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Former TBSC Hero Dylan Greiner Removed as SC Clean Team Admin After Arrest
by TBSC Watchdog
Thursday Aug 29th, 2013 2:39 PM
Dylan Greiner was removed as an administrator for the Santa Cruz Clean Team's Facebook group shortly after he was arrested on charges he molested and filmed young girls while they were changing before surfing classes at the surf school he ran. Some of the classes he taught were held at Santa Cruz High School.
The Santa Cruz Clean Team is a group that claims to be interested in cleaning up the environment, but in actuality the group is more of a vigilante-style front designed to remove the homeless from public spaces, and at least one journalist has questioned their honesty in the amount of recovered waste items they report.

The admins of the Clean Team are now listed as Ron Perrigo, Alex Josselyn, and Chrissy Brown.

Greiner became well known after the vigilante neighborhood crime prevention group Take Back Santa Cruz (TBSC) helped promote him and his questionable agenda in the community.

Greiner first became a hero to TBSC after he uploaded a video to youtube that showed drug paraphernalia on Cowell's Beach in Santa Cruz. More cautious observers questioned the accuracy of his reports, and some accused him of lying about the subjects he was filming, who he accused of being hard drug users.

Greiner was propped up by organizations such as Take Back Santa Cruz, and blogger Brad Kava from the website, Santa Cruz Patch, which is owned by AOL. Kava enthusiastically vouched for Greiner's credibility.

An article By Brad Kava from November 2012 titled "What Can One Man Do? Surfer's YouTube Video Gets Action at City Hall", states that Greiner first got the Cowell's Beach video to take off by posting it to Take Back Santa Cruz's facebook group.

Kava vouches very strongly for Greiner in a comment at the end of the article, saying, "I also know Dylan...and he is absolutely credible. He has no motive to do this except to help out and keep the beaches safe and clean. We owe him for this one. It shows what one person can do, if they have a mind to do the right thing."

Kava has long been a vocal supporter of Take Back Santa Cruz, despite the evidence that TBSC founder Dexter Cube was revealed to have been involved with corporate crime (see: Was Tough-on-Crime Take Back Santa Cruz Founded by a Corporate Criminal?

A December 2012 article in Good Times featured portions of an interview with Michael Becker, who was called co-president of TBSC. The article shows how TBSC used Greiner as a way to expand their own organization:

"Becker says the video of the waste and syringes recorded by Greiner, which aired on the evening news several weeks ago, and other photos taken by people doing cleanups, have raised awareness and caused the community to rally together."

"In just the past three weeks, he says the Take Back Santa Cruz Facebook group acquired about 500 new members—raising the total to 4,600. He says more people lately are coordinating on the Take Back Santa Cruz Facebook page and going out to do their own cleanups. He says that group members have been going to Cowell Beach almost every day during low tide to clean up needles that have washed out from the rocks. A new Facebook page called The Clean Team!! sprang up in early December in reaction to the problem, had 654 members as of press time, and also aims to help people organize grassroots cleanups."

As a result of the viral publicity and unquestioned support by Take Back Santa Cruz, The Clean Team, and the Santa Cruz Patch, Greiner's surfing school business may have expanded, thereby giving him more access to victims.

Has the anti-homeless agenda of these so called public safety groups had a negative impact on public safety overall in Santa Cruz?

Are their viral advocacy methods shifting focus away from real crime, and towards misdemeanors and petty infractions?

Take Back Santa Cruz member Steve Schlicht was appointed by Mayor of Santa Cruz Hilary Bryant to a newly formed 'public safety task force' that has focused on petty crimes relating to drug use and homelessness, over violent crimes such as rape, which the task force has not addressed at all. Schlicht has recently become famous for saying that "he is fine with junkies dying" in a leaked quote (see: Mayor's Public Safety Task Force Member is "fine with junkies dying"

In a Sentinel article about Geiner's arrest, Analicia Cube, one of the founders of TBSC and wife of Dexter Cube (who was involved with corporate crime) was quoted:

"This is someone a lot of people knew; this is someone a lot of people trusted," she said. "This can happen with people that everyone knows." (see: )

Cube is quite the excuse maker. An apology to the community from her and TBSC would have been more appropriate, as they were one of Greiner's biggest cheerleaders.

The problem is Take Back Santa Cruz and the Clean Team operate with a biased lens, and the groups "trust" those who fall in line with their bigoted anti-homeless agendas, at the expense of real public safety.

By supporting Take Back Santa Cruz, the community has unwittingly promoted real and dangerous criminals to more prominent positions in Santa Cruz.

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by G
Friday Aug 30th, 2013 9:47 AM
"I was tired of all the hate. I definitely saw a lot of hate on the Take Back Santa Cruz website. I got personal messages when I had the Report Your Local Lurker website that were absolutely evil. People were talking about poisoning the homeless, lighting their RVs on fire, beating them up at night. It just made me see the evil in this world. You know, never underestimate the stupidity of people in a group. It’s mob rule, and basically reminds me of a riot."

Now, with the news of Dylan Greiner's arrest; the lack of concern shown by TBSC members, on topics like rape, are all the more revealing.
by Clear bright light
Saturday Aug 31st, 2013 9:21 AM
This incident with Greiner has exposed the TBSC group as hypocrites in their claims that they aren't anti-homeless.


-When the guy got busted for supposedly stealing a bouquet of flowers from the Police memorial for slain officers, TBSC president Annalicia Cube made statements to the press saying they'd investigated the guys history, new him to be homeless, were sick of this behavior being allowed in Santa Cruz, showed up at his arraignment in large numbers, etc.

But when their poster boy Greiner gets busted? Cricket chirps. A throat clearing "um, well, monsters lurk in shadows everywhere"..and then its move along, scrub his name from our group, and lets pretend this didn't happen.

So hey Annalicia and TBSC? Where are the loud protests of anger from you now, when we have a real problem? Child molesters you stay quiet, but flowers you go flashmob? Where were you at Greiner's arraignment hearing? Where are your outraged statements to the press?

Hypocrites. You've revealed your organization for what it truly is: An Anti Homeless posse and little more.
by Razer Ray
Saturday Aug 31st, 2013 12:31 PM
They also represent the commercial real estate industry in Santa Cruz. They oddly enough support the lower Ocean st redevelopment into a Redwood City look-alike neighborhood while their followers, many from Lower Ocean, unaware of that overarching agenda, will get redeveloped out of their homes.

Nuisance laws such as the ones that affect the homeless serve only two interests. THe real estate industry and the local police-industrial complex. The video has the details.
by Kritter von Kritterkins
Saturday Aug 31st, 2013 1:38 PM
I'm all for free speech, as long as it is responsible reporting.

There is NO vigilantism within The Clean Team. What they do on a weekly basis is target an area that needs cleaning. That includes the spent hypodermic needles, shitty toilet paper and other miscellaneous garbage the homeless feel necessary to strew about Santa Cruz. The needle finds are reported back to the appropriate authorities.

I recommend you go out and join one of their cleans so you can open your eyes to a very serious health matter that is brought about by a vast majority of the homeless in this area; as well as other communities in the Santa Cruz County.

Also, it is very irresponsible to call out those who administer the Facebook site. What is your point in doing this? Each of those team members donate their time to clean up after those who do not care for the town. What are you doing to help make the town a better place to live, work or play? My guess is really nothing but stir up the pot.

Grow a set and post your name next time. Then come out to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

by Inquiring Mind
Saturday Aug 31st, 2013 3:00 PM
"Grow a set and post your name next time."

Is your real name: "Kritter von Kritterkins" ?
by G
Saturday Aug 31st, 2013 4:10 PM
Dylan Greiner, apparently a (formerly) core member of Take Back Santa Cruz, has been arrested for alleged sex crimes. That is responsible reporting. To claim that ALL Take Back Santa Cruz members are suspected pedophiles would be irresponsible reporting.

TJ Magellanes, apparently the founder of The Clean Team, has left town, allegedly because of a harrassment campaign that included violent threats. That is responsible reporting. To claim that ALL Clean Team members are suspected hate driven stalkers would be irresponsible reporting.

Note that those examples of irresponsible reporting are quite similar to the 'broad brush' 'by association' ad hominems so common amongst Take Back Santa Cruz and Clean Team supporters. That is a troubling. Thankfully law enforcement has finally started doing something about (at least one) dangerous member of TBSC.

Note that Take Back Santa Cruz seems to have little concern for the alleged victims of Dylan Greiner, and are frantically distancing themselves from his crimes. Their priorities are revealing, and troubling.

Note the controversial video recording of Clean Team abuse. The Clean Team seems to have little concern about that vigilante trend, and were frantically distancing themselves from such 'individuals'. Their priorities are revealing, and troubling.

Note the controversial comments made by Steve Schlicht. Steve, and TBSC (including Mayor Bryant), seems to have little concern about the implications of that mindset, and were focused on the 'leaks'. Their priorities are revealing, and troubling.

Note that the alleged crimes of Dylan Greiner have generated concerned calls from troubled parents in and outside of Santa Cruz. I assume that means tourists may have been victims. That is bad for Santa Cruz businesses.

Note that the 'safety board' has ignored the issue of rape in Santa Cruz. That is troubling. Even more so, given their embarrassing support of Dylan Greiner. Take Back Santa Cruz members are on that 'safety board'. A similar situation was allowed to fester at Penn State University, and the breadth and depth of that sex crime cover up is still unclear. Stopping such a devastating scandal in Santa Cruz, before it impacts local businesses, seems wise, to me, although such a horrific scandal may have already begun, due to the alleged actions of a (formerly) core member of Take Back Santa Cruz.

Note that Indybay has been covering these issues for some time. That is responsible reporting.

If TBSC and the Clean Team feel it is within their rights to stain Santa Cruz with such scandals, and the broader community does nothing, then I suppose the homeless should prepare to be blamed for that too, for there seems to be little accountability amongst the 'proper citizens' that make up Take Back Santa Cruz and the Clean Team, at least until TBSC members like Dylan Greiner are arrested.
maybe a closed group on FB?

by Razer Ray
Saturday Aug 31st, 2013 8:09 PM
There's a Give Back Santa Cruz page or group @FB: "Some people take. Others give."

But take note of the image to see why FB should be shunned anyway.

The script is how they take a simple posted URL and create a tracking link to collect data for advertising at you and... Dast I say? (Dast! Dast!) PRISM and other spooky spy on you stuff... at least the academic social networking research end of it .
by Kritter von Kritterkins
Sunday Sep 1st, 2013 6:50 PM
Actually, I am known as Kritter. What I am asking is that the person who deems that the clean team are vigilantes, needs to step up and check out what the team actually does vs. pointing fingers and posting people's names.

by The facts don't lie
Sunday Sep 1st, 2013 7:44 PM
One of your most outspoken members, Skindog Collings, was videotaped harassing a homeless guy, poking him with a garbage stick, and intimating that he'd have his friends come and "f*ck the guy up" WHILE ON A CLEAN TEAM WORK CREW.

Maybe it's you who out to step out and see what's going on? Pretty unsavory members you're cleaning up trash with.
by saw it in court
Monday Sep 2nd, 2013 2:44 AM
TBSC loves Judge Symons for calling for a get tough policy on homeless loiters. Yet when it comes to a child molester, she refuses to let the DA search the molester's computer for child porn. Some monsters are sitting on the bench.
by Reality Check
Monday Sep 2nd, 2013 12:38 PM
Ken Skindog Collins, was videotaped harassing a homeless guy with the Clean Team, poking him with a garbage stick, video here:


Ken Collins: Are they stolen? They’re yours? You brought these? Is that all your garbage laying around in the river and all around you? You want some bags to help pick it up?
Man in Sleeping Bag: I’ve got a bunch of trash bags.

Ken Collins: Well, fuckin' put the trash in the bags, dipshit!
Man in Sleeping Bag: I do!

Ken Collins: No you don’t

Ken Collins: So right now we’re at one of these encampments, and you can see they're not living a really clean life style; they don't really care about the environment They're leaving junk everywhere. They're throwing garbage. They're throwing needles everywhere. They just ignore us. They don't care.
Hello, I’m talking to you. (pokes man in a red sleeping bag with a long 'trash clutcher'). I want to ask you some questions."

Man in Sleeping bag: Don’t touch me! (visibly disturbed) You got a lighter?

Ken Collins: No I don't have a lighter. I've got some garbage bags if you want to help...
Man in Sleeping Bag: Want me to come to your house and start picking through your shit?

Ken Collins: You probably do. You probably come and pick shit out of my fucin’ driveway and my bikes and my skateboards all the time.
Male Clean Team Member: You already took my wetsuit.
Man in Sleeping Bag: Well, you guys have a nice day.

Ken Collins: We are trying to. But this is not what we wanted to do on a Saturday. I want to ask you, what you what do think we could do....
Man in bag: You’re not getting any more answers out of me.
Female Clean Team Member 1: Please help us, dude.

Ken Collins: What happens if ah....Fuck, dude it can get pretty gnarly dude, I know some guys who want to fuck you guys up. (Clean Team members laughing and heckling in the background)

Ken Collins: Where you from? If you were from here, you'd have a little more respect for the environment, I assume. So you just steal every night, get your junk, and just leave garbage everywhere. Is that how you work? Do you have any respect for yourself? I mean seriously...
Female Clean Team Member 2: Where did you steal that Santa Cruz hat from? You wear that Santa Cruz hat with pride, and you do this in Santa Cruz?

Female Clean Team Member 1: Thanks for helping us out.
Ken Collins: You don't pick up your garbage. I mean look at this fucking mess.

Female Clean Team Member 3: This isn’t going to last much longer.
Female Clean Team Member 1: We’ll be coming back.
Female Clean Team Member 4: I’ll come back every day!
Female Clean Team Member 2: I’m sick of parasites destroying the beauty of this place.
Female Clean Team Member 1: We can’t even bring our kids down here.

Ken Collins: I say just we just get a bucket and throw water on him.

More at:
Usually Santa Cruz judges give the DA whatever they want!

That the judge would bar a search for child porn, in a sex crime case, is shocking!

I wonder if the judge had advance knowledge of what might be discovered...
by Parker
Monday Sep 2nd, 2013 9:00 PM
Maybe the Honorable Judge Ariadne Symons was following the Laws as they were written?

Isn't that what the Taxpayers pay her to do?

Her personal beliefs may be entirely different.
by Rose Receipt
Tuesday Sep 3rd, 2013 1:31 AM
Dylan Greiner needs Symons on his case.

Judge Symons goes easy on a child molester, where was TBSC?

Instead this is the kind of fake crime Take Back Santa Cruz inflicts on the innocent

If you want to attend a TBSC or Clean Team meeting, better drop your kids off at a Sanctuary Camp first.

by zouzou
Tuesday Sep 3rd, 2013 9:20 AM
We know Analicia is the public mom face.
and her sister does the books.

but has anyone actually analyzed how they operate ....
1) using subterfuge
2) anonymous directors
3) intimidation
4) false goals and premises

whose playbook is being used as a blueprint?

do your homework people and don't assume the story given to the media is the truth.

by Reality Check
Friday Sep 6th, 2013 11:29 AM
The Santa Cruz Police Department is asking that the public get the word out so that more families can assess whether their children were victimized by Take Back Santa Cruz member Dylan Greiner. Greiner, a surfing instructor, was a TBSC member and he was promoted extensively by the group in the community before he was arrested for molesting young girls and filming them. As a result, more children may have become victims.

Take Back Santa Cruz so far has refused to honor this request by the Santa Cruz Police Department.

It sure is odd that Take Back Santa Cruz members seem to know and care so little about public safety, but I'm not surprised because I knew the group has been a front for anti-homeless bigotry since it was founded by Analicia and Dexter (who is a criminal himself).

Take Back Santa Cruz has most likely denied this request from the SCPD because many of their members want to run for political office, and they dont want the bad publicity.

At the very least, TBSC should have posted a predator alert for Greiner on their website, but no such warning has been made to TBSC's members.

TBSC does indeed post predator warnings on their website. One such warning still remains on their website even though the man was found innocent of the charges against him.

Take Back Santa Cruz: Stop the hypocrisy and do the right thing!
by zouzou
Friday Sep 6th, 2013 10:34 PM
someone said that Lynn Robinson was on that particular clean team outing.

If so, has anyone ever asked her questions in regards to this incident?
by Hero
Friday Sep 6th, 2013 11:14 PM
Dylan Greiner was propped up by Take Back Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Patch.
by live by the smear - die by the smear
Saturday Sep 7th, 2013 11:02 PM
TBSC smears all homeless because of the acts of a few. shouldn't the same logic apply to TBSC?
by Take Back Santa Cruz Patch
Sunday Sep 8th, 2013 12:26 PM
Looks like Patch's Brad Kava thinks Pamela Comstock's birthday is news hahahahahaha

Why would he even know it was her birthday or go to that?

People have accused him of being a Take Back Santa Cruz member and he laughably denies it.

Photo of the Day: City Councilwoman Pamela Comstock, Who Hates Surprises, Got One
by Take Back Santa Cruz Patch
Wednesday Sep 11th, 2013 4:37 AM
Second court appearance by Greiner today.

No Greiner coverage by SC Patch today or for his first court appearance, and no court room photos of Greiner at all from Brad Kava.

Kava has been in the court room for many other cases, including the woman charged with faking her rape at UC Santa Cruz.

Sunday Sep 15th, 2013 1:27 PM
Kritter von Kritterkins writes, "Also, it is very irresponsible to call out those who administer the Facebook site. What is your point in doing this?"

In my first draft of this article I originally referred to Chrissy Brown as "uber anti-homeless bigot, Chrissy Brown" but I lightened up the language a bit.

Chrissy Brown is well known for making bigoted anti-homeless statements in a viral manner in online forums, and that is relevant to the article because I believe The Clean Team and TBSC are filled with anti-homeless bigots who would rather spend time running the homeless out of Santa Cruz than fighting the real violent crimes which are prevalent in our area, such as rape.

I also thought it was a good idea to document who the admins are on that page because there has been a lot of controversy involved with the leadership (or lack there of) in that group.
by shopper
Monday Sep 16th, 2013 2:15 AM
I would love to have a searchable source on the internet other than Indybay where content and documents etc can be sourced so that there is basically a living breathing documentation of the people and actions of these two groups. it seems that right now the critical mass of SC Citizenry is to passively sit back and watch the antics of these two groups in basic support of their actions. and if this is to be santa cruz's legacy, then that's the way it will be. but let's document it so that when people wonder what happened to santa cruz we have a place to point to.
by shopper
Wednesday Sep 18th, 2013 10:15 AM
I thought I recall Steve Schlicht blogging when he got caught making fun of dead junkies, about how he had been in the planning stages on working on a project with someone from the other side, I don' t recall the language exactly. I was wondering if anyone had any idea who he was talking about and what sort of project these 2 people were talking about working together on.
by TBSC Needs These Stats
Thursday Sep 19th, 2013 1:30 AM
So does the city's Public Safety Task Force.

According to FBI statistics, there were:

23 known rapes in 2011 in the City of Santa Cruz:

compared to,

34 known rapes in 2012:

TBSC probably needs to shift its focus if they are truly interested in public safety.

Violence against women has increased dramatically during their tenure in our community.
they would:
-find the rapes committed by transients and suggest or claim the increase is due to outsiders
-they would talk about the HRC and registered sexual offenders
-they would point to the self defense courses they are now sponsoring
-they would talk about how unsafe downtown is so of course women are unsafe from rape

in other words, other than perhaps a quick lipservice to women needing to always be vigilant, the talking point quote would pivot back to their main focus and boogeyman.
by cops too busy to care
Sunday Sep 22nd, 2013 12:25 AM
this town isn't safe for women or children, yet what is the focus of the latest new law?
a street vendor's blanket.


by zouzou
Friday Sep 27th, 2013 1:06 PM
I think the author of the piece has a girl crush on Analicia Cube. Lot's of questions not asked. Lot's of important events not covered.

The comments section is turning out to be an fun read though.
by petra Kropotkin
Sunday Sep 29th, 2013 7:09 PM

On SteveP's CFAB Group a love letter (and opening salvo of a joint venture)

Steve Schlicht
I just wanted to say thanks to Steve Pleich for trying to keep a clean forum. I know he's getting a bunch of shit from his "friends" (who needs friends like that?) for moderating the garbage from this group. It's because of the shit and the trolls that I left this group, but I support Steve's effort (which is why I came back) and I support Steve. Nobody advocates more locally for the homeless than Steve does, and this is the thanks he gets from other homeless "advocates" (and I use that term loosely). I know Steve and I'm proud to call him my friend. And if people want to attack Steve for trying to do the right thing and help those less fortunate, then they don't deserve his friendship and respect.

so this is going to be how TBSC shows how "compassionate" and "diverse" and "open minded" they really are.

It's already been obvious that Ken Skindog Collins and SteveP are quickly becoming besties. Why not add SteveS? It will be interesting who does Ken's and SteveP's websites for their various candidacy's.
by TBSC Watchdog
Monday Sep 30th, 2013 12:47 AM
Kim Gardner of TBSC pointed the finger at SC Clean Team admin Chrissy Brown as being the one in the Clean Team video that called the homeless guy that Ken Collins poked a "parasite" while he yelled at him.

Kim Gardner said this in the Facebook group Citizens for a Better Santa Cruz:

"That video is an example of frustration gone horribly wrong. Chrissy Brown was the person in the background yelling that the man was a "parasite". Yes, it was shocking. And it still is. Ken has apologized for his actions profusely. Is this enough? It's better than denial. And hopefully it's made him more humble."

View the video here:
Santa Cruz Clean Team Scandal Video with Faces Obscured
when all they want to do is shit on anyone not in their little allegedly law and order group.

TBSC makes it a point to say that all they want is for Santa Cruz to stop tolerating bad and criminal behavior. This video clearly demonstrated both bad and criminal behavior. And has anyone yet heard anything from a TBSC leader or member or even a public official other than crickets and how tragic and hurtful this must have been for Ken Collins to have been so stressed by the situation that he snapped?

I suppose compassion is only extended to people who you can relate to or who are political allies.
by G
Monday Oct 21st, 2013 9:19 AM
"when all they want to do is shit on anyone not in their little allegedly law and order group."

It is interesting to observe the 'media' disinterest in the case, fueled by TBSC embarrasment. I suspect if the perp were homeless there would be ongoing, detailed coverage, bordering on obsessive. Weekly, if not daily. The associates of the perp, as well as anyone of the same 'class', would be stained by a broad brush; unlike this instance of a 'bad apple' in the 'pristine' barrel.

"I suppose compassion is only extended to people who you can relate to or who are political allies."