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SCPD celebrates their big arrest in keeping downtown safe!
by watcher
Wednesday Aug 26th, 2015 8:09 PM
Ever vigilant to harassing activists who challenge the Santa Cruz's city's laws criminalizing homelessness and controlling free speech, SCPD directs their precious resources to being able to harass artists.

SCPD might have a pretty new face as their official spokesperson instead of Steve Clark, but it's the same oppression and same message nevertheless. Today, SCPD celebrates their big arrest in nabbing the alleged "blue square painters."

Yes, in a town that is increasingly paralyzed by gang violence as well as bicycle thefts left and right, the boys and girls in blue are not only spending their precious time harassing downtown artists standing in the wrong squares they've been relegated to by Santa Cruz City Council, but now SCPD seems strangely focused on the appearance of new blue squares that have appeared in the last few days. Seems like SCPD didn't want to investigate the alleged disappearance of some of the original blue squares which have mysteriously disappeared after the City's Artist in Blue Cage ordinance was passed.

Felony vandalism seems to be the catch-all charge that SCPD uses against anyone who they politically oppose. If readers recall, SCPD and the SC DA leveled this charge against a select few bank occupiers who they effectively tried to oppress and silence under the threat of prosecution and jail simply for being in a building that hundreds of other occupiers were in as well.

Notice that the announcement in the SCPD blogspot is intended to throw red meat to Steve Clark's unofficial community cheerleaders, commonly known as TBSC. You can be assured that the TBSC admins and board members will be doing their best to turn TBSC members into a frothing mob of online near vigilantes who can then be politicized and then easily organized when TBSC and Steve Clark wants their slate of political candidates to win in a local election. Remember that TBSC loves Steve Clark and Steve Clark seems to love TBSC. They seemed to work hand and hand when Steve Clark in an official police capacity called a press conference branding SC City Council candidate Leonie Sherman an anarchist--TBSC members were not-so-surprisingly quick to jump on the allegation, mimicking Steve Clark's "facts" and claims in what one could easily imagine was a pre-organized coordinated fashion.

Is this SCPD blogspot post yet another attempt at trying to interject themselves into the political realm of local politics? Are they trying smear local efforts of some citizens who are exercising their conscience to challenge what might very well be UnConstitutional laws passed by Santa Cruz City Council in regards to their criminalization of the poor and homeless?

What will happen next in the supposedly liberal town of Santa Cruz? Who knows. But stay tuned for SCPD's latest antics of trying to silence and crush local activists they disagree with-all the while when real crime is running rampant!

** countdown for TBSC trolls to show up....10 9 8 7....

just as predicted, SCPD uses it's blogpost to help incite the TBSC mob to near violence. One of the most important parts in SCPD blog posts is to keep the community behind their efforts. This way SCPD has a built in lobbying group whenever they have to appear in front of SC City Council to ask for more money or explain why something isn't working as expected. So when reading the blog you see the glowing fandom of "GOOD WORK SCPD" (as if this was the biggest and best arrest in law enforcement history.)

The threat to beat up the 2 alleged blue square painters was thankfully removed by SCPD but calls for the alleged suspects range from telling them they should move out of town to forcing them to stay away from downtown! (which is ironic b/c that's part of what this whole debate is group of people seems to think that public space should only be available for wealthy shoppers and not people who are artists or homeless or just wanting to enjoy a public street and not be forced to buy something).

let's take a look at some of the comments, shall we?

Jeff Sonny Beach Scumbags

Beth Thurman Good work SCPD.

Jodie Brown Horn Thank you SO much for ID-ing them and NOT using the word "alleged". I'm so tired of that; when you KNOW someone has committed a crime, call them on it. I understand the whole legality thing with using the words alleged and allegedly, but it's just gotten really old.

Pariah Heall That's been an obvious disgrace by the press, I totally agree with you!

Jodie Brown Horn Good work SCPD!!! like emoticon

Richard Perez Good work SCPD

Adam Weissmuller Morons

Rita Maes Salsedo Older people behaving like kids how very sad !

Donna Gagne Idiots. They need to move.

Katherine Sweet ^^Back - they need to move back to where they came from.

Sheri Reiman-Estes Omg. COMMUNITY CLEAN UP for 5 YEARS!

James Burtnett People their age should know better! I hope the Felony sticks!

Sherri Harris You two aren't wanted in Santa Cruz. Go away.

Bates Marshall Thank you SCPD

Sonia Brown Thanks SCPD...

Danilo Tj Magallanes Lol. Next up, clean up the corner near the back catalyst parking lot

Elsa Lopez-Limas Glad they were caught. Maybe they need a restraining order to keep them away from downtown for a while.
Thanks SCPD

Arfel Hernandez Make them clean their mess

Laurie Brixner Agreed, make them clean up their mess...thank you SCPD!

Samantha Olden Next they'll try to sell t-shirts saying "I was in the blue box"

Dianna McNeill Murphy Make them Clean Up Their Mess and Others...
That will Wipe the Smile off their Faces...

finally some people showed up upset with the police incited online attacks and perhaps that shamed some of the more vigorous and vicious posters to go back to the TBSC and Hall of Shame FB groups to post their venom behind closed doors.

§TBSC goes on another witch hunt
by Anti-Hysteriaer Thursday Aug 27th, 2015 11:05 PM
TBSC goes on another crazy witch hunt. Now they are contacting UCSC to try to get Abbi Sammuels fired. Outing this because this is kind of vigilante justice is nuts and inappropriate.
§TBSC goes on a witch hunt
by Anti-Hysteriaer Thursday Aug 27th, 2015 11:08 PM
More craziness people who liked it.
§TBSC goes on another witch hunt
by Anti-Hysteriaer Thursday Aug 27th, 2015 11:11 PM
more witch hunt
§TBSC goes on another witch hunt
by Anti-Hysteriaer Thursday Aug 27th, 2015 11:13 PM
§TBSC goes on another witch hunt
by Anti-Hysteriaer Thursday Aug 27th, 2015 11:14 PM
more hunting
§TBSC goes on another witch hunt
by Anti-Hysteriaer Thursday Aug 27th, 2015 11:16 PM
and more on the witch hunt
§James Burtnett: I Hope the Felony sticks!
by TBSC is Hypocrisy Wednesday Jun 15th, 2016 3:08 PM
On August 26, 2015 James Burtnett felt compelled to comment on the Santa Cruz Police Department's Facebook page regarding the SCPD's arrest of activists who allegedly painted "blue boxes" on Pacific Avenue as a political protest in support of free speech and public space.

James Burtnett wrote, "People their age should know better! I hope the Felony sticks!"

Now let's take a closer look at some of the biggest hypocrites in Santa Cruz politics, James Burtnett and Take Back Santa Cruz.

This article was posted on May 22nd, 2016:

Take Back Santa Cruz Silent as Member Faces Gun Narcotics Charges

James Burtnett of Boulder Creek California, faces multiple felony counts ranging from illegally synthesizing a Schedule 1 narcotic, to being illegally armed with a firearm. According to court documents, Burtnett was involved in a narcotic processing operation. Due to the high concentration of extremely flammable, toxic chemicals involved, the illegal lab exploded on September 29th, 2013 on 3rd Street in Santa Cruz, California.
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Hypocrite Samantha OldenTBSC HypocritesThursday Aug 27th, 2015 11:28 PM

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