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Albany Bulb Eviction Happening Now (Monday, December 9)
by Ryan Rising
Monday Dec 9th, 2013 12:20 PM
The eviction of the Albany Bulb, an autonomous wild space where people have lived and created art for decades, is happening now in Albany CA. The entrance to the Bulb is at the end of Buchanan beyond the freeway headed towards the coastline. The time of this writing is 11:40 a.m. on Monday, December 9th, 2013. Two people's belongings have been thrown in dump trucks thus far behind the lines of Albany police.
This morning, Monday December 9th, the eviction of the Albany Bulb started on one of the coldest days of the year thus far. The word is that one woman, Doris, was the first to have her home destroyed here in this wild living space near the coastline. Officers working for the Albany Police Department stood in front of the camp site to block people from the community from being able to save some of her belongings for her. Meanwhile, workers from the Department of Public Works used a backhoe and pick up trucks to dismantle her home and bring all of her belongings to dumpsters. The dumpsters full of personal belongings were then pulled out of the Albany Bulb, presumably headed to the land fill.

A group of folks is standing strong in the roadway between the campsite and the dumpsters, impeding the city pick up trucks from moving between the camp and the dumpsters to remove belongings and the structures of her home.

Doris's house is being dismantled nonetheless. Doris is nearby, facing her first day of cold without a home or place of shelter.

One report says that another person's belongings have begun to be thrown into the back of garbage trucks as well. He left his home for a moment to get warmer clothes, and at this opening city workers and police began throwing away his belongings as well.

A police lieutenant and head of the Department of Public Works are at the bulb along with officers and city workers who are in the process of dismantling homes and preparing to remove all of the art and culture that makes up this autonomous living space and wild ecological village.

To see more about the Albany Bulb visit

Channel 2 is also at the bulb now and may have coverage of the eviction some time today.

The people from the community defending the Bulb from eviction are calling for more people to come out as soon as they can to create a stronger presence, observe and videotape, blockade, and generally be here for people in their community facing displacement.

Two lawyers are also on site at the moment. Attorney Osha Neuman states that Doris was given 15 minutes to get all of her stuff. She, Louise, and Sharon are reported to have signed a piece of paper. Doris states she does not know what it is she signed. The city attests that the paper states permission for the city to remove her belongings. Doris wishes to stay at a house she has found a place to stay in tonight.
The attorney states that there has been a lot of pressure on residents from the city to get them to sign papers.

The person whose belongings were thrown away when he went to get warmer clothes never agreed to any removal of property and the city has at this point admitted that they made a mistake in removing his belongings.

Observers from the National Lawyers Guild have recently arrived to observe and advise that no one sign any papers without the presence of a legal team.

The call is going out over social media, "Homes are being demolished at the Albany Bulb RIGHT NOW!! All out to defend the residents homes and keep the bulb wild and free!"

by Ryan Rising Monday Dec 9th, 2013 12:20 PM
by Ryan Rising Monday Dec 9th, 2013 12:20 PM
by Ryan Rising Monday Dec 9th, 2013 12:20 PM
by Ryan Rising Monday Dec 9th, 2013 12:20 PM
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by borage
Wednesday Dec 11th, 2013 11:43 AM
updates please? i am out of town
Albany action on Bulb angers protesters
By Damin Esper
Posted: 12/10/2013 02:52:12 PM PST | Updated: about 20 hours ago

ALBANY -- Workers with the city's Public Works Department, accompanied by Albany police officers, removed what the city called "abandoned" encampments at the Albany Bulb on Dec. 9, drawing reaction from protesters who oppose plans to remove homeless residents there before turning the Bulb over to the East Bay Regional Park District.

A report on the website claimed the campsites that were removed were not abandoned, and that a woman named Doris lost her "home."

Albany City Clerk Nicole Almaguer denied that report.

"There were not any evictions (Dec. 9) at the Albany Bulb," Almaguer wrote in an email. "The work done by city Public Works was to remove two abandoned encampments as the people staying in the encampments found housing via the assistance of the city in conjunction with Berkeley Food and Housing Project."

Almaguer said the items removed were "general debris and trash." A bulldozer/backhoe was used and can be seen in photos posted at

The workers and police left the Bulb after removing the encampments and a Bay Area News Group reporter who went to the waterfront site that afternoon found no signs of further activity.

The city had issued a news release Dec. 5 that announced that three people had been relocated from encampments on the Bulb into rental housing. The Berkeley Food and Housing Project and Solano Community Church have been conducting outreach to find housing for the residents.

It's estimated that about 60 people have been living on the Bulb. The Albany City Council voted in May to begin enforcing the city's anti-camping ordinance on the Bulb beginning in October.

The city also allocated funding for programs to find housing for the residents of the Bulb and provide temporary shelters nearby for those who cannot find housing. The city has not begun enforcing the ordinance, according to Almaguer.

"The encampments in question were utilized by the three that chose to relocate to housing, and worked with staff to confirm the location of their encampments, agreeing that the abandoned encampments could be removed," she wrote. "It is possible that others in the area may have chosen to utilize the abandoned encampment after the three moved to housing."

A freeze warning was issued in many parts of the Bay Area on the weekend of Dec. 8 and at least four homeless people in the Bay Area had died in the cold that weekend, according to news reports. There were no reports of deaths at the Bulb that weekend.

Protesters have fought the removal of the encampments since the City Council vote to enforce the ban.

Current protests have focused on the fact that Bulb residents have built makeshift homes on the former garbage dump out of pallets and other reclaimed materials and that evicting those residents would lead to them having to sleep on the streets and be subject to the freezing weather.

The city has planned for some time to turn the land over to the regional park district to become part of the Sylvia McLaughlin Eastshore State Park. Plans for the park addition began decades ago. The regional park district will not accept the land until the homeless population is removed and the land is cleaned up.
by .c
Thursday Dec 12th, 2013 6:32 PM
The Albany bulb is mildly toxic to people who spend moderate amounts of time out there, but I would be worried for the health of someone living out there. I'm not speculating on this, but people who have camped there have reported bad health. It is on a landfill and probably has some heavy metals. More worrisome is the highly toxic waste in the Richmond field station across the water inlet from the north side of the bulb - this was a battery factory, and there was even radioactive waste illegally dumped in the area.

In Berkeley, there are a bunch of rooming houses that have 25 rooms. It would be more inexpensive for the city to move homeless into a dorm with small efficiency rooms than to devote this multiacre site as a homeless release valve.
by Guess Who?
Saturday Dec 21st, 2013 11:13 AM
In this case, it would have been possible to severely hamper the eviction at a non-zero but minimal risk to humans by digging shallow pit traps that would catch wheels of the vehicles used in the eviction, or preferably catch and hold the entire front end in a pit too deep to drive out of but too shallow to cause a dangerous crash from walking speed.. Other obstacles would have been required to force all vehicles to walking speed as a safety precaution. The trap tops would have to be boards that would hold the weight of a pedestrian or animal but collapse when driven over by wheeled vehicles, then covered with earth to blend ito the environment. Some of the traps should to be long enough and wide enough to stop tracked vehicles like dozers, others could be small, quick wheel traps to plug the gaps between the bigger pits.

Probably the initial eviction would have stalled as workers decided they did not know what other defenses might or might not be encountered. One or more military veterans on the crew would probably declare the whole scene too risky to even enter, and the crew would leave. This is similar to firemen refusing to enter police situations where there is risk to them from the enemies of the police.

Contractors would then spread stories about this situation and probably embellish them. After a week or so, talk in the bars would be "the whole camp is booby-trapped" and police would find that no non-police, non-military work crews would be available to assist them.

Needless to say, the crew digging the traps would have to approach from outside in full mask and disguise protection, do the job, leave, and de-bloc before returning singly due to the risk that the DNS Nazgul would seek to file extreme charges.

by anon
Wednesday Feb 12th, 2014 11:14 AM
The govt. Has been needing to turn this area into a real public park for a long time. Keep up the good work!