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KZYX in Philo, California experiencing various kinds of covert action?
by chaz
Saturday Mar 24th, 2018 2:50 PM
A few nights ago, I tried calling one of my favorite independent radio stations as I had done for years before. I was on a landline. I got through alright, but then something happened that I had never experienced: my voice sounded clear on my end, but on the radio's end, it came across all garbled and missing words. Was this merely "rain in the phone lines" as the DJ thought? Or some kind of jamming technique being directed at independent radio?
I was calling late-night to a show on KZYX called "On The Verge", with host Verge Belanger, when something happened that I've never experienced in all my 20-plus years of speaking out on phones: Every time I called in (3 times), my voice got garbled up.

The first two times, I was talking with the DJ off the air, but on the third time, he put me on the air. You can hear it yourself at the link (

As weird as it was, I couldn't help but to wonder if the navy or air force was experimenting with some of its new gadgetry or something; or perhaps it/they were seeking to target this station, specifically??

But why would they do THAT? was the old COINTELPRO maxim: Target all voices that seek to sustain a serious challenge to the status-quo...

A few more details:
So when I called three times, the first two times, the sound was garbled from my end, and messed with me as I tried to talk, but was clear on the DJs end. On the third time, my voice sounded clear on my end, but turned out to be VERY garbled on the DJ's end.

Now, KZYX is well known (for those in the Mendicino area) for being progrssive, independent media. But why mess with calls that late at night? And, no, I don't know yet if this has happened to other shows on kzyx or other stations in the vicinity.

Or perhaps it's exactly what the DJ, Verge, thought: merely "rain in the phonelines."

(note: I've never heard of that, nor have I ever had this kind of problem before; I've had many problems over the years with phones, mind you, from echoing to other kinds of interference, but nothing LIKE THIS.

So, if anyone out there is saavy on this stuff, please speak up! What do YOU think?

Look for "On The Verge" in the jukebox at the link given. Go to approximately "1:55:22" and listen.

(P.s. I put this under "north bay, marin" because I didn't see any other position that approximated the area where Mendicino is. (Imc admin: You NEED a designation other than "north coast" for all points north that are not on the coast!)
§KZYX dealing with covert action troubles?
by concerned Wednesday Mar 28th, 2018 4:59 AM
A curious article previously published elsewhere on indybay, and ought to be noted by the North Coast: Radio station KZYX, Philo, having various strange troubles. Anything new going on here?

Maybe indy radio stations like KZYX are ALWAYS have trouble from weird things going on? (Is it covert action, or is it some grey area, or is it just coincidental? Check out the link for a recent example of what feels like covert action:

When callers seem to be getting "jammed" so that their voices are "messed with" in a way that seems awfully suspect.

Or maybe it was just "rain in the phone lines"?

Seeking techie advice.
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