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16 years on, the controlled demolition of the 9/11 official story
by BCfm Politics Show
Saturday Sep 9th, 2017 1:33 PM
16th anniversary 9/11 news review: with author of '9/11 The New Evidence' Ian Henshall. Anomalies in 9/11 story – e.g. intact passports found at scene, terrorists known to authorities
First hour: 16th anniversary 9/11 news review: with author of '9/11 The New Evidence' Ian Henshall and not Chris Bollyn. Anomalies in 9/11 story – e.g. intact passports found at scene, terrorists known to authorities; Al Qaeda created by Western Intelligence Services; FBI's Osama bin Laden Unit with 80 officers working in it in run-up to 9/11;  Dave Von Kleist – what is conspiracy theory? – no evidence Osama bin Laden did 9/11 therefore a conspiracy theory – 'conspiracy theory' a CIA weaponised term no. 1035-960; what happened on 9/11 – official story has no evidence – building collapse and controlled demolition – building 7 is the smoking gun;  9/11 building did not collapse due to fire What REALLY sent it down? Shock report reveals 9/11 tower DID NOT collapse because of fire A SHOCK new report into the collapse of World Trade Centre Tower 7 is set to fuel the fires of conspiracy as it suggests multiple blazes caused its downfall; Alaska University WTC7 Evaluation report Dr Leyroy Hulsey explains why Saloman brothers building did not collapse due to fire: video of this week's report. William Rodriguez – explosions in basement;  'In Plane Sight' film by The Power Hour host Dave Von Kleist; Chemists Dr Stephen Jones and Niels Harrit found nano-thermite in debris from twin towers – peer reviewed;  anthrax attacks – proved came from a US laboratory;  Jane Standley on the BBC reported Building 7 collapsed 20 minutes before it did; role of press and main stream media – intelligence services and track record of false flag terrorism – Gladio; Netanyahu book 'Terrorism: how the west can win'; 9/11 whistleblowers – Coleen Rowley stopped from arresting 911 terrorists - compartmentalisation a secret services tactic - Barry Jennings an official working for Port Authority, Russian General Ivashov, US General Stubblebine - US Military Officers for 9/11 Truth - David Ray Griffin author of  'Bush and Cheney: how they ruined America and the World' – he discusses movements of Dick Cheney on day – Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth;  paper trail – Saudi government behind 9/11 attacks; free fall of buildings – Grenfell Tower – Fire Brigades 9/11 truthers; motives – Operation Northwoods – Dave Von Kleist discusses motives – Military Industrial Complex needing an enemy – asbestos in 9/11 towers – Project for New American Century; 'New Pearl Harbour' David Ray Griffin book – war without end. Radio4All download pages BCfm audio file Radio4All audio file

Second hour: Investigative reports: Did Israelis do 9/11 or is that anti-Semitic? 5 dancing Israelis; Two main motives 1. Military industrial complex need for war 2. Israel's Yinon Plan to Balkanise the Middle East; Huge private Israeli security company ICTS controlled all three airports where hijackers boarded on 9/11 - Israelis get top security contacts as 'experts' in fighting terror but are they also the 'perfect' terrorism perpetrators? Private arms industry, private security role. Ian Henshall believes 9/11 perpetrators most likely Neocon Mafia type network behind attacks? Three power blocks in the world now and difficult for countries to remain independent: West, China and Russia. Official investigators NIST two whistleblowers Peter Ketcham and Kevin Ryan - Questions and additions from 9/11 truthers – how open minds to 9/11? - Bruce Ivens framed by FBI – honest journalists sacked – three main points to convince people.   Hitler said Poland attacked Germany – psychological warfare. Recent arrests of German police and soldiers who were fascists – and cells of British Army far right extremists27th April 2017: German soldier arrested, planned FalseFlag terror attack on Vienna airport so that refugees would take the blame - 28th August 2017: German police raid homes of men ‘plotting to kill left-wing leaders’ - 05 September 2017: Neo-Nazi arrests: Four alleged members of 'National Action' arrested over terrorism, West Midlands Police revealThe Baron Report. Psychological warfare and 9/11 – The Quilliam Foundation fake Muslim 'think-tank'Webster Tarpley – 'How to stop WWIII' 2006 talk – he discusses moles and patsies.  Sorayah Sepaphor-Ulrich – security companies owned by Israeli  firms. Manfred Petritsch editor of 'All Smoke and Mirrors' German language blog – police state attacking civil liberties – world government and world domination.  Wider context of world domination and globalism. Sibel Edmonds – we have been forced to believe in ISIS. Rita Katz, former Mossad, runs SITE website. What can we do? New Firefighters for Truth and Justice film 'Calling Out Bravo 7' -  '9/11: New Evidence' book by Ian Henshall. Please don't trust Facebook. The next big 9/11 style attack. Failure in law enforcement in The West, whose criminal elite demand to be in a law enforcement free zone, a kind of anarcho-capitalism - - subscribe to the email list Radio4All download pages BCfm audio file Radio4All audio file [vimeo 228041209 w=640 h=360] Calling OUT Bravo-7 A Short Film by Firefighters (HD version) from Matt Campbell on Vimeo.