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Global Stand 4 Assange- Save His Life & Journalism
Date Monday September 07
Time 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Event Type Protest
Emailinfo [at]
Location Details
Please join us live or virtually in vital actions as the farce trial of Assange and journalism starts in the UK:
Sept 7 Noon -2pm Outside:
British Consolute San Francisco
1 Sansome St.
San Francisco 94104
Julian Assange, journalist and Wikileaks founder, is being charged under the 1917 Espionage Act by the United States for publishing U.S. WAR CRIMES and human rights abuses. He revealed the brutal killing of unarmed civilians and the torture of innocent people. Not one person has even been brought to charge for these crimes. Instead, Assange has been continuously and relentlessly pursued.

The use of Espionage charges against a journalist/publisher is unprecedented. This puts all of journalism at risk with precedent for any country to charge any journalist in the world for what it deems unlawful by its own metrics. Julian Assange faces 175 years in prison if extradited to the U.S. based on contrived, archaic charges, per this extradition request. He has been jailed and tortured (documented by and objected to by several reputable organizations) for over 16 months, in solitary confinement 23 hours/day, under high-risk for COVID exposure, in one of the worst prisons in the UK, under maximum penalty for "skipping bail." After that charge expired, he was held merely as a political prisoner of the U.S. for activities of journalism that were also published by the Washington Post, The NY Times, and others. He is described as an enemy of the state for revealing truths that WeThePeople deserve to know; such as when our government kills innocents in our names under guise of war. Never-ending wars fueled by profits and perpetuated by false narratives- to keep us fighting amongst ourselves, as pawns- must STOP. This trial is OUR VERY VISION and VOICE ON TRIAL. There can be no justice by an uninformed public. Just look at what they've done to make an example of this man for revealing truth. We are all Assange. We must stand now or face further decimation.

The misconduct and blatant denial of law have gone on in this masquerade of a case for years are shameful. Julian Assange has committed no crime. Yet he has been under media blackout and curated smears have been constantly repeated as the acceptable narrative by the corporate-owned mainstream media.

The multinational forces of power joined in Assange’s pursuit have also relentlessly gone after his family and anyone associated with him for years now. He has been denied Due Process and visits by his lawyers, partner & their young children. What has been done to him has made a complete mockery of any semblance of law. He has not been allowed access to documents to prepare for his trial. He has not been able to hear in the courtroom- walled off in a clear cell, like a dangerous criminal- all for spectacle. He has been denied basic rights and life comforts of prisoners who commit mass murder/heinous crimes. His supporters and activists have been censured and targeted (as per an eventually leaked plan revealed). Nothing gets in the way of the machine of the powerful. Nothing, except truth, and the few honest citizens left to stand up for it and for what is right-- for any hope left in goodness in our world & for our children.

A factual timeline of all of this can be found at: –note that the mobile version differs from desktop lookup and mobile does not currently show 2020.

Sadly, the show trial of Julian Assange marches on and intensifies our need to ACT to save his life- along with saving our freedoms of speech and journalism worldwide. His extradition hearing starts on September 7, 2020, at the Old Bailey in London. It is anticipated to last for three weeks.

We would like to show our solidarity with the global #Candles4Assange events in support of Julian. Please join us in:

1- VIRTUALLY by sharing a photo of your live, virtual, solo, or group events/actions around the Bay Area this month.

2- Join us LIVE at our event on Sept. 7th, if you can, to stand for Julian Assange in peaceful protest. Our main goal is presence and educating the public with fliers and information.

Please bring signs/banners/fliers if you have them, but mainly just show up. Safe distancing and masks please.

3- We realize that not everyone can attend live or in San Francisco. We’re glad support anyone having any sort of action. NO ACTION IS TOO SMALL and ANYTHING POSITIVE/WELL-INTENTIONED HELPS!

Since Julian’s farce trial is set to go on for weeks; any action you may take on any day will add to the cumulative difference. But NOW is the time.

Please let us know and we’ll be glad to post it on the website and promote it via adding your city to the global protests list on @Candles4Assange, #Unity4J, and @action_4assange.

We hope to share/post as many photos as possible of ANY actions. Please send direct via admin [at] OR tag @JeaniRN on Twitter noting

to be a part of helping free Julian Assange:

You can find fliers on our resources page and has some brilliant graphic informational fliers you can download or print directly to share with people.
#YellowRibbons4Assange is a vital campaign that Christine Assange & @TRUMANHUMAN2020 started in May, 2020. It is an ongoing, easy and meaningful action to take anywhere. It spreads the awareness of Julian’s plight. It has started many conversations at our home’s gate and at events to promote accurate information in conversation. You can learn more here:
#Clovers4Assange by Anons / @YourMarkLubbers. Add a clover to your Twitter and elsewhere to promote awareness for Julian.

Julian’s partner and mother of their two children, @Stellamoris1, has started a fundraiser for legal fees. No contribution is too small.

Stella has expressed the importance of educating the public on Julian’s case, as has his mother, @MrsC_Assange, noting how important it is to reach outside our immediate bubble. Many people don’t know about Julian’s case due to media blackout. Or they may only know the smears promoted by mainstream media worldwide. It is up to each of us to spread the truth to save his life.


Action4Assange live broadcasts from D.C. from September 4th - 25th where they will protest and lead demonstrations to bring awareness to Julian’s persecution. The Facebook Event kicks off Friday, September 4th, 12:00PM EDT/9:00AM PDT and you can register here. If you don’t use Facebook, you can likely find it directly on Action4Assange's YouTube channel. They have great interviews/vigils weekly and a wealth of information & teach-In resources - all worth subscribing to.
Action4Assange weekly online vigils every Tuesday 9:00PM EDT/6:00PM PDT and Saturday 1:00PM EDT/10:00AM PDT. Watch on YouTube
A4AWEEKLY ACTIONS PAGE: Action 4 Assange – Action 4 Julian Assange

@plucille54 & @SomersetBean have arranged for newly designed Don't Extradite Assange sister mobile billboards to be on the streets of Washington, D.C. & London for Julian Assange's extradition hearing. You can donate to help get the message out in London and Washington, D.C.


Please enjoy the newly released film by Juan Passarelli, The War on Journalism: The Case of Julian Assange, from

Please feel free to contact us for any reason.

We look forward to seeing your actions - stay safe out there!

In solidarity,

Added to the calendar on Tuesday Sep 1st, 2020 5:25 PM
§A Call 4 Artists to Bring Your Art to Action
by BayAction2FreeAssange (info [at]
Wednesday Sep 2nd, 2020 1:50 AM
Please bring your art to the event:
Global Stand 4 Assange- Save His Life & Journalism
Sept 7 Noon -2pm Outside:
British Consolute San Francisco
1 Sansome St.
San Francisco 94104

Please note details of the event at

We would love for you to share your art and/or create it at this event protesting the show trial of Julian Assange.

Help us save Assange, Journalism and Free Speech

Thank you!

Artwork by @MarkAndresen11
We are 100% volunteer and depend on your participation to sustain our efforts!


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