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Tax deform bill reveals the most corrupt government that money can buy
by Lynda Carson (tenantsrule [at]
Saturday Dec 16th, 2017 8:36 PM
To call your Member of Congress to say “NO” to the tax deform bills?:
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Tax deform bill reveals the most corrupt government that money can buy

By Lynda Carson - December 16, 2017

Next week the Republican controlled House and Senate are expected to pass the reconciled versions of the notorious so-called "H.R.1 - Tax Cuts and Jobs Act," so that Trump can sign the bill into law by Christmas.

If passed into law, it will be a Christmas gift from hell to the middle class and the poor, from the lackeys of the rich and powerful. A Christmas gift from hell that will institutionalize inequality and poverty, while screwing the middle class and the poor in the arse without any KY Jelly to help ease the pain.

Known as the "donor maintenance tax bill," the notorious so-called “H.R.1 - Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” is nothing more than a corrupt “kickback scheme,” that steals from the poor and middle class, to give TRILLIONS of dollars in major tax breaks to corporations, and the filthy rich.

The dishonorable House and Senate members of the GOP and the filthy rich are counting on people to shut up and go along with the biggest rip-off scam in American history involving trillions of dollars in wealth being transferred from the poor and middle class, to wealthy corporations and the filthy rich, in the form of tax breaks, and giveaways.

But wait, theres more. This is just Phase 1, of the GOP (Government’s Overpaid Prostitutes) scheme to rip-off the middle class and the poor, on behalf of the filthy rich that the GOP is in bed with.

This is only Phase 1, of a two-step tax cutting scheme, and budget cutting (welfare reform) agenda, that favors the rich and powerful, as part of an illegal “kickback scheme,” to repay wealthy Republican donors who have given millions of dollars in campaign contributions to the corrupt GOP.

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, “Republican leaders are already laying the groundwork for step two. The congressional budget resolution that Congress approved in October, which created the process and set the parameters for the tax bill, also calls for $5.8 trillion in budget cuts over the coming decade, including deep cuts in Medicaid, Medicare, and other health care programs; basic assistance including food assistance through SNAP (formerly known as food stamps); and non-defense discretionary funding, the part of the budget that funds education and training, transportation and other infrastructure, medical research, child and elder care, and other important priorities.

They chose not to include sufficient offsetting revenue-raising measures or cuts to important programs in the tax bill itself to offset its cost. Doing so would have made the tax bill even more unpopular, and its trade-offs more transparent. Instead, GOP leaders appear poised to pass the deficit-raising tax bill this year and then seek large budget cuts next year. But separating the budget cuts and tax cuts doesn’t change their priorities:”

In essence, the tax bill swindle will soon harm the chronically ill, elderly, and disabled, in addition to workers, students, nonprofit organizations, women, people of color, low-income and middle class families by cutting the budgets for Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, SSI, housing assistance programs, food stamp programs, Meals On Wheels, TANF, Skilled Nursing Facilities, home health care workers, including healthcare programs such as the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), and a host of other domestic programs that benefit the American public.

Meanwhile, wealthy corporations and the filthy rich will be laughing all the way to the bank.

The GOP Kickback Scheme Exposed

As part of the massive illegal “kickback scheme,” $67 billion in tax cuts will go to 11 donor families who gave millions of dollars in campaign contributions to the GOP. Corrupt campaign contributions that bought off corrupt politicians (lackeys) willing to jump into bed with wealthy corporations and the filthy rich that are exploiting the vulnerable American public all the way from here to hell.

The GOP kickback scheme system is so open and blatantly corrupt that reportedly during August of 2017, Bob Heghmann, 70, of Virginia Beach filed a lawsuit against the GOP, accusing the GOP of fraud and racketeering because the GOP raised millions of dollars in campaign contributions while knowing they would not be able to overturn the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), as they promised to do. Heghmann claims he has standing to sue the GOP for not keeping its promise to overturn Obamacare because he has contributed $876 to the GOP.

The notorious tax bill, a.k.a. H.R.1 - Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, is reportedly known as the “donor maintenance tax bill,” a.k.a. “illegal kickback scheme.”

Why is it known as an “illegal kickback scheme,”? Because the GOP was threatened with losing it’s corrupt campaign contributions if they did not quickly come up with a tax bill scheme that would benefit the wealthy corporations, and the filthy rich, that the GOP (Government’s Overpaid Prostitutes) jumped into bed with.

Meanwhile, corrupt politician Ajit Pai, ended Net Neutrality in recent days, the Trump regime has been threatening our National Monuments, and the Trump Regime has just banned seven words including the words “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based,” from being used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The seven banned words the CDC is not allowed to use anymore harkens back to the Orwellian days when people were being arrested for mentioning the so-called seven dirty words.

Lynda Carson may be reached at tenantsrule [at]