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Mother Calls Out Santa Cruz Police for Publicly Humiliating People with 'Serious Life Problems'
by Santa Cruz Police News
Saturday Oct 20th, 2018 2:35 PM
Community members continue to complain about the Santa Cruz Police Department policy of allowing violent and vigilante types of comments from the public to remain visible on their social media accounts, however few avenues are available for them to pursue their complaints. Recently the mother of an individual targeted by SCPD spoke out on social media, accusing the department of bias for selectively posting mugshots and other photos of individuals they have arrested, which she says results in violent comments made towards those individuals by the public.
On October 12, the mother of a person whose mugshot was posted on the SCPD Facebook page spoke directly to police in the comments section of another arrestee's photo who was unrelated to her son's case:

"You are inciting violence. People on your websites SCPD are saying violent things. About wanting to hurt these people you post. Who are not actually charged or sentenced at all. You are creating more crime with this site."

"Not cool shaming people and making it impossible to get fair treatment in court. You are biasing the narrative before someone is even charged. This is likely illegal."

She also wrote the following statement on her Facebook page on October 16:

"Truly sick how the Santa Cruz Police publicly humiliate/shame people who have serious life problems!

"Make state wide news out of ...Not much. Not sure how they pick and choose who to feature on their social media pages and leak news out through the state?

"I see a trend. They are targeting the mentally ill, the homeless and non-white people

"It is really sick. Am not even sure they realize they are this f'ed. This biased.

"Homeless are being targeted in town by people seeking vigilante "justice." being violent.

"The SCPD leave up comments on their social media pages advocating harming people!

"I called a sergeant and asked that they start moderating their boards! Have an admin that actually deletes comments and people who suggest violence against people.

"I had to report multiple people and comments."
§A recent violent comment made on SCPD social media
by Santa Cruz Police News Saturday Oct 20th, 2018 2:35 PM
§A recent violent comment made on SCPD social media
by Santa Cruz Police News Saturday Oct 20th, 2018 2:35 PM
§A mother's plea to SCPD
by Santa Cruz Police News Saturday Oct 20th, 2018 2:35 PM
§A mother's plea to SCPD
by Santa Cruz Police News Saturday Oct 20th, 2018 2:35 PM
§A mother's plea to SCPD
by Santa Cruz Police News Saturday Oct 20th, 2018 2:35 PM

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by Thinkingletme
Sunday Oct 21st, 2018 6:16 AM
While I think such problems and biased exist in SCPD and in the jail system itself in how people still innocent by law are treated, I have also been a moderator before. With the types of frankly far more upsetting comments seen daily without more context and maybe even with some there is no saying how serious these "threats" were if they were meant as such, Saying someone should do something is different than a direct "im going to hurt you" threat. I certainly agree the treatment of those with mental health issues, minorities etc. need lots and lots of work, and SCPD has been found doing such things in the past.Its hard to draw any direct correlation to their FB page comments. I understand her frustration is deep. I have always had strong feelings against mug shots when used and allowed to shame those still innocent or even later found guilty of a petty crime. Sadly its not illegal. Most people are aware that the private mugshots website exists and has been found to charge lots of money to get one removed. Yet legal. I assume legal for SCPD to publish as they see fit and certainly if up to me those posting policies of mugshots would be different, But anyone with a last name can find them.

The larger concerns to be drawn are surely valid. Mental illness is targeted directly or not. Same can be said for other groups she mentions. Ingrained bias is a thing for cops. It happens often not seen till its too late or not at all. As far as FB I wonder how long was the comment was up before it was deemed as unmoderated? Mods often are doing many sites Their response far from instant.Although the Sheriffs page is pretty good about that. Ramifications can also come from deleting comments that while are offensive are not real threats by the law. In those cases of direct threats FB will remove flagged content etc. So she is not without any recourse.

I would argue that many things lead to this lack of empathy and bad actors on the net stem from everything from upbringing and the horrible political climate we find ourselves. Cases of police misconduct should be turned in, and sadly often little is done. But now and then enough outrage is shown to cause change. And maybe that helps with other more hard to swallow realities of bias and unfairness that are everywhere.
by thinkingdammit
Sunday Oct 21st, 2018 6:37 AM
I saw the post and understand much better, SCPD did respond in reasonable time and looks like some comments were removed either by the poster or mods. I feel horrible for her situation. She worded it well on FB but to me that's the story that needs to be told. I understand her frustrations with SM and she has been through so much. Someone should do a story on that and shed some light on that. She was able to get her point across on SM and while not all agreed most were sympathetic and it was treated seriously by any standards. I doesn't help her situation, not in the least.

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