, no different from those in Nazi Germany and in the USA attacking everyone with a decent thought in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Clearly, the fascist invaders had help by either commission or omission from the local police forces. This is not just an ordinary "breach of security."
Shocking video catches Capitol Police member taking selfies with insurrectionists
‘Where are the police?’ Lawmakers don gas masks, evacuate the US Capitol as Trump supporters storm the building
Chaos at the Capitol: Trump supporters launch assault as Congress counts votes
Several videos of fascist thugs attacking police with pepper spray, overcoming barricades, etc.
1/6/21 Has lots of pictures.
1/6/21 More pictures.

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by Never Forgive, Never Forget
January 6, 2021
Now it is on the record as to who voted to overturn the free and fair election results of November 3, 2020 for president, namely 121 House Republicans to reject Arizona's election results, 138 House Republicans to reject Pennsylvania's election results, 6 Senate Republicans to reject Arizona's election results and 7 Senate Republicans to reject Pennsylvania's election results. See
Cruz (R-TX)
Hawley (R-MO)
Hyde-Smith (R-MS)
Kennedy (R-LA)
Marshall (R-KS)
Tuberville (R-AL)
Cruz (R-TX)
Hawley (R-MO)
Hyde-Smith (R-MS)
Lummis (R-WY)
Marshall (R-KS)
Scott (R-FL)
Tuberville (R-AL)

See also

Only because these Traitor Republicans sought to overturn a free and fair election did this routine certification of the election take more than an hour, and was the excuse for Nazi Trump to incite perhaps 10,000 people, at least 2,000 of whom illegally invaded the US capitol building, threatening the lives of everyone inside.

Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-San Mateo) described the scene as follows:

"I was in the chamber and on the floor hiding from what was sure to be additional violence," said Speier. “She says she heard one gunshot. "These are acts of violence they should be prosecuted. I feel very strong that the President incited this violence and should be criminally charged," said Speier. "They were pounding on the doors of the chamber and they had barricaded with a piece of furniture and then they drew their guns. It was as if we were in a Banana Republic and not the United States of America," she continued.”

The democratically elected government of Venezuela, opposed by US Republicans and Democrats, issued a statement condemning the attempted coup on the part of the US Republican Party as being business as usual in the rest of the world on the part of the American government as follows:

“The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela has condemned the acts of violence that took place today in Washington D.C. and reminds that U.S. foreign policy consistently promotes these policies of aggression against legitimate democratic process worldwide.”

For this statement and more information and photos on the January 6, 2021 Republican coup and the economic crisis in backward USA which does not even have socialized medicine, unlike Venezuela, see:

This latest Confederate coup attempt is described in photos and historical reference to the Wilmington Coup of 1898 at:

The lack of adequate preparation for this attempted coup rally, announced many weeks ago by Nazi Trump, and the acquiescence of the police to the rioters, is contrasted to the treatment of anti-fascist protesters, such as Mr. Puryear, as follows:

“I once participated in a sit-in at a Senators office demanding he speak out against the destruction of public housing in his home state. A Capitol Police officer threatened to mace me in the face at point blank range for “talking too loud.””

One of the traitor rioters who was killed by the few police defending the capitol was a San Diego woman, an Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbitt, age 35. See

It was obvious from the good physical condition and the reactionary politics of the traitor rioters that most of the crowd had some connection to the military or the police forces in this country. We should remember that the New York City police endorsed Nazi Trump and the military usually votes Republican.

The police in Sacramento, California at the protest of the coup on January 7, 2021, did not hesitate to pepper spray the anti-fascists. See “The tensions inevitably rose, arguing and skirmishes broke out. Proud Boys followed counter-protestors away, and at one point, police surrounded the anti-fascists and pepper sprayed them.”

A good description of the contrast at the kid gloves treatment by the police of the traitor coup thugs and any workingclass protest of US government policies can be found at

Liberation News had this to say in its 1/6/21 statement:
“The heavily armed Capitol Police put up almost no resistance as the fascists pushed over barriers, smashed windows and invaded the chamber of the Senate. One woman was shot and killed inside the Capitol Building. But at the end of the mayhem, after they had accomplished their goal, the mob was calmly escorted out of the building instead of being arrested. If an action remotely like the pro-Trump mob’s dispersal of Congress had been attempted by anti-racist protesters this summer, for instance, they would have undoubtedly been met with deadly and overwhelming force. “

“Today’s events could not possibly have transpired without some level of cooperation between the fascists and the police. It is inconceivable that the police were not monitoring the communications of the pro-Trump protesters traveling to D.C. and that they were simply unaware that there was any possibility that an assault on the Capitol Building was being discussed.”
The capitalist world leaders who claimed shock over this scene clearly have not been paying attention to the disintegration of this country symbolized by Nazi Trump being illegally allowed to sit in office at all and the complete destruction of the economy by the refusal of the US ruling class through its government to provide sufficient housing, food, education and medical care to the workingclass, the 80% of us who make less than $80,000 a year, by taxing the rich, while the rich are richer than ever before and Democrats and Republicans together do not hesitate to give $740 billion to the military to murder the workers of the world to maximize the profits of the oil companies and the munitions makers, the only reason the military exists.
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