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ACLU Santa Cruz to Establish Liberty Watch
by Steve Pleich
Tuesday Mar 11th, 2014 12:56 PM
Protection of Individual Freedoms Requires Constant Vigilance
Benjamin Franklin famously said “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”. Historically, the American Civil Liberties Union has been our country's guardian of that Liberty, working to defend and preserve the individual rights that the Constitution guarantees to everyone. This duty is particularly important when fear and misunderstanding crowd out rational thought and reason. As witnessed by the new city ordinances restricting where our street artists and performers can assemble to play and ply their arts, now is the time to be ever more vigilant in protecting our basic civil liberties. At a recent forum on surveillance and privacy co-sponsored by ACLU Santa Cruz County, attendees were unanimous in their shared concern that threats to individual liberties needed to be regularly monitored and potential abridgement of those liberties brought the public’s attention. ACLU SC is addressing that concern by establishing a new initiative called Liberty Watch to provide an ongoing review of the state of civil liberties in our community. They will be regularly highlighting those ordinances, issues and governmental mandates that arguably impinge upon the free exercise of our collective liberties. It is hoped that Liberty Watch will serve as a model of how an engaged and activist ACLU can serve the citizens of Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz County whose civil liberties it has pledged to defend.
Not only the local elite, but those that they systematically persecute.

Yes, it is time for the Santa Cruz ACLU membership to stop ignoring the decades of oppression and ACT. Note that the Santa Cruz ACLU can not claim ignorance, for the issues have been raised (and suppressed). Repeatedly.

Shamefully, Steve Pleich has been a party to that 'blind eye', apparently as part of a pandering to voters that have yet to elect him.

Yes, it is time for the Santa Cruz ACLU to cease their complicity, or to cease their wrapping themselves in the reputation of past civil liberty struggles.

by Robert Norse
Thursday Mar 20th, 2014 8:49 AM
...the local ACLU takes actual policy steps opposing the obvious (the Sleeping Ban, selective harassment by the SCPD, local jail expansion, local racial discrimination, destruction of homeless property, the endless raids on homeless campsites, the local Drug War, the local Public Safety hysteria, the Sheriff's anti-immigrant policy, politically motivated curfews, attacks even on their own fund-raisers in privately-owned by publicly accessible parking lots--as at Trader Joe's), this means absolutely nothing.

Stacking the Board with political allies who largely continue the same old policies and issuing flowery statements is either cynicism or cowardice.