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Activists Face Off with Conservative Horde Marching in SF
by Women's Reproductive Rights at Stake
Monday Jan 27th, 2014 3:32 AM
San Francisco is Pro-Choice and Proud!

Photo by Steve Rhodes. Do not use without permission.
When "Abortion Hurts Women" banners were strung from street lamps on Market Street in the weeks preceding the annual Walk for Life march, City Supervisor David Campos responded by introducing a resolution that says, "the prominent display of false anti-abortion statements on public property on Market Street misrepresents the City's support for reproductive health, rights and justice."

During the march on January 25, thousands of anti-choice demonstrators passed members of World Can't Wait, the Silver Ribbon Campaign, Radical Women, Stop Patriarchy and other groups and individuals who held Pro-Choice signs. One women's health worker said, "Just doesn't seem right not to object publicly" although some, including former SF District Attorney Kamala Harris have said the anti-choice marchers should just be ignored.

California expanded abortion access last year with a measure that allows nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives and physician assistants to perform one type of early abortion, increasing access to abortion in the state. While changes such as this are encouraging, pro-choice activists say that in other states abortion rights are being stripped away, so they must remain vigilant.

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by Register Peace & Freedom or Green
Monday Jan 27th, 2014 9:06 PM
Thank you for protesting this anti-women hate march, brought to San Francisco by the San Francisco Catholic Church, and with the granting of permits for the illegal banners and this hate march, by the San Francisco Democratic Party which sits at City Hall and used our tax dollars to the tune of $100,000 a year and up plus benefits for each cop to protect the anti-women marchers.

The banners on Market Street, our main parade street, for one month falsely proclaiming “abortion hurts women” were a vicious slap in the face to all women by the San Francisco Democratic Party which granted the permit. A woman faces death every time she becomes pregnant; not so with abortion, one of the safest procedures a woman can have. Thus these banners were illegal as no one has a right to FALSELY yell fire in a crowded theater.

The Democratic Party, like the Republican Party, has a history of being anti-abortion. You need only look at the decision legalizing abortion in this country in 1973, Roe v Wade. The majority decision was written by a Republican Nixon appointee, Justice Blackmun, with a Democratic Kennedy appointee, Justice White, dissenting, proving that it is mass movements that make policy, not the twin parties of war and fascism, the Democrat-Republican parties. The Democratic Party’s Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid, is anti-abortion, as are many Democrats in the House of Representatives. Roe v Wade guarantees a woman the right to safe and legal abortion, thereby saving women’s lives. Those of us who are pro-abortion are by definition pro-life. Thus, we say, Right to Life, Your Name’s a Lie, YOU DON’T CARE IF WOMEN DIE.

If you are outraged at the illegal banners and the anti-women hate march we now have on our main parade street, Market Street, every year, permitted by the Democratic Party of San Francisco, change your voter registration to one of the only two parties that support abortion, and all of their candidates support abortion, not just some, namely Peace & Freedom Party and the Green Party. They need you now to stay on the ballot after 2014. It is not enough that you vote for their candidates; it is your registration that will guarantee they appear on the ballot after 2014.

You can register online at:

For more information, see: (Cindy Sheehan for Governor Campaign)