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OEA Reaches Tentative Agreement – Ratification Vote on Sunday March 3
by OEA
Sunday Mar 3rd, 2019 12:14 PM
After seven days on strike – with 95% of our members on the line, 97% of students out of school, and tens of thousands on our picket lines and rallies – we have reached a Tentative Agreement! This is a historic contract with a win in every major proposal we made, that moves us toward a win for the schools Oakland students deserve! Next steps: a member discussion and ratification vote – after a 24 hour period for full review. More details to come in the next few hours via OEA’s website and social media platforms. Here are the highlights of the agreement

Ratification Process

All-member ratification vote, March 3, 12-4 pm, Paramount Theatre

The members of the Oakland Education Association — the teachers, counselors, nurses, psychologists, librarians, speech pathologists, social workers, teacher substitutes and other support staff of the Oakland public schools — will meet Sunday, March 3 to cast their vote on whether to ratify the tentative agreement or not. If a majority of the membership votes yes, we will ratify the contract and end the strike. If a majority of the membership votes no, the strike will continue.

We are proud to be a democratic union of educators fighting together for the schools Oakland students deserve!

  • Doors open at Noon and check-in starts
  • Meeting Starts at 12:30 with presentation on the T.A.
  • Debate and questions begin at 1:20
  • Voting begins (and debate and questions continue) at 1:45
  • Voting Ends at 4:00
    (Once you vote, you can’t re-enter the meeting)


11% salary increase over 4 years. PLUS a 3% bonus upon ratification. We FORCED OUSD to invest in keeping teachers in Oakland – which will give our kids experienced teachers in their classrooms. Dramatic increases for subs, and tying sub pay to the wage scale, so our substitutes never fall behind again.


More counselors, RSPs, psychologists, speech pathologists and Newcomer support staff for our students! Bonuses and a new salary schedule to support nurse recruitment.


A one student reduction in class size at high needs schools next year. A one student reduction in class sizes across all schools in 2021-22. We FORCED OUSD to take this step to improve student learning conditions, especially at our highest-needs schools.


Board President Aimee Eng has committed to introduce a resolution calling for a 5 month pause on school closures and consolidations, and more community input into the process. The power of our strike will help us organize against future closures!


Board President Aimee Eng has committed to introduce a resolution calling for a charter school moratorium, similar to the one passed by the LAUSD Board as a result of UTLA’s historic strike. Next step: Sacramento!


You united the community behind the fight for public education in Oakland and YOU WON.

AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Oakland Education Association is committed to improve wages, working conditions, and professional standards for all of our unit members. Our aim is to ensure effective teaching and learning in all classrooms in the City of Oakland.

Strike coverage:
§What We Won (Summary of TA)
by OEA Sunday Mar 3rd, 2019 12:27 PM
(2-page PDF)

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by OEA
Sunday Mar 3rd, 2019 12:26 PM
(118-page PDF)
by OEA
Sunday Mar 3rd, 2019 12:28 PM
(1-page PDF)
by OEA
Sunday Mar 3rd, 2019 12:29 PM
(3-page PDF)
by Where is progress?
Sunday Mar 3rd, 2019 1:54 PM
Talk about regress: When I was in California public schools in the 1950s-1960s, the genocide celebration week known as Thanksgiving lasted 2 days, as it does in the office worker world to this day. In the private sector, it lasts 1 day if at all. The schools, with now a majority minority student population, increased the genocide celebration days to 5! This, as well as the refusal to fund education by taxing the rich, is a sign of total contempt for education and increased support of racism. Since there is already a war celebration in November in the schools known as Veterans Day (but not in the private profit offices or in most profit-making businesses), there is no reason for any other November holiday. The November 5-day celebration of genocide plus 1 day for war support is followed in December by 2 weeks for the Money Season.

The union should be promoting 3 15-week sessions of school per year, with the students advancing per semester if they get at least a C in a course, at all grade levels from first through 12th grade. School should be mandatory at age 3, not age 6, as it is in many countries, including Venezuela. At age 3, they can learn letters and numbers, music, dance, art, writing and basic reading. That still leaves 7 weeks for final exams, new semester registration and all the phony baloney holidays. In an 80% urban society, there is no need for a 2 month summer break. The union should also promote immediate abolition of standardized tests which take up time for absolutely no benefit as all they do is measure poverty while enriching the testing companies.

Is the union going to promote taxing the rich, the 885,225 millionaires and 144 billionaires in California, by the super majority Democratic Legislature and the Democratic governor by increasing the progressive income tax? That is the best way to fund the public schools and is long overdue. The refusal to do so has resulted in 45 students per class in violation of the Fire Code, with students sitting on the floor as there are insufficient chairs, and all the other horrors we have heard about in these teacher strikes. Since these students do not come from homes with a high level of education, there should be no more than 20 students per class so the students can receive individual attention. Again, we have had a supermajority Democratic Legislature and a Democratic governor for decades in regard to the Legislature and years in regard to the governor, all members of a party promoting charter schools the same as the Republicans, and the schools are now worse than ever.
by General Strike Now
Sunday Mar 3rd, 2019 7:38 PM
The most obvious item missing is the 30% pay raise for teachers to rent an apartment in Oakland. They need that right now. Also missing is the demand to abolish charter schools, hiring one nurse per 500 students, one counselor per 200 students, and limiting class size to 20 students per class. Lowering a 40 to 50 student class by 1 student does not work. There is no education going on among students in a 30-40-50 student class when they receive no help at home. The contract should be written so that in 1 year, all Oakland public school students will pass all tests with flying colors so that there is no such thing as a student who cannot do math or English at their grade level. PLEASE, if this ridiculous agreement is rejected, go for a general strike now. There should have been a general strike on DAY ONE.
We are 100% volunteer and depend on your participation to sustain our efforts!


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