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Oakland Rising! All Out for Trayvon and against Police Violence
by JP Massar
Sunday Jul 14th, 2013 10:59 PM
No Oakland march would be, well, an Oakland march without FTP (File Transfer Protocol, for you non-nerds) banners and slogans.  If it happens to also be in support of a dead young man killed by a racist vigilante, well, all the better.

Six hundred people left Oscar Grant Plaza at 5:00 PM this evening after a rally in the plaza that began at 4:00 PM. Taking over the streets they marched into West Oakland (home of the 60's Black Panther party), gathering people as the march progressed.  It is not implausible that over a thousand people returned to Oscar Grant Plaza as the march ended. Yet the day's activity had not.

Hundreds then decided to block downtown Oakland's main intersection at 14th & Broadway (right off Oscar Grant Plaza), lying down in the street in symbolic affinity to the sprawled corpse of Trayvon. The blockade has continued for some three hours.

Here is the Trayvon's legacy as told in Oakland today in tweets and pictures.

Nothing in Oakland starts on time, and therefore no one shows up on time, but by 4:00 PM, the nominal start of the rally, there were already over 200 people in the Plaza by my count, portending a soon-to-be wall-to-wall people gathering.

Six hundred people marched out of the plaza, with some staying behind, so the rally itself had more than six hundred attendees.

Just starting out down Broadway.

And then heading towards West Oakland.

A new and invigorating chant.

Old Jim Crow, New Jim Crow, Whole Damn System's Got to Go"
Some observations by marchers and onlookers.

I think he's exaggerating some, but the march definitely got significantly bigger over time.

For some inexplicable reason five or six OPD marched right along, practically within, the march. I was off to the side once counting marchers and holding a WANTED poster for one of OPD's finest (Miguel Masso, who shot and killed Alan Blueford) and they trod right past me, within a foot or two, right in the middle of the protesters.

Well, all they got for their trouble was listening to such as this for miles:

Protect & serve that's a lie they don't care when black kids die.

"no justice no peace, no racist police"

The march went all the way to the West Oakland Bart Station, then up to Little Bobby Hutton Park, then straight back to Oscar Grant Plaza.

Back at the Plaza, and deciding to take the intersection.

More speakers!

And let's do it again tomorrow!!!

Now for some things completely different.

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by Anti-Fascist
Monday Jul 15th, 2013 4:00 AM
Thank you for the photos and story.

Since we know that all trials are staged, that all juries by definition favor the police state as the workingclass simply cannot afford to sit on a jury and when they can, are never selected, it was very predictable that AGAIN, we would get a not guilty verdict for a criminally insane murderer. This is only possible because we have not stopped the profit-making of the capitalist class, the cause of all our grief. The police state exists to make sure the workingclass does not organize to end the private profit system.

George Zimmerman, a judge's son, shot Trayvon Martin at point blank range with his gun on Martin's sweatshirt, through the heart, in a gated community. There was absolutely no self-defense. Zimmerman has a history of criminally insane fights. The jury was carefully selected among the property owners as most juries are, all of whom are concerned about protecting their private property.

The predictable NEXT TIME one of these police killers is tried and found not guilty, IN ADVANCE OF THE VERDICT, a GENERAL STRIKE MUST BE ANNOUNCED, if not nationally, than in as many cities as possible, if there is anything but a guilty of murder verdict. The ruling class will then be faced with either ending their police state terrorism or having their system finally disappear from the face of the earth.

The United States always has been Nazi USA, built on the genocide of Native Americans, African slave labor and the vicious exploitation of the labor of all nationalities, including child labor, to this day. There can be no justice in the courts of Nazi USA.